Amazing what a difference 5 months makes...

I continue to love life and grow. Operation is a thing of the past.
God only knows what I'm thinking here, but just taking a moment to check in, and say "Hi"


Well hello there...

I'm taking a bit of a break from personal blogs at the moment. I'm very disappointed by the lack of inspiration that blogging is providing me of late.

I'm at that point where I'm tired of reading how bad some people think their lives are. Where mundane meets the ordinary. If I'm lucky 1 in 5 posts I read might just be positive.

There is one chance to make your life something to treasure. One chance to treasure what you have, not what you don't. And to read words from poisoned hearts does my heart no good. So therefore, I am stepping down for a moment. I'm putting more of my free time into my illustration blog and Tumblr and hoping to grow that along with my own creativity (having said that, I've hit a creativity block this week, D'oh!).

So, from me for now, take my big digital hug. I'll be back.

Muz  xx


Tonight was one of those nights.

And I can't even blog about it these days.



Systems to return to normal...

because yesterday was the last time I have to see the nurse. I was discharged with instructions on how to care for myself. The good news is that I can forget this slothful fat slobby lifestyle I've had for the past 8 weeks. Now, to be honest I've had a love/hate relationship with my couch and the food I've enjoyed on it, but the time has come to return myself to the fit "young" lad that I know and really love.

I also visited my surgeon yesterday for the final time and got a complete run down of the procedure and what happened. I had not realised exactly how big this procedure was, but I now have an explanation for the pain and a reason why this is taking so long to heal. If you want details then just ask, but for now I won't publish what I lost down there. I still have an open wound and I know it will take some time to be back to "normal".

So, to celebrate some return to normal life, this morning I awoke just before sunrise and went for a walk/jog. Oh yeah, I'm taking it easy. A minute jogging here and there, but it felt great to be outside in the fresh sea air. I know it's going to be hard work for me to break the lazy habits I've formed during my recovery period. Slow and steady is the advice from the nurse. And in another couple of weeks I'll be able to ride again. Now that day I will really celebrate!



It's been too long without a meme, so...

Search these in your iTunes and write down the first song on the list from what comes up.
’~’ means no song. ‘?’ means IDK why iTunes returned this.

happy: "Lucky and Unhappy" - Air
sad: "Crusader" - Knightlife
love: "Love 2 Meet You (Bonus Track)" - Air
hate: "My Delirium (Chateau Marmont Remix)" - Ladyhawke
light: "So Light Is Her Footfall" - Air
dark: "Dark Messages" - Air
good: "She’s No Good (feat. Eli “Paperboy" Reed)" - Basement Jaxx
bad: "Bad Up Your Betterness" - Presets
hello: "Suntoucher" - Groove Armada
bye: "Suntoucher" - Groove Armada
up: "Once Upon A Time" - Air
down: "Hold On" - Angus & Julia Stone

Well, that was boring.