Where's your head at...

Here's what's currently on high rotation in my head at the moment. I had planned to do a podcast of these, but I don't think a 1 minute snippet of these songs really do them justice. I may even update this playlist occasionally.

link: muzbot.muxtape.com


All shapes and sizes

Last weekend I spent time wandering the Botanic Gardens. Very relaxing, educational and fascinating.


ANZAC Day...

could just be a more important national day than Australia Day. The city swelled this morning with crowds and the best part was that not one single shop was open, just pubs and cafes. Today is actually the first time I have experienced the ANZAC parade in Sydney City and I could not help but feel an amazing sense of pride and admiration as I reflected on the many meanings of war and its effect on us all.

While I was standing there in the rain my thoughts then turned to comfort food (as I tend to do). I was thinking about how good a fresh batch of ANZAC biscuits would be. I remember them from when I was a child and my Mum protecting the biscuits from little fingers as the hot baking tray was pulled from the oven. Everyone knows that the best time to eat one of these biscuits is when they are still hot and chewy. I reckon a mobile van with an oven freshly baking these for the punters would have just been fantastic on this cool, damp and grey Sydney ANZAC day.


It's not real if you don't feel it...

Can you imagine this song as a ballad? I close my eyes and I can...
It's easy to forget the original and to understand the intent in the lyrics.
Maybe sung by a sexy, sweet husky voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar?
That's what I want to hear as I drift off to sleep.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here we are
Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
Break the chain then we break down
Oh it's not real if you don't feel it
Unspoken expectations
Ideals you used to play with
They've finally taken shape for us.

What's good enough for you
Is good enough for me
It's good enough
It's good enough for me.

Now you'll say
You're startin' to feel the push and pull
Of what could be and never can
You mirror me stumblin' through those
Old fashioned superstitions
I find too hard to break
Oh maybe you're out of place.

What's good enough for you
Is good enough for me
It's good enough
It's good enough for me.

Un film de Cedric Klapisch...

Last night I went to the movies to see "Paris". I totally loved this film. The cinematography, the story and the soundtrack* made this truly enjoyable.

*The soundtrack to this movie is unavailable here in Australia, so if there is anyone o/s who can find it for me I would be very grateful...


10 Questions that require answers...

or maybe they don't/can't:

1. Do you think many people move past the "parent/child" relationship and become good friends instead of "parent/child"?
2. Should one ever feel bad for having lusty thoughts about someone who is so untouchable?
3. Even after being cut out of someones life is it ok to want to still say "hi" to them even though you know you won't get a response?
4. Is it bad to want to show-off just a little or say "Hey, look at me!" to someone?
5. Would it be wrong to sometimes just want out of it all?
6. Why do I still dig my fingernails into the armrest each time I takeoff in a plane, yet I love it so?
7. Why should I crave the company of people who are strong, decisive, passionate and who fire me up to join them on their roller coaster of life?
8. Why do I think grey and orange is a great colour combination?
9. How can I make my majorly large public art sculpture idea a reality?
10. Why is it hard for me to follow my own advice?


Sitting and listening...

is always a good thing.

Last night I was in my parent's lounge room when a news story came on the telly about a new exhibition containing artworks by D'Arcy Doyle. It is hosted by his wife, Jennifer. Mum piped up, "Oh look, it's Aunty Jenny."

I always knew I was related to the Doyles in some way but my father's side of the family is rarely spoken of. There are quite a few name changes and it's always been difficult to trace a linage. So, I always enjoy it when Dad recalls stories of his youth. It's always an insight into a man who is both a parent and a friend.

Dad went on to tell me about a time when he was living in Thomas St, Ipswich and how when he was a lad D'Arcy was over at his place and showed an interest in some of Dad's drawings. D'Arcy took the time to give Dad some pointers and tips. It was really cool to hear this story. I've always seem Mum and Dad as creative people and it seems that creativity is a streak that runs deep in our family's blood.


The Bone Ranger...

and friends entertained me today.

I visited the Australian Museum toady and spent many many hours wandering around the collections and exhibitions. Museums fascinate me. Best ten bucks spent all day.

If you haven't been for a while, go on a quiet weekday (when there's far less impatient children) and wander around and be amazed at our natural history and environment.

Breakfast was...

quietly enjoyable.

Well, quiet apart from the too close for comfort table next to me:
He: Gosh you make me smile. (I mean really? Who uses "Gosh" in real life?!)
She: I know. I see it when we're together.
He: Do you think others around the office see it?
She: They have no idea.
He: That's so cool.
She: I love the way it feels like we're doing something wrong behind a teacher's back.
He: See, you just keep getting more and more attractive. I feel like that too. You're too beautiful.
She: (Slightly gushing) My current boyfriend would never tell me that.
He: Rubbish. How could he not?!

It gets even more Mills & Boon from this point on, so I'll just leave the rest of that conversation right there.


What year am I?


Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

So true. Actually, one of the questions in the quiz really gave me a good laugh:
9. What's your favorite comfort food?
- Meatloaf
- Pop Tarts
- Mac N Cheese
- Redbull and Vodka
- Fondue

No prizes for guessing my answer.


Dinner was...

so freakin' tasty! Tonight I discovered "Doma". The bohemian beer cafe right on my doorstep. Apart from the nice half litre of various beers available it serves up traditional Czech and Slovakian cuisine. Tonight's chef special was chicken stroganoff. I really love strogs so it was my choice without even looking at the menu.

What better way to end the meal than with profiteroles, icecream and an absinthe, or two, or three, or... I even gave the lesser known "red" absinthe a go... However, I think I'll stick with the green stuff from now on, mmmmm minty fresh.

Oh, and here is the dinner conversation from the table next to me:
He: So c'mon Hon'. What shall we order for a main? There's so much to choose from.
She: Ummmmm...
He: What?
She: I'm not really hungry.
He: You're joking right?
She: No, I don't feel well.
He: Oh for Christ's sake. Here I am taking you out for dinner and you don't even appreciate it.
She: I'm sorry. But you go ahead and order.
He: Forget it! .. Why would you spoil tonight like this?
She: I'm sorry.
He: (Skulls* beer) Come on. We're leaving.
The first course still sits on the table untouched.

*Australian slang: Skull (a beer) : to drink a beer in a single draught without taking a breath

Guilty pleasure #14...

Wednesday haiku...

Floor shadows muted.
Sitting in your black raincoat.
Your back is a V.


Sunday was...


Early morning start. Judo, Dave and I went to the central coast for a bush walk. We decided to do the Bouddi National Park coastal walk. On the walk we searched out some Geocaches and discovered some amazing views and headlands along the coast. The bays were beautiful.

Then, back to Sydney for the night to go to the Opera House to see a performance by the French band Air. Many people don't know them by name, but their music is probably well known. Here's one of my fave videos. It's the first time I've been in the concert hall of the Opera House and I thought it was pretty special. Air rocked!

Finished off the night with a couple of beers and a boogie.


In summary:

There were many roads like this. Great for touring bikes, not great for sports bikes. But the country air was fantastic.
But, on a sports bike, signs like this excite.
Signs like this are scary. Did you know that Kangaroos are stupid stupid animals?
The Jumbuck Motor Inn. One of the many typical roadside motels in one of the many typical country towns.
I love visiting country Chinese restaurants. Every country town has one and they always seem to have the word "Wah" or "Sing" in their name. This is the "Sing Wah" in Tenterfield. Classy joint. Vinyl features heavily here. The tables have the menus sandwiched under a clear vinyl tablecloth - on top of a pretty country patterned vinyl tablecloth. It always amazes me how these towns, in the middle of nowhere, have king prawns on the menu.
I found the grave of "Thunderbolt".
Tamworth seemed overrun by overgrown toy cars in mint condition. There were 7 of these Thunderbirds parked around the hotel I stayed in here.
Stopping off at Cunningham's Gap. This is an amazing place. The sounds of the forest just blew me away. It was an early crisp morning and I was in no hurry to leave this magical place.
My old school. My nieces now go to this school. It was weird walking around the school grounds as an adult. Every thing now seems sooooo small.
Another country town, another country Chinese restaurant. I was on the verge of laughing at the fantastic flavour of the combination chop suey. I could not put my finger on what was giving this dish it's taste - I'm guessing it was laced with lashings of MSG. The walls were faux wood panels, the carpet was rich red in colour and the lights were amazingly detailed red fringed lanterns with the odd chunk of grey dust.

I enjoyed my time out on the road. There was, of course, much more to the trip than I can post about without boring the socks of you. But I loved hanging out with my family. I love catching up with old friends. I loved making new friends. I loved stopping on the side of country roads and just sleeping next to my bike on grassy patches. I love the time I spent by myself, doing my own thing, going where I wanted, when I wanted and staying anywhere I pleased. It was fun.