So there's good news and bad news...

What would you like first, good or bad? Ok, let's start with the good:
Trivia will be extended by one week! Woot!
Ok, brace yourself for the bad:
There is no trivia this week.

I'll be away for a few days and it won't be possible for me to compile Week 6's trivia until I return next week.


Feels like heaven...

It's boys and their toys.

It's the new R1. It's hot, and I want one.

There's something about a hot swingarm that REALLY does it for me.
- - - - - - - - - - -
*deep breath* - Now this, my friends, is the new F4:

at $185 000, it's worth us having a look at it from another angle:

and time or money have no meaning
in a place called... heaven.


Food today :: a photo essay

Breakfast. A tasty bit of crumpet. Cafe style.

Oooh, I'm still hungry. Yum, that looks good, can I have some cheese please?

Lunch. My absolute fave meal is a good Surf & Turf. These beans were fantastic.

Dinner: Sushi style. Round and round it goes...

And beer, don't forget the beer. My fave table in my fave local bar.


Muzbot's totally random iPod trivia pop quiz: Week 5

Welcome to week 5! Download now.

Well we've made it to week 5. Do you feel lucky? I do.

This week is not a bonus round week. It's 10 questions and they worth 20 points to you in total.


Cafe conversations...

I love the social atmosphere of cafes and beer gardens. They are (mostly) so relaxing and foster an atmosphere of friendly conversations. I enjoy people watching and hanging out with my close friends in these locations. Every now and then, at a table nearby, someone's voice is a little louder and you catch a segment of their conversation.

Based on my most recent post about an overheard conversation that bugged me, here are a couple that have amused me or made me want to know what the hell they were talking about:

- - - - -
"Tell me honey, what did we just do?"

- - - - -
"I'm getting too old to run."
"How old are you now?"

- - - - -
"Look at you, you radiate divinity this morning"

- - - - -
"So I said to him why don't you just Google my butt then?!"

- - - - -
"I was doing the elegant breasts. NOT the Maria Venuti type."

....That last one just cracked me up.


This is going to hurt, but...

This prop 8 thing kind of bugs me. Is marrying someone so important? Maybe the definition of a relationship is different in the USA to Australia. I can't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person. Love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of. Love is not about what the law says. Love is between two people. Married or not.

I've been in love. Deeply. I truly believe that your relationship's value is what you give it, not what other people give it. What is prop 8 asking for? Recognition? From who? The State? People who you don't know? People who might pat you on the back and say "good on you". Will it change someone's prejudice? Is your love about what matters to other people?

I'd like to think that your love is the bond between two people. NOT the right to marry, or legally what you'll get if you have the same rights as married people - when things fail.

But if you've loved, and things don't fail, what have you lost? Nothing.

You've loved with honesty. Loved for love's sake, not for a signature's sake.


Totally random iPod trivia pop quiz: Week 4

Welcome to week 4! Download now.

Another bonus round week. Same deal as last time, and this time I've included the space to answer the bonus points on the main form (at the very bottom).

This week should be no more difficult than previous rounds. Last week we seemed to have had a couple of drop-outs from the quiz, so the race is on. This round is worth 15 points + a possible 10 bonus points.

Cover art bonus round:
For this you'll need to give me the artist and album name.
Each album is worth half a point. Each artist is worth half a point.


It's a story...

"Now, you two boys slide that shotgun over here and put your hands on your head and your head against the floor!"
"This day's been coming from the beginning, huh, Kooky? Right from the start."
The next time Muzbot sees Kooky, it is brief, as Kooky is leaving for a concert with Jacks. After Muzbot turns the corner, Kooky never sees Muzbot again.

In a world obsessed by violence this book opens its mouth wide, takes a bite, chews it up and spits it back in your face. Come along for the ride as two unlikely outcasts team up for the adventure of everyone else's lives.

Awwww... Good mates.


Nice couple of days.

Friday afternoon, good news everyone. Clover Moore, our mayor, has finally done something for us motorcyclists. We can now park for free in the city. A big Woot to this!

Friday night: dine with this view. I'll miss the roof top when I move. But some beers and take-away and my own company made for a very relaxing end to the week. Watched the ships coming and going on the harbour.
Sat morning: Breakfast at The Bunker. My total fave breakfast local. Today was savory mince on toast, another classic from my childhood. Hey Dave look: Position "Vacant Waitress"... And there she is:
Kitchen: Demolition in progress.
Lunch: KFC. Oh yeah, give me some of those "Wicked Wings". Yum. Burp. Ride bike.Awwww, Sydney sunsets are just beautiful.


Muzbot's totally random iPod trivia pop quiz. Week 3

Here is a link to where you'll find the 3rd week's MP3: WEEK 3. (Worth 22 points.)

I was going to do an 80's themed quiz this week, but as it turns out most of the random songs that came up this week were from the 80's anyway.

I'm enjoying producing these quizzes. I've used a higher compression on the mp3 this week, so the quality is lacking, but the download should be much smaller. Good luck.


Sunday is ride day...

Look, see I do smile when I'm out and about riding my bike.