Karaage udon...

is my new favorite dish. My love with things Japanese is growing.

I've found eating out at Sushi Train by yourself is not unusual. You don't look like a loner... Maybe that is because everyone is seated in a long line together and there are no tables for couples... I love watching the bite sized portions slowly roll past. I love the sweet egg on rice thingy. I love how when you arrive every staff member greets you. I love when you stand up to leave every staff member says "thank you very much" like "Sank you velly marrrrsh". And, I love Karaage Udon. The way the deep fried chicken goes all gooey after sitting in that tasty broth is just YUM!


Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Visit :: ing hours

  2. Cake :: yuck

  3. Period :: regular interval

  4. Triumphant :: challenge

  5. Screen :: time

  6. Neglect :: vacuuming

  7. Guitar :: lesson

  8. Loathe :: quitting

  9. Sugar :: loaf

  10. Montage :: memories



I'm currently thinking about this...

"Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life."


2am, 17hours, 66km...

These numbers will haunt me for a while.
I now know so much more about endurance events. I know what it takes to complete one. Preparation.
I wish I had a better chance to get ready for this event. I didn't finish. I feel absolutely rotten about that. However, I feel proud that I gave it a go. In fact I gave it my best go. Maybe next year I'll be in a position to be more prepared.

I had the energy and the stamina to do it... my legs just didn't co-operate. My team were awesome. I admire them.

Some event pics

The Start

The mass of 8:30 starters

On the trail

Pit stop


I'm getting nervous...

about the race on friday.
But, I've prepared most of my food so I should be happy about that.

I just want to shake it...

Tiefschwarz feat. Tracey Thorn
Damage - The Buick Projekt Remix

This deep electro track is just too close to perfect for me.
I think I now have a new fave musician. I'm going to head out and try and find a copy of the Tiefschwars album that this track is from, because, no other track has made me feel this way for such a long time.

It's arena big party music at it's best. Tracey Thorn's vocals are, yet again, smooth, haunting and pure. And how cool is it to have words like "inconsequential" and "incremental" rhyming in a song!

So here are the Lyrics:

Down the empty roads again
I never want to go again
Into your empty world again
I’ll never be that one again

All my love inconsequential
The creeping damage incremental
And I see you in every face now
The music is a lonely place now

In a lonely place
In a lonely place
In a lonely place
In a lonely place

One more last goodbye again
I never want to cry again
If you should pass my way again
I’d never feel that way again

And my love was a tragedy
But your part was a travesty
I see you in every heart now
The music can’t keep us apart now

I was always there
Were you unaware?
I was always there
But you never chose to care


The view up...

the view down...

Don't you just love when you can get away from the office on a fantastic day like today and lie down in a park with some cool tunes and forget about everything.

The final big walk...

before this weekends event. It may look like a very weird route that I walked last night. Well, it is. I didn't intend on walking as far as I did but there was no stopping these little feet once they hit the pavement. And, I barely cracked a sweat.

I think I'm very well prepared now to attempt the Oxfam Trailwalker. Despite only having two weeks to get myself ready for it. Last night I attempted to walk and eat. I thought I may suffer a little with exercising on a full stomach but I stopped half way through my walk and filled up on a big noodle dish and continued walking without any problems.

It was a great thing to do and I feel good for getting out there and giving it a go... Plus on my walk I bumped into an old friend and have been asked out for a drink and to go to a birthday party... so, that's not a bad effort.


Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Cruel :: death

  2. Jive :: turkey

  3. Weak :: ling

  4. Understand :: to finally reach that point

  5. Bum :: cute

  6. Stairs :: hard work

  7. Tone :: cute bum :)

  8. Quickly :: work

  9. Moment :: to short

  10. Beating :: batter

It's the MEGA DAG...

oh dear... Luckily bush walking is not a fashion event. Anyhoo, I had a great day yesterday. I went and attempted another section of the Oxfam walk. A good friend of mine, Judo, joined me on this section. He'd been in this area before as this is where he does some of his mountain bike rides. Want to know the BEST thing about this walk?.. We gave up walking on the trail and went completely bush to explore the area. I think I ended up walking further than I was hoping and I loved every minute of it... AND I found a geocache!

The cache was well off the main firetrail, so some rock climbing and creating your own path was needed to locate this one. In the end, when I finally reached it's co-ords, it stood out like a sore thumb. It was like some kid had left his big bright lunchbox out in the bush after a picnic. It hadn't been found for a few months, so I placed it back under the ledge and a bit further back so it might be a little harder for the next cacher to find.

The week finally caught up with me and when I got home to bed by about 9:30ish I think I just crashed.

What an awesome week. This is why I'm alive.


I've now moved into...

The period where I wonder if I'd ever get to know someone who understands what I'm thinking.

Especially about cool sounding music. Especially about listening to hot tunes. Especially someone who understands why I like these tunes... I wonder if I'll ever get to know someone who can listen to a tune in their bedroom and then go, "wow - that one really sounded good to me."

I'd like to be with someone who doesn't make me feel like that is stupid. There's one person I know who does that for me.

One person who makes me feel so un-interested in any other person. One person who I feel very differently about. And it's actually a VERY nice experience for me.

I think I realise just "how" guarded I am being about stuff. I think I have a very special freindship that is growing. I think I should open up a little more.


no one else would...

get over the fact that they did 24 hours without any sleep.... But I'm 1 hour shy of 48 hours. No sleep is a very.. weird.. experience...

I've now moved into the teritory that likes a challenge.


Really? Can we have a re-count?

in·teg·ri·ty (?n-t?g'r?-t?)
Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

I don't really want to talk too much about work on my blog because, frankly, it would bore you to tears. However, this rates a mention. We have these "Employee of the month" awards. Sure it's not called that. It's given a weird arse title, but really, it's just an employee of the month thing. I've been a little vocal to some of colleagues about how I really don't like the idea. It seems like a whole lot of "Aren't we a good organisation - let's pat ourselves on the back", when really most people I work with just work bloody hard and just get on with the job that they are employed to do. We even have pride in our work. I'd think if you're NOT doing a good job, then something should be said to you. All I can say is thank God that we don't have one of those cheesy notice boards in reception displaying the mug shot of the current month's winner. Which this month is me. Urgh. Awarded for "Integrity".

Seeing the world through Iridium Blue...

My ride into work this morning was so cool. I have a new helmet and I bought one of the real sexy iridium blue visors for it. The only problem I had was it was still dark when I left home. Thanks to A LOT of dust and seeds blowing around the city at the moment, I had to close the visor. I wasn't really thinking that the visor was really going to make a difference. It does.

What an amazing colour the world became. It was deep brown and golden. The shadows became darker yet the contrast was increased. The sun wasn't quite up but the glow on the horizon just added to the beautifulness of it all. OK, so I'm slightly delirious from lack of sleep, but really, something so simple, like an iridium blue visor, can really make a moment special.

Oh no... it's 5am...

and I haven't been to bed.

This is going to hurt.


When you're down...

Not much seems to be able to pull you out and back up. Other than time that is. But sometimes we just don't have that time. So I spiral down and feel like there is no controling it. I hate being angry with myself. I hate crying. I hate feeling like I hate things. I really hate not understanding the way I feel. But I can't give up on trying. I want time out. I'm sitting here at my desk just feeling rotten. I was up and working this morning at 3am. THREE A.M.!! Working on crap that is soooo below my standard. This doesn't help any.

How do you deal with anger and bitterness without isolating yourself?
  1. Kim :: makes me happy

  2. Designate :: pass the buck

  3. Liner :: note

  4. Weed :: hmmmmm... choc brownie

  5. Infusion :: cool group from Melb

  6. Nutritious :: not geting that sort of food

  7. Favorites :: good looks

  8. Transform :: myself

  9. 42 :: / 2 = 21

  10. Sunday afternoon :: beers

Rain, hail or shine...

It's never ceases to amaze me how a hail storm makes so many people smile. I was trapped on the train platform at Redfern this evening. For 10 minutes tiny pellets, ranging in size from tic-tacs to cool mints, showered down turning the dull bitumen into a cool slippery winter wonderland. Everyone who gathered under cover looked on in amazement and all of them had smiles on their faces. Young lovers cuddled together, passengers darted from the train carriage and school kids pelted each other with pseudo snow balls. I loved just being trapped and watching nature do her thing.


God rode a bike - and lived in the country...

You know this because riding out in the central west is just one of the best experiences to be had. I just love riding. Farmer and I had a great ride on Sunday arvo. What better way to spend a fantastic sunny day. We did a loop from Perthville to Burraga to Oberon to Bathurst to Perthville. On the way, at Burraga, stopped off to find a cache. Nice spot near a dam.

I've discovered that I just love road trips on the bike. Especially when you get in behind a semi and catch a ride on its slip stream. Wow! It just pulls you right along... sometimes a little to close. Sure, I know this is a bit of a dangerous thing to do, but man, The feeling is just awesome. I've also learnt that I need a bit of speed in my life. Long smooth corners at 100km/h or over is just a very cool feeling. Ude (my bike) managed to hit a top speed of 140km/h at one point before I decided that it was enough and that was 50km/h over my legal limit. Awesome feeling. The roads can be a bit dodgy in places, but mostly it's smooth cruising. It's just way too much fun.


My fave lyrics... today

Sometimes I feel like I'm glad to be free,
Sometimes I still want your arms around me
Sometimes I'm glad to have left you behind,
The Crazy English Summer has put you back on my mind.
Life's a riot a lover a friend,
Pity the day that it has to end
Friday come speed me home again,
I've nothing but you on my Mind.

Sometimes I feel like i'm fine on my own,
Fifty Thousand miles from home.
Sometimes I'm weak and the past is my guide,
Summer returns and puts you back on my mind


Read the post below this one first...

Then come back and read this one. It follows the previous post.
But if you already know that read on....
What I would really like, is to know someone who understands that post below.
Geez, throw some beer into that mix and I think we've got one hot date!

No actually, I REALLY like...

Nights at home by myself.
Cool tunes.
A sense of adventure
and the internet.


This is the egg...

this is what comes out of that egg...

And this is a view from on top of the shark.

I love living in a city where you can end the working week with a dive. I had my first night dive last night. It was awesome. The best part of the dive was that the visibility was great. I really loved stopping and looking up to the surface of the ocean and seeing the moon shine down through the water. I'll say it again... It was AWESOME. I have never experienced any world quite like it. Tiny phospheresence followed us in the agitated water behind our fins. It was soooooo amazing. Plus I have never seen so many Port Jackson sharks in one place at one time. It blew me away. My total dive time was around an hour, so it also turned out to be my longest dive ever as well. I'm definitely going to do that again sometime... Soon.


I like...

being in the bush
riding my mountain bike
riding my road bike
riding my dirt bike
the egg - "walking away"