Muzbot's totally random iPod trivia pop quiz. Week 2

Here is a link to where you'll find the 2nd week's MP3: WEEK 2. (Worth 16 points.)

It's not much easier this week, but give it a go. You are allowed to use the web to find the answers if you wish, but you're still going to have to have good song recognition skills.

Week 2: Bonus points...

Cover art:
For this you'll need to give me the artist and album name.
Each album is worth half a point. Each artist is worth half a point.

Want to know the score?

I'm considering not putting the answers online just yet because I know a couple of people have mentioned that they would still like to join in the trivia quiz. So, if you would like an email from me with the answers you'll be able to enter your email address into the answer form and I'll fire off an email to you with the answers.

I'll publish this week's quiz later this evening (assuming I have an internet connection, it's been a bit sketchy this week).

I'll also be putting up the top 10 each week on the download page:


that is all... for now.


My day off...

Ooo look. Water. I'm going to go for a swim. What a good idea.

Getting the toes wet. Strange feeling. It's the first swim for the season. It's also a bit cold. Was this really a good idea?

Look out for that wave. You'll get dumped you fool. Dive, quick. Wheeee....
Ahhh, past the breakers into calmer waters. Brrrrrr. It's freakin' cold. Yep, they're goosebumps on my arm. I think today was not the best day for a swim. Most of the beaches are closed due to rough conditions.
Phew. Breather. Happy... Oh crap, is that the shore all the way back there? Damn, time to turn around and paddle back.
There were also some humpback whales offshore today doing crazy tail slapping and breaching. When I did get back on shore, I watched them playing around. Must have been at least 3 of them. Sweet. It's actually the first time I've experienced humpbacks being so active.

I like my new 'burb.


Muzbot's totally random iPod trivia pop quiz.

So here's the deal.

I plan on doing a trivia post each week for the next 6 weeks. It's all music this week and there are 12 questions. You'll have to listen to the mp3 for the questions and songs.

Yes, I know you can cheat and surf the web for the answers. So leave a comment on how you think you went without cheating, but please don't leave any answers in the comments.

Here is a link to where you'll find the first week's MP3: WEEK 1. (Worth 20 points.)

p.s. Feel free to pass the link on to anyone who might be interested.


Oh yeah...

I'm really enjoying hanging out at Madam DeBiers in Kings Cross at the moment.

Tonight was trivia night and we ended up scoring second place (after being robbed of first place in the final round). Everyone in the bar scored a free scotch which also went down well. And the $9 rib and steak menu on a Thursday is fantastic value. There were many laughs and I enjoyed the company very much.

I've also decided that I want to host a trivia night. I could so do a good job of that.


One night in Sydney...

I'm wearing this hat...

because last week I was busted for not wearing shoes at work.
To be honest, I didn't think people could see my feet that well under my desk. I'm an OH&S disaster just waiting to happen.


Facebook status' for Monday night...

Muzbot is:
  • not a bad person.
  • often feeling like he stops himself unduly.
  • wishing he went for gelato tonight, but the rain stopped him... unduly.
  • pissed off Sophie went from Idol. That was 50c I spent on a txt for nothing!
  • thinking about running away to New York thanks to an offer today.
  • not sure he can wear the debt for running away to New York.
  • loving "no undie mondie".
  • wondering if his new footy shorts are too short.
  • sure said new footy shorts will never be worn in public with no undies.
  • impressed he received an email about another o/s exhibition opportunity.
  • happy he's caught up on reading his HUGE growing list of blogs.
  • comparing his emotions to the ash that falls from a cigarette. Why?
  • enjoying his guilty pleasure: Katy Perry "Hot N Cold"
  • thinking 3 posts in one night must mean I need to get some things off my chest.
  • wondering what happened to that bottle of vodka. I'm sure it was full last week.
  • wondering if "status'" is correct??? Or is it "statuses"?

Right, well that's Idol for another year...

Sophie was voted off tonight. Kind of thought that was going to happen all season.

She was the most unique individual and I was totally in love with her voice. Those left on the couch tonight bore me to the point of no interest. So, I guess that's it for me and Monday night TV.

Back to reading more blogs.

This inspires me...

Inspiration (ĭn'spə-rā'shən): Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.This is totally up my alley. I adore her work. Laura Planska.


This past week's theme was "up & down & up &..."

Can I assume that Sunday really is the start of the week? If so, I guess the week ahead is pretty much like the past week... a bit of a roller coaster.

This morning I was up early and decided that "Bunker" was where I would like to eat... Funnily enough, I ended up at "Bunker". It was the B.E.S.T. toad in the hole I've had since I was a kid. Sorry Mum, but I'm sure if tomato relish was known back when I was a lad your's would have been just as good. And what's with Sydney cafe's going all old school with the breakfast choices? "Toad in the hole", "eggs and soldiers"? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's freakin' cool to go out and get decent old fashioned food with out having the hassle of cooking it yourself... especially when it's not given some fancy name and served up with rocket. Don't get me started on rocket....
Someone's week was just as confusing as mine was based on this inscription on the toilet wall.
OMG. This was definitely an up! The gelato shop has some new flavours. I was already eating this before I realised I needed to photograph it. It's "soupe anglais" I think, which translates to "English soup"... Now, forgive me for thinking that this might be the most horrible flavour ever, but I tasted it and, people, it's TRIFLE. Yes, the best EVER. T.RI.F.L.E. Sponge, jammy stuff, custard and all that makes trifle my fave wrapped up in the best gelato in the world.
And beer. Don't forget the beer. That helped the afternoon seem less upsetting that it really was.


I love my new hood...

This is breakfast from one of the quieter local cafes this morning. It's a nice spot.
This is my new front yard. Or close enough to it. This is 100m from my front door.

This IS my front door.

And remember that helmet I wanted? Well this is me smiling inside it.


I'm loving this right now...

Well i feel alright when it comes daylight
But when it comes the night
I am only lonely i am only lonely

And if it doesn't feel right when i hold you tight
Oh baby it`s alright i am only lonely
Oooh, baby wonder if we could get involved
Oooh, baby wonder if we could get involved

And if it doesn't feel right when i hold you tight
Oh baby it`s alright i am only lonely
Oooh, baby wonder if we could get involved
Oooh, baby wonder if we could get involved

He said "come on baby, not on the first date"
So i said "ok baby, how long must i wait?"

Well i feel alright when it comes daylight
But when it comes the night
I am only lonely i am only lonely

And if it doesn't feel right when i hold you tight
I am only lonely

Wonder could we get involved



Amongst the dinosaurs, sails and alligators I found this in my bag of jellies tonight. At first I thought it was a cat in a bikini. I know, you can't see it right? But then I noticed it had a beard. People, it's got a beard and man boobs! It ain't your typical jellybaby now. Can anyone shed some light as to what this creature is?


Sunday revelations...

Paul frank underwear is so freakin' comfortable! Ok, truth be told I actually realised this on Friday, but it's now Sunday and I'm on my third pair in a row and they are just THE BEST.

Photographing Koi underwater is a mighty fine way to spend a sunny Sunday morning.

Try this drink: The caipirinha. It's the national drink of Brazil and it's the B.E.S.T. Sunday afternoon drink. Far better than the Mojitos I had earlier in the evening.

Feijoada: (pronounced Feshz-WAH-da) Yum. More Brazilian delights. It's black beans, it's smoky, it looks vile, but it's not too bad really.

Churrasco (pronounced shoo-RAS-koo) or Brazilian BBQ. Totally wrapped in Brazilian food right now. The BBQ'd honey glazed pineapple is my fave. It is a taste sensation. Melt in the mouth. I sampled this this week and I want more.

This is my new fave jacket. I tried one on today and I swear it was so hard to put it back on the rack. It molded to my body and it wanted to come home with me and be part of my life. It said, "Please take me and play with me."

This helmet also was close to being part of the lustful fun that I was dreaming about having in that jacket above. It was in my hands and only if it was not floor stock it would have been my pleasure to own today.


But I did pick up some "fully sick tricked up bar ends" for my R6. . . Oh, how I wish someone would speak to me in terms like this...


I do love this city...

I'm in a very reflective mood right now, so tune out now if you don't want to share this with me... Trust me, it's not exciting... I've already deleted the original version of this post.

Well, my time living with the view above is drawing to a close. I took this picture last night from my rooftop. It was a nice night to sit up there with some beers and a bit of a cool breeze and think about what changes may lay ahead for me. Sometimes you choose life so it sends you in new directions where you don't really know where you're heading, but you have a good feeling about the change.

The other side of the harbour is what is ahead of me. This is the view on the way back this afternoon - from what I shall forthwith refer to as "my summer residence". This is where I'm moving. Although, I do plan to stay put for longer than just the summer. I'm moving to a street where, believe it or not, at one end is this - this beautiful harbour and at the other end is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. I feel like I'm one lucky lad right now.

-- insert sound of another beer opening here --

I can not even begin to explain how much I have LOVED the past couple of years. People's faces flash into my mind and I just smile. Nights out strobe through as well. Afternoons sitting... drinking... laughing. Some times, the ones that are so vivid, are the ones I know are the times when I've felt more whole, more happy and more ME than ever before. I could seriously die right here, tonight, knowing I was satisfied. But, really, I have a few more mountains to climb so I'm not ready to check out just yet. But I could if I wanted to...


So I was watching this today...

and laughing so hard...

when I noticed a similarity:


Weekend checklist...

Thursday night: Fly to Brisbane, unplanned night out/make new friends. (Oh yes, now there's a story!) √Check.

Friday night: My favourite, small town Chinese. (And it was good!) √Check.

Saturday: Family BBQ, RAAF Airshow and bouncing on a trampoline. (More military might, but this time in the air) √Check.

Sunday: Back in Sydney for a big night out with the lads. (I love my crew)

Monday: Still going strong from Sunday. Fight an inanimate object with my face. Ouch - Results of a big night out with the lads. (It looks worse than it really is)√Check.

Tuesday: Be excited about the working week ahead.

Aint life good.