Is a decent cup of coffee too much to ask for...

in Brisbane? Can someone tell me where I can get a decent cup of coffee from in the city. I even resorted to the evil that is Starbucks... and even their coffee was so hot that it took over 15 minutes for it to cool down to a drinkable temperature. I hate waiting for boiling hot coffee to cool down.

I have just spent a couple of days in Sunny Brisneyland. The city has become a very nice place in the past 7 years. I also re-visited the Gold Coast and had lunch at the Palm Beach Surf Lifesavers Club. Tasty food, but way over priced. The view was nice... both inside and outside.

It was great to spend time with my family again and catch up with the nephews and nieces.



This is tonight's dinner. For $7.90 it's a great value Japanese dinner box. The food can't be described as "the best ever" but it is good and there are no complaints from me. I love the variety on the menu at Asakusa in Newtown.

Well, this is going to be my last post for a few days. I'll be back in Sydney next week, and I may even have a few stories to tell.


Happy birthday to me... This is probably this first time I've seem my birthday in on midnight.

So tonight I'd like to offer the following:

"Take the water fall, the water tastes good
I took the water and the water was hot
Once in a while, once in a while
You got to burn your lips, keep your feelings alive"
- the Kills - "Good Ones"


Birthdays, beers and break-ups.

Sums up the weekend for me really. It's not easy to see two people you care about go through a break-up.

But, the weekend got off to a fun start. I enjoyed dinner at the local with my two closest buddies to celebrate the end of my 37th year on this earth. One day to go until I turn 37. Wow, doesn't that make me stop and think. 37. Thirty Seven. It's just that small step closer to…


Illustration Friday : 80's

Inspiration: Mark Rogalski

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Episode :: epileptic
  2. Source :: code
  3. Jerk :: Steve Martin
  4. Introduce :: me to that one over there!
  5. Ralph :: Wiggum
  6. Stare :: into space
  7. Cast :: a fishing line
  8. Scenario :: possibilities
  9. Flu :: vaccine
  10. Mad :: cow disease

You can play too.


This is close to my heart...

something said here on H&B has made me want to comment, in depth.

Sometimes one incident or bad advice from a teacher can do more harm than good.

My Year 8 Art teacher crushed my desire to be an artist. He threw one of my assignments in the bin, in front of the class, and said "That's what I think of it!" From that point on I believed I was a crap artist and I chose not to follow through with art as a subject or possible career. But deep down, I've always had the desire to be creative. Growing up I seemed to be so happy when I was tracing, or potato stamping, or sculpting with mum's home made play-doh. My mum was a very talented painter and I loved watching her create things. But, my belief in my talent didn't exist thanks to that one incident at school. It wasn't until only about 10 years ago that I felt I should give it a go again.

Sometimes advice from our teachers can be so wise. However, the effect of one piece of un-wise advice can destroy someones potential. The best statement my parents ever said to me wasn't until later after school and after I had fumbled around trying to find a uni course that satisfied me. Mum said, "Of course we won't be disappointed... If it's right for you and if you believe in it then we will back you up all the way." That statement has stuck with me actually gave me the encouragement to eventually quit my job and become a full time designer.

I would love to find that art teacher today and say to him "Well, have YOU ever been exhibited in France or had your work tour some Modern Art Galleries in the USA in the past 12 months? No??? I have."

So hopefully, I've got the long post out of my system and we'll be back to pictures tomorrow. :)


I love summer sports karnivals...

and Miss Ping Pong... no maybe it's tennis, was my fave. Although, she was creating a bit of a racket... (lame)

What better way to top off a week of unexpected outings. It has finished with good music, good people, and good fun.

And, this weekend, I have finally decided on what is most likely to be my next bike. A very hot Ducati Monster S2R 800.

no seriously...

it does... make you happy that is. The menu says so.

How much fun is Hooters? A lot. Although, next time I go there (will there be a next time?) I'll be ready for the 'on cue' dancing that the waitresses must do and the party games at lunchtime on a Saturday. I love being pleasantly surprised... It actually is a lot of fun.



Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Incomplete :: life
  2. Bobby :: Brown
  3. Chopstick :: takeaway
  4. Trauma :: tize
  5. Hesitate :: and you lose
  6. Leap :: of faith
  7. Magnify :: enlarge
  8. Yards :: of material
  9. Alexander :: the great
  10. Fracture :: ouch

You can play too.


2006 meme

Ok, this is totally about my year...

Celebrity of 2006: Damn, I'm stuck already.
At a stretch, for me, it's got to be Bridget Duclos. My daily dose of The Cage podcast has managed to make me laugh nearly every day. But I think she falls into "personality" not "celebrity". I'm very celebrity un-aware.

Clothing item of 2006: My new bike leathers.
They are just the sexiest piece of clothing evah.
Oh, and my 3 T-shirts that were on constant high rotation. Isn’t that right Kookyknut?!

Drink of 2006: Beer (Coopers Red)
As with every other year, this one is champion again.

Event of 2006: Growth
Ending a 10 year relationship and learning a little more about myself.

Flavour of 2006: Karage Chicken Udon Soup.
Yum Yum Yum! This was the year of tasty Japanese food. I was sooooo over Thai.

Fragrance of 2006: Issey Miyake.
More Japanese goodness this year.
Also forests. I love breathing in the air from our forests.

Movie of 2006: Touching The Void. DVD
An inspirational movie for me.

Performance of 2006: Hmmm... can I say my ex's outburst at the pub one night? No?
Ok, then for me, it has to be my mate Gary’s effort in the Oxfam Trailwalker. Brilliant stuff.

Regret of 2006: Not catching up with my friends as often as I would have liked to. Sorry Gleno.

Song of 2006: The Egg "Walking Away" (Album version)
Feel right
And so do you.
We walk along
Then we get it wrong.

So, who do I tag?
Anyone who has a blog I've commented on in '06... You're all intriguing people. Go on.

Weddings don't make me cry, but...

they do make me think.
I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding yesterday and, as with all weddings, it was beautiful. There were a few things said at this wedding that really struck me and made me think how lucky these two people are to have each other. The word "encouragement" was a stand-out. I think anyone who has found a partner who encourages and understands are on a good thing. Well done Grant and Katie. These two people also know what it means to embrace life and make the most of it.


I had a cool day today...

I went out for a ride on the bike. "Someone" seemed to think that I was going to be bored on this ride. However, I knew of no such thoughts. I was so happy to be out enjoying the fresh air and beautiful bush that the fact that the ride was not going to be too difficult was just the bonus! It was damn hot.

I also enjoyed finding a fairly out of the way Geocache. This one was actually not on any paths... Which, I think the theme of this one was all about. It was in Belangalo State Forest. This forest has a history. I can understand why the rangers questioned us as to the purpose for being in this place. It's creepy and I don't think I'll be going to this place ever again. But, I really enjoyed the ride.

I got to spend some time wandering around the peaceful gardens of the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere late in the afternoon. I'd definitely re-visit this place. It was a very peaceful beautiful place. So very different to this morning's location. Today was almost the quintessential version of good and evil.

I also got to have a bloody good home cooked dinner and chill at my two good mates place and watch dvds. Which tonight were: "Howl's Moving Castle" and "The Guru". I would have loved to see the whole of The Guru, but I was so bloody tired I had to come home or fall asleep on the lounge there and snore while they try to watch a movie.

So the whole day ended with a general feeling of ... ok, wait for it, love in the air.

Photo's from the day are here.


I'm loving this right now...

Album: "Veneer"
Jose Gonzalez

Bee cause...

I thought I'd share a pic with you from earlier this week of what happens when you don't close your bike visor and an unsuspecting bee flies into your nose at speed... yes it hurt and the little bugger stung me to top it off!

Ude and the red box...


Simple Pleasures... a haiku

Walking home from work
The heavens open up to cry
I have no umbrella


and so, here's '07...

and I saw it in in the "best way" for me... I was in bed by 10. But, within the few days prior to the ticking of the clock to '07, I had enjoyed the following:

1) Been on a great roadtrip,
2) Been so very tired that I really didn't care about new year ("Stuff 'em all" went through my mind at one point.)
3) Seen the most interesting scenery,
4) Spent two nights with new people,
5) Felt sexy.
6) Experienced a cool new mountain bike ride... including:
7) a very new "never been there" single track miles away from Sydney,
8) Shared the experience of finding new Geocaches that took me to the most interesting places, and climbing to see some AMAZING views.
9) Knowing that I can share these with friends
10) and just for something weird: ..'07: I'm a beardy.

Happy new year all. Let's make '07 something adventurous for all of us. Even if our adventure is as simple as taking a different route than we've ever thought of taking before.

More pics from the trip here.