Nice day for it...

This evening after work I had the opportunity to share a dive with my two best buddies. Our three paths only crossed for the first time a few months ago. There's a great photo of these two underwater posted here. What's great about this photo is that it shows one of my mates teaching the other a NEW cool thing... How to experience the underwater world.

This photo demonstrates to me that great experiences can be had by just letting yourself be part of something. Also, it was great to see someone experience their first dive.

I think these two lads are the greatest, and finally, all three of us together did something so very cool tonight. Gota love that.

The water was a little murky where we entered, but after finning our way along the rocky reef for 60m the visability improved a lot. We were visited by friendly Blue Groupers (The labradores of the sea) and we saw more stingrays than I had seen on any other dive here previously. Visually, it wasn't the most excitiing dive, but it was still a great dive to share.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Terrify :: adrenaline rush

  2. Month :: There's only 12 of them

  3. Throat :: noise

  4. Invasion :: The alarm clock EVERY morning

  5. Nail :: biting

  6. 12 :: months - Damn I feel ripped off on this one!

  7. Bicker :: relationships

  8. Thomas :: has a mullet

  9. Sibling :: freinds forever

  10. Delude :: that's trickery!

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Yes, that's Sex and The City: Season 2 on the big screen...

and I was there to see it. By pure coincidence.

And the funny thing was, I had been here once before on a wendesday night when this show was on at the pub, and it was probably one of the crapiest nights I had had this year. And it happened here only a few weeks ago, so it is still fresh in my mind. Only once or twice before in my life had I had crappier nights. The First being when my 10 year relationship ended... I felt like I didn't want to visit this place again on a wednesday night for a long time.

But, when my mate Tim txted me earlier today, I was thinking, "Cool, a few games of pool to round off a few days of fun! I'm crap at pool, I just don't get it, but I always love chatting with someone over a game of pool..."... skip forward an hour or two and:

- I'm watching on the big screen "Sex and the City: Season 2", and Ok, sure it's only on the projector screen at the local, but yes, in full colour, the series that, made it "ok" to laugh about relationships.

- But, I was torn between this on the big screen, and "When Good Citizens Go Bad and get Caught on Tape!" on the smaller screen. Hey, I saw a truck tailor get absolutely SMASHED by a train!!! Storm chasers capture a tornado up close on video! It was, wait for it Kookyknut, "Awesome"!

- I was stuck there.

- And, having a good time.

- A few beers later, Kookyknut wins "BEST DRESSED"! Yes, that's "Best Dressed at a Sex And The City Night!" Damn it! Why wasn't it me?! Damn, I need some new T shirts!

- Could this night be any different to the previous night I was there on a Wednesday?

Yes it could. Tonight, I enjoyed myself. This topped off a bloody enjoyable day all 'round. Actually, it topped off a good xmas break, which in turn, is a great way to end the Year.

Now, that's a beard...

and it's itchy as all hell! But I shall persist with my goal to have it for a month. Don't ask why I'm doing that, I just am. However, if I had to publish a reason, I think it's because it makes kissing more enjoyable... The irony is that I'd just like to find someone who enjoys kissing a beardy :)

I went for a quick ride down to the Royal National Park this morning for breaky at Bundeena. On the way back did a slight detour via Como. This is a very beautiful part of Sydney that I never knew existed. Also found a Geocache today in another part of Sydney that was reasonably new to me as well, Hunters Hill. The cache was hidden in a nature reserve that was created thanks to Jack Mundy and the Green Bans. - Hey, not only is Geocaching getting me out into the country side and fresh air, it's educational as well. Judo bought a new GPS today that had a "Geocache Mode" as standard. We used it today and it took us to exactly the right location... Geez, with my gps you'd be lucky to get within 4m of the cache location.


And if it wasn't Xmas Day, I'd be cranky...

because after riding around Sydney trying to find somewhere to have a nice Christmas morning breakfast, I found 1 cafe open. I get the feeling that the rest of Sydney who were looking for coffee this morning also found this place. It was aptly named too. "The Grumpy Baker". I don't think he was coping with the amount of people ordering coffees... well all variations of coffee, "I'll have a lite soy latte with three shots of coffee and a skinny cap with two shots and ummmm, sugar, yes, I'd like sugar too, but can you put raw sugar in the soy and do you have coffee sugar? I'd like that in the cap thanks" said one ultra slim woman. It seems that everyone there had a "special" way to have their coffee. I think he was relieved when I said, "Just a flat white thanks." I didn't get the flat white, I got a strong cap instead, but I wasn't about to upset him by returning it. I returned to my parked bike about 45 minutes later to find someone had snapped the front right indicator off. GRRRrrrrrr.

But I've been for a quick ride through the streets of Sydney because it's one of the few days in the year that all the streets are empty and I can do zig zags through all my favorite parts of the city. I was smiling, got home, did some repairs on my bike and had a great chat to my family - who are currently in Nth Qld having a champagne breakfast on a beach near the Whitsundays. Nice. Am looking forward to catching up with Kookyknut later for our Boxing Day Eve celebrations.

Merry Christmas to all of you who have taken the time to share my blog with me. Hope you are all enjoying your day.


Wow - my house is just so festive now...

that I have 50cm of tinselly goodness erected next to the TV. AND There's even presents for me under it. Woohoo!


So today for lunch I had...

Salmon Sashimi.
Yum. The flavor was so delicate and the texture was melt in the mouth. Also with this delicious dish I had some small cucumber and sesame rolls and a couple of pieces of karage chicken with a sweet chili sauce.


I was contemplating blogging about my night last night with Kookyknut, but I'll just leave it at: We had a fun night to celebrate the end of his working year and I really didn't care that I was not going to have even close to a full nights sleep before turning up on work's doorstep this morning.

Thanks buddy, you're the best.


Something is not quite right...

with this picture.
Sometimes I just get puzzled. WHY is there a urinal where this one is? Think about that for a moment.


Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Hardball :: The corporate line

  2. Sleepless :: in pain

  3. Graduation :: ceremony

  4. Presents :: are so hard to buy if you want the right gift

  5. Toe :: tapping tunes

  6. Lotion :: motion

  7. Snicker :: grow up!

  8. Eve :: beautiful

  9. Investment :: in the future

  10. Pain :: and pleasure

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I'm loving this right now...

My mates and their company.

My friend Chris's enthusiasm.
My friend Gleno's "How ya doin'?" txts
My friend Killer's eyes.
My friend JJ's laugh.
My friend Farmer's attitude towards everything.

The way my friend Kookyknut's beautiful smile lights up any room.
The way my friend Judo's understanding and tenderness really does hit the spot.

and so much more in life, but these things are just the best. Sometimes you realise that you are one lucky person. Tomorrow will come and these people will be part of it for me. So I'm lucky.

For one night I'd love to get all these friends, and for those that are lucky to have them, their partners, around the kitchen and dining room for a get together so they all could meet.


The group ride...

is something that I've only ever taken part in on a small scale. i.e: two other riders, max. Well not today.

This is The Road Warriors Cafe at Mt White. This could be any given Sunday. Today, I joined a group (bike gang *hahahahahahhaaa*) for a ride from Newtown to Mt White and back to Balmain for a pub lunch. I met some nice lads and, surprisingly, enjoyed myself. Go figure?!


It's in my blood...

These two crazy cool cats are my Mum and Dad.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Research :: can be twisted into whatever you want it to be

  2. Chuck :: up

  3. Insert :: here

  4. Bang :: on time Mr.

  5. Lousy :: hangover

  6. Rehearsal :: is for losers, just get out there and do it!

  7. Critics :: sometimes are worth listening to

  8. Memory :: short

  9. Squid :: excellent way to ride a bike

  10. Remove :: me from your spam list

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One more for the road...

Sweeeeeeet Berry.
The ride down to Berry was very cool. There was a storm brewing on the horizon that I was keen to beat. The best part of this ride was between Kiama and Berry. The roads were smooth, curvaceous and free from traffic. It was so enjoyable to twist from one corner to the next at speed.

A dangerous game.
I love doing this, and I know I shouldn't... On the freeway between Marulan and Goulburn the big rigs were out in force. Being legally limited to 90km/h (yeah right!) the trucks speed down the hills and overtake me and then as they speed past I like to let them in front and ride so close to their tailgate that you get sucked along in their slipstream. It's dangerous, it's thrilling, it's a very cool feeling, and I know it's wrong.

Thank you and goodnight.
After lunch in Goulburn at the "stunning" Paragon Cafe we decided to leave the freeway and head the "back way" to Canberra. The weather was warm, I was tired and was kind of losing concentration. The ride was not the most interesting. It's amazing how dry the landscape is down that part of the country. The grassy hills were all looking the same golden brown... Next thing I know, my bike is shaking, I'm desperately trying to keep control of the bike. Microsleep. That's not a great thing to do at any time, but on a bike, yipes! I ran into some tree branches, flew back across the oncoming traffic lane to the other side still trying to control my bike, I smashed my foot onto another tree and then somehow re-gained control of the bike... all this within seconds and my speed not dropping below 80km/h and now I was wide awake. Luckily the roads were empty, because if they weren't, I was a goner. I'm still AMAZED that I have no injury other than a bruised foot and that UDE (my bike) was in one piece apart from tree sap splashed across the tank and the odd branch still wrapped around the instruments.

I love Canberra. I have a feeling I may end up moving there one day. "That's madness!" I hear you all shouting! But, no, I really love this city. Every time I visit it just keeps getting better. On the road trip I experienced some of the roads and rides around the city. The scenery, while dry, is absolutely spectacular. The Brindabella's are stunning. On one of the rides I must have ridden through about 5kms of grasshoppers on the road. They were splatting against my boot as I road along at speed. It was actually very amusing. But it's the roads that impressed me this time. I could live here quite happily. All I need would be a small unit with a lock up garage and a big fish tank.

As Jamiroquai says
"This corner of the earth is like me in many ways..."
Dry, barren, desolate, empty, emotionless... ;) Judo, shall I go on?

DSC02272Snap Crackle and Pop
I visited Jervis Bay for the first time on Saturday. This place is like a small corner of the Garden of Eden. Naturally we rode to the little pristine beach called "Murray's Beach". There was a strong wind blowing across the bay and with it it brought in thousands of Blue Bottles. The water was so clear and tempting that I had to swim. Luckily the blue bottles were easy to spot on the surface and were easy to dodge. Judo and I rode squid in our boardies back to the Hotel in Huskisson. There's nothing like the feeling of zooming along on your bike without bulky protection. A word of advice for novice bike riders: This is a bad habit so don't do it. But I love it. Slap my wrist. Later that evening the tide had retreated and as we walked along the beach the thousands of bluey's that were washed up on the beach sounded amazing as they popped under foot. I love fossicking around rock pools when the tide is out.

More pics here.



Follow the purple line... that's where me and my bike are riding starting tonight. Sydney to Berry. A night there. Berry to Canberra. Having a night in Canberra. Then doing some rides around the ACT. Then riding to Batemans Bay. Staying there for a night. Then up the coast to Huskisson. Stopping there for a night, then zooming back up the coast to Sydney on Sunday.

Who said I was predictable?

Today's tasty treat was Yoshinoya's "New" Curry Chicken Bowl. MMmm MM. I love this curry. It's kind of like the curry my Mum used to make with good ol' "Keen's Curry Powder".


I'm lovin' this right now...

It's tasty. It's probably good for me. It's Japanese fast food.

I've been running away from work to the other side of the city for an early lunch at Yoshinoya trying to beat the crowd. Today's tasty choice from the menu was the Grilled Beef Bowl Meal. This comprised of miso, karage chicken, the above mentioned Beef Bowl and a Coke. I seriously could have eaten just 4 or 5 servings of the karage. Deep fried goodness! I'm yet to be convinced that this is actually "grilled" beef. It tastes just like the regular beef bowl, "Gyudon". Gyudon is very thin slices of beef simmered in a special broth made up of stock, wine and over 40 spices (so the story goes).
This entry in Wikipedia is interesting.

Anyone want to join me for an early lunch sometime?

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Hello :: there

  2. Flinstone :: 's meet the

  3. Corn :: salad sushi boat

  4. Interview :: process

  5. Deviant :: Ummmm... me

  6. Concept :: create one, get it approved, then the client changes their mind

  7. Bridge :: ing the gap

  8. Karen :: KILLER!

  9. Encounter :: surprise

  10. Biological :: break (It's a song)

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I have to set the record straight... Geocachers are a friendly and welcoming mob.


And this weekends event was...

The Great Auzzie Xmas BBQ Geocache Event.

The morning was cool and overcast so deciding to ride was one of those decisions that could have been very wrong. It wasn't. In fact, it was a perfect bike riding temperature.. By the looks of the pic, we could have been in some cool part of the world for breaky, but no, it was just Glebe. The picnic was at a place called Mortlake. Had never been there before, so navigating on the bikes from a memorised map was a mighty good task by Judo.

Met a few fellow Geocachers. Met up with Farmer and family there too. They had come in from Bathurst for the weekend. The Geocachers are an, ummmm, "interesting" bunch of people. There was a time trial cache hunt which I just tagged along with Farmer and crew. I think 15 minutes was the final time. The fastest was around 12minutes to find the 4 caches and solve the puzzle.


Well, that was a cheery album... not.

The whole new Faithless album has a new-born baby theme. It's title is "To All New Arrivals". I would think that over the past 18 months Faithless have had some new children enter their lives. One of the band members may have had a close call with their child during birth. Every Faithless album has at least one Dido vocal, this one song is hauntingly sung by her.

"Last This Day"

Lines to the skin
That have seen neither sun nor sin
Tubes to the mouth
Can not laugh or sigh or even cry

Drop in the ocean
A second in our time
One Star in the endless sky
But you mean
The whole world to me
Your an island of life

So please
Last this day
Stay one more day
Please last this day
Stay one more day
And stay one more day
And just one more
Just one more day

All this madness around us
You, all knowing and so still

You were made in love
and grew in hope
and born in pain,
you had them running around
trying to make you breath again
one tiny link
in an endless chain

But you mean
The whole world to me
Your an island of love

So please
Last this day
Stay one more day
Please last this day
Stay one more day
Please last this day
Stay one more day