Halocline... (updated)

is my word of the month. A halocline can be found in some caves. It's something I have wanted to view first hand for some time now. It's where two bodies of water of differing densities meet. The less denser or "fresher" of the two will sit on top of the other. This is what I experienced on the cave dive. I'm probably going to rave on about this dive for some time to come.
These pics show what diving in the cave was like. I didn't take my camera on the dive, so these are not my pictures. Notice the different colours between the two layers. In one layer erverything has a green hue and in the lower body of water everything has a blue hue.

David Attenborough has said "This is our planet's final frontier. An inner world where only the most adventurous dare to go... Beneath our feet are countless miles of caves and passages." And let me tell you, I was a little nervous. But, my excitedness was stronger than the nerves and the nerves submitted.

So, "halocline" is my favorite word because a halocline is a natural phenomena that not many people in the world would get the chance to dive through. It's something I've wanted to experience for a couple of years now.


Kim said...

OH MY GOD - that is amazing.

and I'm back!

Billy said...

These are awesome, man.