Nice day for it...

I was very ill prepared for my first big training walk. After spending 6 weeks on crutches some thought attempting to do a 22km walk through the Sydney bush land may be madness. I now tend to agree.
Sure I thought I would only do the first 16km then wait for someone to come and pick me up, but at the 16km mark I felt fine. The day was stunning and I was in no pain.. apart from a slight hunger pain. Thinking that starting at 8:30am would have me finished by 1pm, I didn't pack any lunch. Bad move considering I ended up getting home at 6pm. Mental note: Pack a few bread rolls next time!

The last 6km of the walk was difficult. V.E.R.Y. Difficult. I haven't felt pain like that for many years. Breaking my foot was nothing compared to the pain I felt in my right knee climbing out of the gully straight up 275m. I hadn't counted on my right leg not being used to compensating for the left over the past 6 weeks. But in the end, I'm glad I pushed through and completed these two sections. It was the most difficult part of the 100km walk that I now only have 1 month to prepare for. I'm little more mentally prepared now for the BIG event.


Your Time Starts Now...

Your time starts now ...

My earliest memory is... being told to go to bed then sneaking back down the hall and hiding behind dad's chair and seeing the scene in Barbarella where she is being attacked by robotic dolls with nasty teeth. Freaked me right out!

At school I... never really felt like I fit in.

My first relationship was... with a goose called Gertrude.

I wish I'd never worn... a dress home from school for a dare.

My mother always told me... If you use the last bit of toilet paper, replace the roll for the next person.

I wish I had... more confidence as a kid.

My most humiliating moment was... see "I wish I'd never worn"

My Happiest moment was... Paris.

At home I cook... not often enough.

My last meal would be... Steak, mash, peas and mushrooms.

I'm very bad at... making friends.

When I was a child I wanted to... be the best at something. I don't think I ever was.

The book that changed my life is... "The Yes Man" - Danny Wallace

It's not fashionable, but I love... wearing my bike gear around the house.

Friends say I am... a great listener.

If only I could... speak another language.

At the moment I'm reading... "Marching Powder" - Rusty Young

At the moment I'm listening to... "Versions" - ThieveryCorporation

My favorite work of art is... life - I think the most creative thing we create is our lives.

If I were a car... I'd start and accelerate well, but then I'd just get stuck and flow with the traffic. Now, if I were a bike I'd be a Ducati Monster S4 and leave the world behind.

I often wonder... about the most stupidest things, like, would that person find me attractive??


It's a date Jim, but not as we know it....

The profile....
It's an amazing part of online life these days. Everyone has a profile. Especially if you're a blogger. Your blog is your biggest profile. The best part of a blog though, is that it's pretty much "what you read is what you get". However...

There's the other sort of profile. The online dating profile. I've been looking at a few of these recently and I'm having a fun time trying to match the profile picture to the profile name. Sometimes it's easy to look at someone's pic and go "yeah, I can see how your name matches your pic." Other times it's a case of "What the?" <- and that's more about the pic than the name. Faceless profiles really are a wonder to me. So, you're showing the world your nude shot because you're such an interesting person, right? No... I know what you're profile is about. Pass.

But what about those profile pics... Really, they should set expiry dates on these things. "Here's a pic of me on a great holiday I had..." back in 1990. C'mon now. Ok, I admit it, I have been sucked in by profile pics. In fact last night was one of those times. Luckily, I had the chance to have an online chat before hand and it was going well. The evening was great and the person behind the pic was pretty cool. There was even the admission that the age on the profile was off by 5 years... I'll be catching up again, and I did have a good dinner followed up with a coffee afterwards. I'm sure I'll be visiting this topic again sometime soon no doubt.


My lunchtime epiphany

The unexpected lunch can be wonderful. I had just been to the canteen to pick up lunch (pie and chips today) and was walking back to the office, when I bumped into Killer. She asked me if I was going to eat at my desk again, and if so, if I wouldn't mind eating with her instead. Cool!

Killer and I were musing over the past few weeks and the crap that's been going on in our lives when I started talking about how I don't really feel like going through the whole "dating" thing again. I have lost a certain amount of trust in people. But then we talked about possible dates and I started to describe what would make a successful date for me. And it came down to connecting with someone. Now, that's pretty broad and we all know that you need a connection with someone to click. But how do I connect? What would make me enjoy myself and love spending time with someone? Then I said it... Chatting with someone who has passion in their lives. I really enjoy the company of people who are passionate about something. It's something that I like to feel from others and it makes me have a certain level of respect for them. Killer is great to have lunch with...


A lunchtime review

Review of what? The weather? No, way too boring. How about a review of my day so far?
Ok then. It's been good. Despite the fact that as of 1pm today I only have half an hour free, not taken up by a meeting, for the rest of the week... and it's only Tuesday.

But it's not too bad. I knew there'd be weeks like this along the way. I did get a few moments earlier for some "Muzz time" and worked on a graphic. I really liked it last week when I started on it, but now, well, I just don't think it has what it takes. There's been way too much feedback that hasn't really helped.

Oh, BTW, I had Chicken and cashew nut stirfry for lunch today after what seemed to be an ok workout at the gym. It had very little flavour, so it must have been healthy.


Muzbot is here

Hi - and here I am on the blog world.