I'm not a bird...

I'm a white bread man. Fresh baked white bread. I avoid any other loaf that is lumpy. I find seedy breads disgusting. I won't even eat the simple wholemeal variety. Oh, and I don't like toast. What is the fascination with dried out burnt bread???? There is so much wrong with toast. Anyhoo, Do you know what my fave meal would be? Fresh hot chicken sandwiches on white, no butter, it's.just.that.simple. I'm also a man who will try new things... and am willing to have my mind changed about things.

Helga's Seed Sensations just changed my mind. I have even just had a slice as a morning snack. It is seriously yummy. But please, don't toast it.


I'm loving this right now...

Lily Allan, you're a comic genius... Brilliant. An album of songs has never made me laugh out loud before. But you did it.
I'm wondering how many drag acts all around the world are currently miming to this.
Best lyrics I've heard sung in ages:
- - - - - - - - - - -

Oh I lie here in the wet patch
In the middle of the bed
I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by
I spent ages giving head
Then I remember all the nice things that you ever said to me
Maybe I'm just overreacting maybe you're the one for me

There's just one thing that's getting in the way
When we go up to bed you're just no good
It's such a shame
I look into your eyes I want to get to know you
And then you make this noise and it's apparent it's all over

It's not fair
And I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
Oh you're supposed to care
But you never make me scream
You never make me scream

Oh it's not fair
And it's really not ok
It's really not ok
It's really not ok
Oh you're supposed to care
But all you do is take
Yeah all you do is take


Last night I had a dream...

but for a moment there I wasn't asleep. I even opened my eyes to prove to myself I was awake. I'm sure I did.

You see, I was an eagle in this dream. I was a kind of "protective" eagle.. I looked down and realised I was flying high in the sky, flying above a guy on a bike (can you see where this is going?). We were both cruising along this open road. Trust me, it was a very cool dream. I think I should stop calling it a dream because I'm sure I was awake. I'm sure I was.

I flew above the man on the bike. I knew it was a man. Why? ... because I could tell it was "me" on the bike. I knew it. There were other clues too. I could also tell that because, the rider was in my gear. This included my "bulldog" helmet. I haven't worn that helmet for a few months. I was flying over landscape that was very country like. Open road. Actual stretches of open road but with the occasional stretch of pine or forest. I didn't find it hard keeping up with the biker. I naturally beat my wings hard and strong to keep up. As a bird, my movements were both elegant and powerful.

Anyway as I was flying above the "guy" on the bike... um, let's just say "me"... As I was flying above me, I swooped down, flying along side me on my bike. "Me" on the bike didn't even acknowledge the eagle along side. I positioned myself there for ages, we both sped along the road together. I'm assuming "me" on the bike may have acknowledged "me" in the air at some point, but I couldn't tell because I was wearing my dark visor. I could however see my reflection in that visor. Nice. (*Smirking* and thinking: was that confusing?)

He (i,e: Me) and me both seemed to be concentrating on something. Concentrating hard. After a few moments I decided to return to my "guardian eagle" position in the sky.

This is vivid. That's why I could draw it. The evening colours, the warmth in the air. The wind streaming along my beak, past my nostrils and over the feathers on my face. I could feel the rhythmic beating of my wings. It's an almost involuntary reflex. Almost.

But the real good thing is that I was confident and safe. Confident and safe as either: The eagle or the rider? ..

Some of the people I hang out with make me feel this way. Confident. Elegant and strong.... ok, ok, there's no way I'll ever be considered "elegant." but, I love their company. It's only with them I feel like I'm comfortable being who I am.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
So I woke up and drew the above comic strip. It didn't turn out how I wanted. But I now know three new things:
1. Correctly illustrating something takes time.
2. I expect too much from myself in such a short space of time.
3. 6 hours is not really a "short space of time".

Actually let's make that list 4 things:
4. I'm a better illustrator than writer.

I'm not happy with my illustration of my dream last night. :(


I should have stayed in bed today...

I was woken up this morning by the alarm. Now this is unusual because I usually wake before it goes off each morning.
Still feeling a little under the weather from this damn virus I'm carrying around with me, (ps Virus: I hope you are enjoying the ride because your time in this body is limited Mr!) I got dressed, made some lunch and trundled off to get the ferry... which, oh great, I had just missed. Now, I'm not one who stresses about missing public transport. There's always another one along sooner or later. So I wandered around the wharf watching the pelicans, seagulls and shags collecting tiny fish for breakfast. Well, when I was finally sitting on the ferry, I look down towards my lap, this is where I was resting my iPod to watch an episode of "Doll House", when i noticed I'd been wandering the streets of Manly with my fly down. Hello Manly! Lucky you, today was an underwear day.

Then I get to work and go for my usual morning coffee and the guys at the cafe kindly point out this>>>I don't have a spare shirt at work, so I wandering around with this ummmm, rather obvious slpoge of something on my shoulder. I don't know what it is or where it cam from but it doesn't wash out with water. That just ruined my morning. Ruined it! So not only did I have a stained shirt, I now had my cranky pants on too. So I did the wise thing and left work to work at home for the rest of the day. My mood is improving, but this dam virus isn't helping.

House keeping...

I've decided to move my mugshot to the bottom of the page. Don't know about you, but it was shitting me, flashing away there, each time I opened this page. So down it goes.

I've bumped up my Twitter feed. Far less annoying and surprisingly much more interesting.

Do you twitter?


Supermarket conversations...

CC (Checkout Chick) : Hello there container boy.
I've a basket of food storage containers. I'm cooking in bulk these days.
Me: *smirk* Hello there you.
CC: Doing a bit of organising?
Me: Kind-of.
CC: Ugh, it's only Wednesday.
Me: But it's hump day.
CC: I haven't been humping on a Wednesday for ages. I work weekends.
Me: Oh, sorry about that.
CC: (Picking up the only non-container purchase - a Honey Nougat Log). Oooo I love these.
Me: Yeah it's my walk home treat.
CC: We'll see about that. (Places bar beside container to measure it). That will fit. (puts the bar in the container. Mixes them up and packs the shopping bag). Now, that will make your walk home fun. Let's say it's a treasure hunt. (She contorts her arms) That's going to be difficult to find carrying the bag and doing it one handed.
Me: Oh, you'd be surprised how good I am at doing things one handed. (She gives me a cheeky look).


Ah life...

*cue opening credits of one of those 80's "narrated" movie sequences and it's all filmed in sloo00oow moo00ootion*

...every now and then it throws you a curve ball.

You know that time, you're traveling along, enjoying life thinking things are good. The biggest complication in your life is deciding whether you'll go out for dinner or eat in. You're in a good place. You're meeting your work challenges head on (if they exist), you're enjoying your friends company, you're enjoying meeting new people, you are laughing a lot. You look in the mirror and think "Hell, you're not the most gorgeous man on the block, but hey, it could be worse, you're not fat. Hey, by 39 you really could have really let yourself go... at least you're healthy," and then

*cue "smack" sound effect and sudden end to the slow motion *

that curve ball arrives.

Now, here comes the tricky part: That ball's target is not you physically. It won't hit you smack bang in the face. Its target is more ambiguous... It's going to make you think. You don't physically feel it. It targets your emotions... Somehow it hits you right there and you feel it. You weren't prepared for this. You hadn't even anticipated this to be able to prepare.. actually, you couldn't be prepared. This is all new. And you now have to interpret what that means to you... The game has changed. You've just become aware of a whole new set of issues because of it.

But you're happy. Things aren't exactly bad. What has been and what lays ahead make it all worth it. You take a deep breath in, then out and quietly under your breath you say "Game on Mole... Game on."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ok, hang on a sec - was that last paragraph a cop-out?


Because my webcam...

seems to even out my complexion and panders to my vanity, I've decided to join in the "Daily Mugshot" fad. And because it's a fad don't be surprised if I get over it a little quickly and only keep it up for a few days. Although, I didn't get over this blogging fad, so who knows.

It's here in the side bar. Did you notice it? ->



is one area of the world that holds a certain fascination for me.
The more I hear about this part of the world the more I feel like I'd love to make a visit.
It's home to one of the largest mountain ranges in the world,
home to some of the largest dinosaur skeletons ever uncovered and home to some rather amazing species of flora and fauna. All-up it has a lot to offer someone like me.And then while browsing the interweb I find this:www.patagoniaexpeditionrace.com

How freakin' cool would that be??? So, I need a team of 4. Anyone up for some trekking, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking and is willing to join me in Argentina for the adventure of a lifetime??? Huh?


If Muzbot had a Facebook page...

it would say:
"Muzbot is happy with his new header design."

So anyway...

I'm back


Friends, family, food and bingo...

Because I'm out and about and not thinking about blog posts, here's a couple of holiday snap shots:
Friends: Future Music Festival. Blue flanno hats were all the rage. The other cool accessory for the day was a faux parrot.
Family: I've caught up with all my kin. Last weekend I was on the Gold Coast hanging out at Nobby Beach Surf Club and my little sister and her husband. MMMmmm tasty steak. Which brings me too...
Food: Oh boy I've been eating well. From party food to RSL meals to dodgy chinese to Mum's home cooking. It's all been good.
And the odd spot of bingo. It's amazing what sounds like a good idea after a few beers.*

*No, really Kat, I did have fun, I was just concentrating too hard.


Playin' in the bay...

There is something very unique about the mangroves and waters of South East Queensland. The area is a complex environment of islands, reefs and sea grasses which make it the perfect home to a huge variety of animals and marine live.

I was hoping to see one of the most interesting of animals, the Dugong. As we were ferried across the shallow waters I scanned left to right for these relatively elusive creatures. I'm told that their population in this region is somewhere between 700 and 800. Despite me thinking my chances of seeing one was good the weird creature remained elusive. Ok, sure I was disappointed, but there was a lot more there to enjoy.

My mate Mark, who is a local, and I wandered around the edge of one of the bay's islands. The water was warm and tropical. The fish life was abundant. With each step the fish around my ankles would dart away. Shell collecting became an instant hobby. The weird eroded spirals of cone shells, the pearly white hat shaped ones and the brilliant opal coloured ones were all glistening under the midday sun. We settled on a thin strip of gum tree lined beach, cracked open a bottle of water and broke apart the chook to put on the bread rolls for lunch. I could have been miles and miles away from anywhere and any care. It was an enjoyable day filled with the simple things of life.