Another small update...

I've just spent the weekend in California. The reason for flying to there for the weekend was to see the US leg of the MotoGP. It was a good race and quite different to the European races. I still don't understand why the majority of fans support Rossi. He's an industry all to himself. It was a good battle between him and Stoner until Casey made a mistake on a corner. The sound of MotoGP bikes still gives me goose bumps!

California was interesting as well. It's probably not the sort of place where I would live, but it does have a lot to offer. I'm enjoying New Mexico a lot though. The food here is great and I'm starting to appreciate chili a little more.

My time on the mountain bike has been great, but I'm starting to miss some of the comforts of home. 10 Days to go.


Heavy rotation...

I put my space suit on
Count back 10 to 1
The gravitation pull gets stronger
My skin it floats away
My brains are on a plate
The weightless feeling here is bliss.
This is the best thing that has ever happened to me
These are the colours that I've always wanted to see
And although I've never said it before
I love you
I need you
I need it
I love you.


I wish I had a way to post pics...

because some of the rides I'm doing are really beautiful. However, I'm taking notes along the way and when I return to Sydney I'll be able to do some retrospective posts with pics.

Yesterday I did one of the most difficult rides of my life. Actually, I'll even go as far as saying it WAS the most difficult ride and rather extreme too. Part of the ride was high above the tree line and we had to traverse a few snow drifts. These look harmless enough before you start to cross them, but you never really can see the other side. They are slippery. One of them still had beautiful 30ft cornices on it that dropped away suddenly to a rocky base and would have been very dangerous if you got too close to its edge. Sliding off these things was actually fun, but with no control over the fast slipery descent I came to a very muddy and rocky abrupt stop.

The terrain was incredibly difficult to cross. I had a few tumbles, knocks and cuts, but I enjoyed the challenge and it's a ride I know I'll never forget. I can't wait to share some pictures with you.


If I was slighlty competitive...

this is how my Colorado section of my holiday would be panning out:

I've just completed day two of a very grueling cross country leg. Day one (yesterday) was more fun. I was leading for the middle third of the ride. Which was great as I didn't know the trail and was just following the bends and curves of the track. I was struggling a little trying to get used to the altitude. Riding, or any strenuous exercise, at these altitudes is hard work. By the end of that leg I was bleeding from the nose and really struggling with my breath. OK, sure it was not a stream of blood, but it was enough to make things uncomfortable. I couldn't wait to get back and shower and clean myself up a little. Let's say I did ok on this ride and was the second home.

Today was harder. The trails were mighty tough. Plenty of up hill and lots of rocky down hill. I'm a little bruised and slightly battered, but now it's over I can say I really enjoyed it. Some of the trail crossed some very high ridges that had the most spectacular views. Very beautiful.

so, not sure what tomorrow will bring. I'm a little sore and not too keen to jump on my bike. I might just call in my rest day and do a hike across one of the snow capped peaks. Yes, there's still snow on these peaks even in the height of summer.


Just a quick update...

Hi all. Am having a great time. Am currently in Helsinki soaking up the incredible design atmosphere of the city.

Had a great time so far. What more can I say? Next stop, London. But only briefly.


If we took a holiday...

It's on...

During the next 5 weeks I'll be:
Eating Japanese food - actually in Japan.
Beering it up in Munich.
Re-visiting my beloved Alps, but this time along the Austrian border.
Visiting the hub of cool nightclubs, Helsinki.
Beering it up in London with Darth and Killer.
Mountain biking on high altitude single track in Colorado.
Visiting the Sand Canyon in Cortez.
Riding the deserts of Utah.
White water rafting in Keystone.
And lots more hight altitude single tracks with wicked descents.

I will blog where possible and keep tabs on what's happening back home.