from this...

my post-it note sketch:
to this... finished art.

Aren't kids just great...

Wow, let's stop the nation, bring out the prime minister, sound the drums and trumpets, have a nation wide party for these kids and their follies.

I wonder if I'm being a bit harsh here. These kids actually did achieve something rather remarkable and they did it on their own, or so the marketing has led you to believe.

I have no idea how much money was spent on Jessica's return to Sydney after her solo journey. It must have been a lot. Roads were closed, scheduled broadcasts were stopped, there was helicopters flying around and around, extra police and services were in place. So much money spent for what? Really. What? Oh, yeah, that's right, these people are supposed to be inspirational. They've given up so much to achieve their goal. A goal that was purely self motivated and self centered. Well, here... go and read this.

Daily life has its challenges and there are so many people who actually really deserve so much more - because they give so much more. Please, keep it real.


It's cold and grey...

This morning I was approaching the ferry dock to catch my harbour chariot to work and I saw the usual line of people standing there. The closer I walked the heavier my feet became and my pace slowed. My chest tightened and before I knew it I had stopped moving all together. I was one foot away from where solid concrete became the wood of the wharf. Without so much as a pause I turned and walked in the opposite direction.

An hour later I'm now sitting on the ferry writing this wondering where the fuck my head is at.

I had walked away and settled in a cafe, ordered a large coffee and stared out the window down the street. I was in no hurry to join the masses of people in the city. I was in no hurry for anything. I just wanted my own company. It's something I've been wanting more and more. As I sat there I realised that I had never before gone and sat in a cafe to enjoy a coffee BEFORE making the journey to work. Usually I get up, shower and ready myself for work, close the door behind me and head straight for the ferry. I wait until I get to work to have a coffee, but today I didn't. I sat in the window of the cafe, looked out at the grey streets and just let my mind wander.

Where is my head at?


Chatty women in Coles...

Usually when I hit Coles it's after work and I'm just popping in to pick up something for dinner. Rarely is it on a Friday morning.

There's a different breed of shopper who visit Coles on a weekday morning. They are usually women and they are weird. Not weird in a loopy way, weird in a friendly flirty way. Actually, no, maybe it is a loopy way...

woman1: MMmmm, don't these potatoes look good.
Me: (thinking: Ummm, they're just potatoes) Yeah, they'll go good with my lamb shanks tonight.
woman1: You know, you look just like my science teacher
Me: (thinking, "you look older than my Mum!") thanks, I think.

2 aisles later:
woman2: It's hard to choose isn't it?
Me: (looking for a certain type of Jelly-baby, thanks to Mark reminding me how good they tasted): Hehe yeah. I just want some Jelly Babies and can't find any.
woman2: I'm sure we can find you some babies...

Checkout, as I pour the contents of my basket onto the conveyer:
woman3: (pointing to my 2l bottle of water) What are you buying that for?
Me: Ummm, excuse me?
woman3: Bottled water. What's wrong with the stuff that comes out of the tap?
Me: Oh, I drink from the tap all the time. I just lean over the sink and go for it. This is for my fish.
woman3: (stunned silence)

I think I'll avoid Coles on a weekday in future.


Yes. I'm sure.

Today I say goodbye to Facebook, and probably a lot of "friends" too.

While traveling to work this morning this thought hit me: Would my life change in any way if I didn't have a Facebook account?

So, will it? This is my social experiment. Time to see what being "social" is all about. Does Facebook make a difference? Somehow I doubted it. Sure I enjoyed sharing links to YouTube, seeing what others were up to, reading witty status updates and getting invited to parties BUT why? These people are supposed to be my "friends" aren't they? Shouldn't this stuff happen with out Facebook? So when it comes down to it I wondered if I had lazy friends or indeed if these people really are friends or just people I can say "Hi" to if I see them out and about.

I looked through the pages I had favourited or "liked" and realise I delete most of the msgs from these bands or people because they were just revised messages from Twitter. I was getting updates twice. In fact I was usually getting the updates on Twitter before Facebook. Facebook became a little annoying (I shall give my thoughts on Twitter in another blog post).

So far the response has been "Oh, were you worried about your privacy?" And frankly, no I'm not. I would not share anything on Facebook that I didn't want to. And if the CIA or ASIO really wanted to know that I like quoting the Simpson's then good for them.

So let's just see...


Unconcious mutterings :: Week 380

  1. Rock n Roll :: sex n drugs
  2. Be with you :: I wanna
  3. Richard :: the third
  4. Hair :: piece
  5. Police :: chase
  6. Experience :: life
  7. Father figure :: George Michael
  8. Nice :: arse
  9. Switch :: blade
  10. Appearance :: neat


Nom nom nom...

Oh the cruelty.

What you see above is the result of Ita getting a little too close to Blanket. She's become breakfast. I wish I could have stayed at home today to actually see if Blanket swallowed her whole. I now am sure this is what happened to Brian.


Does premium sake give you NO HANGOVER?..

I'll let you know tomorrow...

Unconscious Mutterings :: Week 379

  1. Creepy ::That Channel 10 weather guy
  2. Links :: cuff
  3. Sane :: in
  4. Bun :: cream
  5. Visual :: concept
  6. Remote :: server
  7. Freaking :: cold
  8. Curly :: wurley
  9. Saga :: for ever
  10. Different :: strokes


I'm really enjoying my hobby...

and that actually really sounds weird coming from these lips. I feel like I'm creating a little, weird, living alien world in my bedroom. I'm fascinated by it. It's the new "TV". So with that, let's have a look at soe of these alien creatures:

This is Ita. She is the new kid on the block. Very shy. But wow, that yellow colour on her is stunning. These fish are shy in nature. I think she was wrongly identified in the aquarium. They said Copper Striped Butterfly. However, I believe she definately not one of them, but I don't know what she is. She is a juvenile so it'll be cool if I can get her to grow to maturity.

And so on to some of the other alien creatures. Don't even ask me to identify these. They are the flowers in my world.

Check it out! I LOVE this piece pf coral. I took many photos on many settings to try and capture this in true colour. This is taken with only ultra-violet and filtered daylight. How freakin' cool is this! It's tiny too. So very very small. The whole rock that this is on is only just bigger than a fist.

Another crazily coloured creature. This one moving in the current is very cool. I recently bought a power-head to create a stronger current in the tank. Like that of a tide change. So in doing this I'm giving these corals a go. I've not had huge success in my life looking after coral. So this is a challenge, but every piece of coral looks incredibly healthy... and really weird.

Another photo taken under UV and filtered daylight. This one is so alien. It is mesmerizing to watch in the current. It's a deep burgundy colour with little fluorescent tips. After I feed them this one's tips are a little longer.

This thing is beautiful. Fluorescent lime green centres, browny flesh and a purple base. This one is the most sensitive of the lot of them it seems. It's not out on show all the time. But occasionally, I've seen the whole rock covered in these flowers and it looks so much like an alien flower bed.

I did the numerous water quality tests today and it was perfect. I have to say I am very happy with myself. The "boys" have even laid a new batch of eggs. I may actually think about trying to save one lot soon.

This little world is very cool and it fascinates me. As I said, it's the new TV.

Still the object of my desire...

and today I sat on one. So good between the legs.