Fat or fit?

Well, this week it's been 12 months since this picture was taken. It was my birthday picnic last year. I hated it then and I hate it now. It's my least fave pic of all time. Look at that! I was turning into Boy George. Now we all know that would be a very ugly road to travel down.

So here I am twelve months on. I'm not going to prison for rent-boy shenanigans. This is one of my more favorite pictures and I took it a month ago. I feel fit and healthy and I like the fact that I am. I like my legs. :)

And so to celebrate a great year, tomorrow I have a "special" post... Tomorrow.


Peter said...

I can't wait till tomorrow so I say it now... Great Bod Muz!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Murray. Great work on the legs!!! :-)

Monty said...

Hubba hubba! Hot bod Muz! Can't wait for tomorrow's post now!!!

And Happy Birthday too! You're almost at the "BIG ONE" aren't you!

The Mutant said...

Special post you say? Can I have a hint? I'm so impatient... I want to know now!!!

You look so damn good Muz, I could just... alright lets not go there huh, you're not too inhibited though right? Ha ha.

Congratulations on an amazing transformation - Keep up the good work!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Great transformation Muz!

It hardly seems fair.

Have you been tricking us with all those piccies of gelato, greasy breakfasts and meatballs while you've been running marathons and spending all your time at the gym?!

The Mutant said...

Out of curiosity, how old is that photo? I notice it was taken before you got your stars.

Yes... I pay that much attention!

wcs said...

Great work!

I saw a photo of myself about two years ago and was thoroughly disgusted. It prompted me to lose 25 lbs. I haven't done any working out, so no muscle improvement, but just losing the weight, fitting into clothes again, and feeling one hell of a lot better is great.

Muzbot said...

Thanks for all the kind words. It's amazing how different a year can make.
TM: You'll just have to wait, it's special to me, not sure if anyone else will think so. The photo was taken last month just before I moved.
AR: I decided that I wasn't going to deny myself any food that I wanted, but I'm just aware of what I'm eating. If I eat something high in calories then I just make sure I do the extra exercise to cover it off. I can be a lazy bum sometimes too. Oh, and I don't go to the gym. It's mostly been walking and jogging for me. I guess that's why the legs are looking a bit better these days. Just like WCS has done I guess.
Seriously, thank you all for the very kind words. Your comments mean a lot to me.

Ky said...

You are looking great Muz and well done for keeping to your resolution. It is very inspiring for others who have set similar goals to see such a great results. Something to look forward to. Thank you.

I think one of the best part must be to feel the extra energy, agility and mobility from all the exercises. I've been keeping to my new routine for 3 weeks now and I can already feel the difference. It is a great to be feeling good.

Well done!

Darth Gateau said...


I like your legs as well.

In fact I like your everything. But then, I reckon I did before too.
Actually, I'm not so sure about the shorts. Please have them removed for your next photo.

thank you

kookyknut said...

looking great, Muz

Bazbear said...


And got to say you look HOT

May the next 365 be full of great experiences and loads of fun

Ky said...

Hey Muz, I've put a link from my latest post to this post as it was quite inspirational for me. Hope you don't mind.

Cheers, Ky