A quick post on the run...

because I'm still on holiday and still relaxing (just).

MotoGP - Jarez was run last night and it was one of the most entertaining races this season... ok, it's only the second race of the season, but it had it all. The funniest part of the race was when Rossi raised his hand in victory to claim second place, only to realise he still had another lap to go. Made me laugh. I was very happy to see two Yamaha riders on the podium.

Speaking of Yamaha - My bike is currently in the workshop getting a post crash checkup. Yes, I had a slight "off". I came to grief on a sandy corner. There are a few scratches on the bike, a tear in my new backpack and a mighty big scuff mark on the right shoulder of my jacket. Awwwww. :( I must have damaged the fuel line, just after the fuel pump, and yesterday while I was riding it to a safe location the fuel gushed forth and covered me in premium unleaded. I don't think I panicked, but I did jump from the bike onto the nearest patch of grass to make sure there were no flames. A slight bit of smoke but all was good. Phew. 24hours, a check-up and 3 showers later I still smell like petrol... yes, there was a hell of a lot of fuel covering me.


My roadtrip continues....

Actually, this is probably a bit of a surprise: I forgot to mention I'm on a few weeks holiday. Me and my bike have taken to the highway and headed north.

And here's something you probably didn't know about me: I have a bit of a thing for an interest in bushrangers. Part of my trip is to head into bushranger country and visit some of the smaller country towns and trails that were made famous by these outlaws. One I am particularly interested in is Captain Thunderbolt. I mean, with a nick name of "Thunderbolt" you'd have to be a pretty damn cool criminal. This took me off the main highways and into some small dodgy towns and onto some even dodgier roads. Not great riding for a sports bike.

Thunderbolt was known for his horse breaking skills. He was a gentle and courteous man. He also knew how to steal a horse or two. His thefts landed him imprisoned on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. He escaped (from what was supposedly un-escapable) and continued his life on the run as an outlaw in the New England area. This is where I spent the last few days. The landscape around this area is beautiful. There are rolling hills, wild forests, volcanic ranges and open plains. Not easy territory for criminal activity unless you are a skilled rider and know your escape routes like the back of your hand. I stopped off at the Thunderbolt Hideout. This area is isolated, heavily forested and I loved stopping here. It really gave me a bit of a thrill and a tiny part of me felt a kindred spirit here. Weird.


Yes, it was a good Friday...

despite waking up with a rather large pain in my brain/hang-over. I seriously didn't think I drank that much. And so begins the post in which I talk food... again.

Discovery day #1.
Went and had breakfast (or greasy meat platter) at a small cafe called Vinyl. Sat in the window and watched kids play handball on the street while slowly sipping a sweet hot chocolate. Autumn arrived yesterday morning.

Wandered the streets and bays. Sat and watched the stingrays fossicking in the sand for food.

Lunch consisted of Pork and Apricot Rissoles on Corn Fritters. YUM. Grabbed these from DOV. Dov was busy, noisy and that is the way it always seems to be. The corn fritters were more corn than fritter and that's just how I like 'em. But way too much rocket. I mean really, a plate of rocket is enough to make even a vego turn to meat. Vile.

Dinner. Fu Manchu.
Was unsure about this one at first, the menu was Asian, but I couldn't quite peg it down to any particular region and it didn't have the usual fare. But inside were a few hip people in their retro track suits and fine dark rimmed glasses which suggested to me that this was my sort of place. So simple, so unpretentious and very tasty. I'd never had steamed Pumpkin Dumplings before and they were a winner.

Ladies, check out the lovely evening top above... yes, real dead birds. Very fucking cool.


Ok, bored now...

My previous header was annoying me...


It's very moving.

I'm very impressed with the view from my new bedroom (pictured above). There is a nice belt of green streets and parks between me and the wall of city towers.

It's a very weird feeling moving to a new part of town. I keep feeling like I'm a tourist in a foreign land. There is a different set of people, unfamiliar sounds and I haven't a clue which restaurant is going to dish up the best food. My task now is to discover.

Last night I left the building and walked the streets in search of food. They were buzzing with neon lights and people. I came to one of the many Thai restaurants. Pad Thai is the dish I judge a Thai restaurant by. I grabbed take-away and headed back up to the roof of my new apartment block. I can see me enjoying beers up here on sunny afternoons. *Mental note, I need a new esky.

This was a good move. I smile and feel VERY happy with my decision - except for my choice for dinner. Not great, was like noodles, chicken and tomato sauce. But that too is a good thing... I now can continue the local search for the restaurant that makes a good Pad Thai.


Holding back the years...

1. My all time favourite photo. Mum and me.
2. MMMmmm cake batter.
3. My parents raced greyhounds. This one's name was Tiger.
4. Scrub up all right, don't I?
5. The 70's were cool.
6. The 80's were cruel. Angry young man waiting for a cab. But check out the dude in the background! What's he come as? Yes, even his shoes were white!.


Fortunes favour PtII...

Well, this morning I was feeling particularly down. The removalists are arriving in 2 hours time, and I've still got a cupboard of stuff and no boxes left to pack it into. The kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it and I just CAN'T WAIT for this whole damn move to be over and done with. I'm still trying to figure out how one man, who doesn't like reading, manages to accumulate so many books!

So, not having time for breakfast this morning, I'm now starting to feel a little hungry. What do I spy, just sitting there in its golden wrapper? The fortune cookie. So, that's what I dive for and open. Yeah, I'm hungry and yeah, it's not really going to fill me up.

My fortune:
"Your hard work will soon pay off"

Duh. Like I never knew that. Stupid cookie.


Not really a suprise...

You are Helvetica.
You exemplify the modern urbanite. You are minimalist in style, committed to "clean lines" and restaurants with names in all lower case. You aspire to live in a loft, and when the lease expires on your Jetta you plan to get a Prius. Each time you fly you have someone plant a tree to offset your carbon emissions.
What type are you?

It's pretty much right, except for the Prius bit. Prius drivers tend to slip the "Oh, I drive a Prius" into every conversation as if they should be canonised. Jerks. But yes, I offset my flights.

Although, I'll go one step further and say I'm more a
Helvetica Neue Ultra Light.

Fortunes favour?

So I guess I'm superstitious. Earlier this week I went out to dinner and had dodgy Chinese. I love a meal in a tacky Chinese restaurant. It reminds me of my childhood when "going out to dinner" meant the family piling in the car and driving 3 suburbs away for the local Chinese restaurant.

I ordered the traditional Lemon Chicken and Sweet and Sour pork. And it was vile. Judo and I didn't even make it through half of the food before we both looked at each other with that look of "I'm going to be sick". There was more deep fried batter on the chicken than chicken itself... and it only tasted of oil. So anyway, here's my dilemma:

What am I supposed to do with the fortune cookie? You see, I've not had the most fortunate of fortnights, so I don't want to tempt fate by opening the cookie. It's still sitting there on my cupboard taunting me. My question is: Is the fortune valid only from the point when you crack it open, or is it your fortune, no mater what, from the moment you take possession of it, open or not?

All I can think about is an episode of Rocko's Modern Life where Filbert opens his fortune cookie and it reads "Bad luck and misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity".


And we're off...

and racing.

The 2008 season of MotoGP kicked off this morning with a win by Young Australian of the Year, Casey Stoner. This was the first race in the history of MotoGP that had been run under lights and at night.

New rider to this class, Jorge Lorenzo, finished second and was a very impressive rider. Another new rider, Andrea Dovizioso, also had an impressive debut by out riding Rossi to finish 4th.

I'm just a little excited about this season as there are new riders, new team compositions and very fast bikes to watch. The thing that I like most about MotoGP is the bikes. Unlike the Superbikes, these bikes are all non-production bikes and are purpose built racing bikes. They are constantly under development and always making improvements that one day might just make it to a production bike.



[bla·tant bleyt-nt]
1. brazenly obvious; flagrant.

Tired, TV, Tattoo.


Blogging meme

I wasn't going to do this meme because I'm not sure I read enough personal blogs. However, here we go: (I'll try not to double up)

1. Which blog has been on your current blogroll the longest? Allconsuming. - and good friend.
2. Which blog is the most recent addition? Man of Lettuce - Being a cab driver in Sydney must be a difficult job, but also entertaining.
3. Which blog sends you the most traffic? Much Ado About Monty - Thanks buddy. :)
4. Which blog has the best design? Team Emu Draft - Well, not yet, but I have been asked to re-design, so it will have soon. :) But actually, I love heading to Buffalo Void.
5. Which blog has the best title? The Superficial - because you're ugly
6. Which blog has the best images? Drawn! - Because I love illustration.
7. Which blog has the most self pics? Nigel Barker - and other pics too.
8. Which blog is most similar to yours? Now this is a tricky one. I don't talk about (or rarely talk about) relationships, dating, work or politics... Hmmm, that rules out most blogs I read. I'll just pass on this one. They are all interesting in their own ways.
9. Which blog is most different? The work related blogs. eCommerce Cache. Interesting huh?!
10. Which blog is most political? At the moment it seems to be Contextual Musings
11. Which blogger posts most often? This has to be The Superficial... but it is pap.
12. Which blogger do you wish posted more? How Great is Cake? - Sorry DG, but I wish you did. Your posts make me smile and I love the way you write your thoughts down.
13. Which blogger lives closest to you? Monty - but in 2 weeks time it'll be someone else. Who's in the Cross?
14. Which blogger lives the farthest away? How Great Is Cake?
15. Which blogger is most likely to become famous? I already read some fairly famous blogger's blogs.
16. Have you ever dreamed about someone on your blogroll? Dream or Fantasise? There's such a fine line there.
17. Do you have a crush on anyone on your blogroll? Yes see above.
18. Have you ever kissed anyone on your blogroll? Do hello and goodbye kisses count?
19. Who’s the best kisser? What? ME of course. Oh, you want to know which blogger is? Well, keep wondering.
20. Who’s the sexiest on your blogroll? Do porn stars count here? I'm not publishing those details.
21. Who’s the most athletic? IntlAunz - Him and his partner Amy are so inspirational to me.
22. Who’s the tallest? No idea.
23. Who’s the shortest? No idea.
24. Who’s the strongest? No idea either. Let's say Bobby Vanquish. Why? Well, I just wanted to make sure I mentioned his blog somewhere, so here is a good a place as any. I enjoy reading his blog quite a lot.
25. Who’s the youngest? ??? No idea once again.
26. Who’s the oldest? Someone For Me
27. Who’s the wealthiest? See, I knew this would be a boring meme. If I leave out celebrity blogs then I have no idea.
28. Who’s the most creative? Shisso
29. Which blogger would be the life of the party? Darth Gateau - I'm with Monty on this one, he IS the life of the party!
30. Which blogger would you go shopping with? h&b - Melbourne style. Actually, probably not shopping, because I'd not put anyone through that ordeal with me, but maybe a coffee somewhere. She's got a great vibe.
31. Which blogger would you go hiking/camping with? I'm trying not to double up here with bloggers. Minkered.
32. Which blogger would you have coffee with? Damn, I answered that one already. I would like to have a coffee with Mike.
33. Which blog makes you laugh the most? I'm going to have to double up here again. Bobby Vanquish doesn't necessarily make me laugh out loud, but he does write with good humor... actually, I'd enjoy a coffee with him too... actually no, more like a few drinks with him.
34. Which blog is the most heartwarming? Heartwarming is not a word that describes any of my regular blogs. But trust me, I do read some good blogs, just not "heartwarming" ones.
35. Which blogger do you think is the best cook? Hey Mum I'm Hungry - technically it's not doubling up.
36. Which blogger would you most want to meet your family? Oh this is just stupid now. Seriously, I don't know why I even bothered with this post.

I do have a lengthy blogroll and every blog on it I read for all sorts of reasons. Some I read for martini recipes, some for eye candy and martini recipes, some for cultural reasons, some for humor, some for art, some for just keeping up with what's going on in their lives.


Those domestic Gods...

are they happy with me or cranky? I can't figure it out just yet, but either way, I'm on the move.

Everyone knows how much I love this little place where I live but the time has come, albeit a little sooner than I had planned, for me to stride face first into the winds of change.

Recently I've been thinking more about my future and one component of that is my living arrangements. The forces have aligned this week and the opportunity may have just presented itself for a mutually beneficial move... and I'm forced to act quickly.

Part of me is oh-so-mightily excited and yet the other part is a tad sad. Oh look, I rhymed.


It took 12 months, but it finally happened...

tonight I turned on the oven AND used it.



Today I had a fantastic day. It was just one of those days where I loved Sydney so much.

My bike was still out of action this morning because I needed a new rego holder so I jumped on Judo's bike and took it for a little bit of a spin. I enjoy riding a different bike to mine every now and then. When I saw Judo's bike in the bright sunlight I decided that both his and my bike needed some TLC so I washed and polished both our bikes. Niiiiiiice and shiny. My bike looks so hot right now (So, as you can see, my idea of fun is not the same as everybody else's).

So, to show them off we went for a ride north up to Mt White and the Road Warriors Cafe. I LOVED this ride. I was totally into it... (and usually I loath this ride. There's often too way many tossers on this road). Judo had the co-ords for a couple of geocaches around the Mt White area so we pulled over and went bush to find them. The search took us to a very cool escarpment strewn with large boulders. Amazing scenery, isolation, high cliffs and BIG rocks. I was in a little piece of heaven. This just seemed like a perfect afternoon. The weather was perfect, we laughed, we tested our riding, we went exploring, I joked around (see pic... me striking a pose) and Judo joked back.

To top it off, I have just had a good catch up with Mum and Dad on the phone. The best part: Dad sharing a story about his biking days that he hadn't shared before and me sharing one of my stories with him. I just love it when Dad and I chat like that. I know he still has a few more stories up his sleeve.