"So you thought you knew me meme." (updated)

Target or Kmart? If I ever set a foot in one of these stores it'll be Kmart... From memory, Target like to create a maze in their stores so there's no escape....
Beef burger or chicken burger? Cluck cluck
Faux or Fur? Since I'm a hairy guy... Fur.
Out of a can or out of a bottle? Bottle
Hotel or tent? Easy - Tent - somewhere remote.

Coles or BiLo? Coles... but mostly it's the local IGA for me.
Pasta or Pizza? Pizza - if I cook it.
Thongs or sandals? Thongs... WHEN were sandals ever hip for men? BC?
Backyard pool or beach? Backyard pool anyday! I had sooo much more fun growing up in our backyard.
Souvenirs or photos? Photos

BBQ or foodcourt? BBQ hands down
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla... Milkshake. My hangover fave.
Hair product or no hair product? Nothing can control helmet hair. But I'll try any product that would help.
Cats or dogs? Woof.
Organised tour or do it yourself? I like doing stuff myself.

Home cooked or home delivered? This is the hardest one... Both have their advantages.
Coffee or tea? Tea. Peppermint around about 10am.
The strength of an ox or the strength of a mule? Oh I'm a mule, baby!
Love or lust? Right now all I have is lust.
Thought or action? Thought, because I'd hate to act without thinking. Actually, is there any difference between the last two questions?

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