Happy New Year...

Well, this is it. Goodbye 2009. I'll miss you. You were the best year ever. No, really, I'm not just saying that to make you feel good. I really loved you. But we need to move on. We've grown apart and, well, you know there is no use trying to hold on to something that is slipping away. But before you go, let's just take a moment to remember how much fun we had together. 2009, I love you.


I do love 3D...

and Avatar is worth seeing in 3D. The surprise for me was Sigourney Weaver was in this film. Had I known that before seeing it I would have been slightly dubious about seeing it. But as it turned out she didn't detract from the film for me.

When I go and see a big special effects film I often sit and try and work out what composite layers and filters are being used to produce the effects and often I can roughly figure it out. However, this film has me stumped. I'd love to know more about it.

The film is colour rich. I'd love to know the file size of some of the scenes in raw format. Digitally producing faux neon colour is not easy. I have heard that one of the animators had to go back to the director over 150 times with edits trying to achieve the correct look on just one of the illuminated plants.

Then thinking more about that while watching the film the 3D aspect puzzled me. Ok, lets say you're an animator working on a scene and want to see how it looks in 3D. Can they render and then view the polorised 3D on their monitors? Can they edit in 3D? Getting a natural depth of field would be tricky. Yeah, I know the computers work it out, but too composite on top of that would be challenging.

So all that aside, the movie did actually take me along with it and sometimes I just forgot all the technical questions in my head and enjoyed what I was watching. I thought it was long. Maybe a little too long, but you get that from 'epics'.

This movie does signal a change and a step forward in entertainment. I would imagine this film is the modern day equivalent of going from silent movies to talkies and then b&w to colour. It is the benchmark. And judging from the lines of people waiting to see this I'm glad I'm one of them who had the chance to see it on the big screen.


Island hopping...

Had a great weekend away visiting Mark and my family. Mark and I were up for a bit of adventure so we grabbed the GPS and a few co-ordinates for some Geocaches located out on the bay. This is how it went:
Stop 1: Russel Island.
Not really a stop as we didn't jump off the boat here. I'm guessing the residents of Russel were already in the Christmas party mode because at 10am the locals were on the deck drinking their cans of Southern Comfort and cola. Probably best not to get off here.

Stop 2: Lamb Island.
Step back with us to the year 1939. Where the corner store was attached to the house. The fridge only had 2 kinds of coke and only available in cans. The ice-block fridge was exactly that, a fridge. Lollies were in glass jars and the shop keeper was not really impressed to serve people who weren't locals.

Stop 3: Macleay Island
Hmmmmm. Welcome to The Paradise Pub. I liked it here. We sat out on the varandah and enjoyed a good ol' pub lunch of hamburgers. Cheap as chips as they say. I was enjoying the beers and the $1 a ticket meat raffle. We didn't win either of the two draws.

Last stop: Karragarra Island.
Probably the pick of the islands. This one had a beach... with people playing cricket and cartons of beer and vibrant pink Cruisers.

It really was a great day. Mark is one of those good lads that enjoy life and we bounce off each other so damn well. Lots of laughs and energy through out the day.


Dear Santa...

what you see above is my latest item of lust. The Midnight Shipstern Tidemaster watch from Rip Curl. Actually, it's the Titanium Tidemaster version of this watch that is my true heart's desire, however the price of this lovely time piece is way beyond my budget and almost made me drop the watch when the shop dude told me. He also gave me that "duh" look and said, "Yeah, that's because it's titanium."

Santa, I know this is late notice and I know I have been a little naughty this year, but if you can find it in your heart to just drop one of these safely down my chimney then you would make me a happy man.

I'm not usually a watch man, but in recent months I've been really finding watches are such a good look on men. I held this watch in my hot little hand yesterday and it was heavy. Very heavy. I loved it.

Oh, hold on, I don't have a chimney... Damn!


It's stupid and it has zombies...

therefore I loved it.

If you like good old fashion horror flicks with a sense of humor than get yourself to the cinema this xmas break and watch Zombieland. The highly predictable storyline, those silent pauses where you know something is about to happen and a cliche romance makes this movie one fun road-trip film. Even the visual effects of blood and guts pouring out of the zombie's mouths were totally un believable and worth a good laugh.

I like Woody Harrelson in films and he is great in this one. There is a surprise cameo which brought a few unexpected laughs as well.

I give this one 4 out of 5 brains.


I do like where I live...

On the weekend I went for a walk. Mark joined me on this walk. He was down from Brisbneyland for the weekend. Now, I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful days for a walk.

So we started at The Spit and headed towards the pub in Manly (where else would I head?!). On the way we came across many beautiful places to stop and enjoy the view.

Sydney Harbour is really one of the most amazing harbours in the world. There are tiny little coves like the one above dotted all around the perimeter. Some only accessible by boat, others only by walking a long way from the main road and others are just at the end of your average suburban street.

There was a nice breeze blowing and the yachts were out enjoying the harbour as well.

Yeah, pulling a bit of a face here in this one. Not only did we enjoy the paths through the national park we also snuck off the well worn paths to sit on the edge of the cliffs and climb over rocks looking for a geocache or two.

Top of the world Ma... Top of the world. I think Mark has more of a fear of cliff edges than Judo does. I was reprimanded once or twice for getting too close to the edge. One thing I really loved about this walk was that there was no time limit on it. We allowed ourselves time to just stop and enjoy where we were. No pressure, no hurry... until we got hungry and then enough was enough, we couldn't arrive at the pub quick enough.


The 2009 Muzbot Music Awards...

So, by stealing a couple of questions from another 2009 review meme, I've come up with this one (Thanks Kookyknut for the inspiration).

1. Who was your favourite female artist?

2. Who was your favourite male artist?
Miike Snow (Yeah, I know they are a band)

3. Favourite band?
Friendly Fires

4. Favourite album?
“Ladyhawke” Ladyhawke

5. Favourite song?
“Shooting Stars” Bag Raiders – And you thought I was going to put “My Delerium” but I Think that was my track for 2008.

6. Favourite dance track?
“Poison Lips” Vitalic

7. Favourite music video?
“Parlez-Vous Francais?” Art Vs Science

8. Greatest musical discovery of 2009 was?
This chord progression: Am, F, Am, C, F – seriously!

9. The gayest track of 2009 that you liked, and will only admit to it here?
“She Wolf” Shakira. Hmmmm, actually I know a gayer one: “Release Me” Zoe Badwi

10. Best live gig?
Art Vs Science

11. Best pub/club night out?
Oxford Art Factory

12. Best remix of which track?
“A Funny Thing” (Monarchy Remix) Penguin Prison

13. Favourite music related website?

14. Favourite music related Twitter/Facebook fan page?
Diplo. He’s funny as. (Twitter)

15. Song lyric that sums up the year?
“I close my eyes on the dancefloor and forget about you.”


I wasn't impressed...

and I really thought I would be.

Where The Wild Things Are was one of those movies that I didn't really enjoy. Ok, I didn't walk away hating it either, but it was more of a "Meh" kind of feeling.

Visually it was ok. Not great. It seemed to be more brown in hue than the book. I kind of get the feeling that it could have been filmed in black and white or sepia and it wouldn't have made any difference.

I laughed a couple of times. I felt no connection to any of the characters.

I usually love a good family movie or fantasy film, but this failed for me. But, hey, that's just me. I know others who totally were wowed by this film.


Breaking up is hard to do...

apparently not. The bizarre behavior in my tank continues. Blanket suddenly decided to clone itself. This is the first time I have ever witnessed this sort of behavior in marine life - or any life for that matter. It was fascinating. In the above pic you can see blanket is stretching himself out into two forms.

In this pic above he has really started the split. His body has separated and he is still held together by his outer skin.

*Snap* Still has a small hold but that's about it.

Ta daaaa. Two Blankets. Both are very healthy. But this raises an important question for me. Which one is now Blanket? They are both the same genetic material. Do I continue to call them both Blanket? I'm thinking I should re-name one of them.... Hmmmm. Meet Blanket and Blanket's clone "Snuggie".


IMAX 3D...

is wonderful. And so was "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs".



just a few of my fave lines.

The animation is great. The detail in the hair is amazing!

One great thing about this movie was that it was just fun. It didn't contain "adult" humor like a lot of big screen animations. I found that refreshing. The light effects at the start of the film in 3D were stunning.


Early days of a revolution are upon us...

Google Wave is one of those things where by it's early days and it's applications are still being discovered by users. There's a lot of "So what?!" and "Now what?!" by people still. But there in lies the beauty of it for me. At the moment it's usefulness is a growing unknown.

Have you heard of Chrome OS?

See the implications of this? Looking ahead to the future of operating systems, such as Chrome, and the current trend of developing a whole range of mobile devices, the integration and ability to communicate collaboratively without bulky software and downloads has a lot of potential... so, while some may see it as "pointless crap", the future is there to be explored, it's ours for the taking and the future can be what we want it to be.

Have you seen those paper thin and fully flexible screens? They are amazing.

Add to them touch technology, wifi, no bulky operating system and small solid state or online storage and you have an amazing device that could be just as revolutionary as paper. And all this from technology that didn't exist to the public as little as 7 years ago. And that's what Wave is about. It's available to the public (via invitation, which I might add is becoming readily available) to experiment with. It's still in development.

So while you may not see a useful application for Google Wave, I do. Imagine how easy and fun planning a holiday would be with mates if you were all online together sharing ideas, viewing places on maps, looking at alternate routes, marking dates on a shared calendar, talking to hotels or venues or booking seats all while not waiting for return emails. Imagine viewing an artist's work online and being able to share it with your group of like minded friends, and have them share more cool inspiration back (without email!). Imagine listening to a tune and being able to share it as a file or played in real-time online with mates. How about this one: Imagine real-time blogging, where you can interrupt me and say "hey, hang on, you're wrong there... or Shit Muz, that flashing Daily Mug Shot thing in the side bar is REALLY annoying!!..."

What's common about these applications? Human relationships... and now online they are no longer passive.

The technology is there. The applications of this technology are yet to be discovered. But savvy people are out there, on the ball, exploring and above all imagining. Like any application, don't use it if you don't want to. Hey, some people didn't think the telephone was useful for the mass public at first. Some people don't use dvd players or microwaves (and some even self righteously look down on those who do. Something I could never begin to understand). But they are available if you want one. I'm finding the move to a more social internet very interesting and entertaining.

Early days of a revolution are upon us.


Ignore this if you can...

Halfway point...

and it's all about the arms. Not so skinny now.


So Dude, what's been happenin'...

"The Boy's" ie: Sandy and Number 2, have moved into Blanket.
Brian has not shown up... and further more, I don't think "The Boy's" are boys. Number 2 is a boy and Sandy is a female. They've been playing happy couples recently doing little dances with each other. Number 2 has even taken to cleaning up nearby rocks. Is this preparation for an episode of rampant spawning?! Let me just say it better not be! If anyone is having sex in my bedroom it better damn-well be me!

Mark came to Sydney for a visit for just under two weeks. It was great to have him visit and as usual was hard to say goodbye. We had a great deal of fun, lots of beer, good food and some good times catching up with some mates. It always is good when people make the effort to visit my side of the harbour. It doesn't happen as often as I would like, but when it does I really appreciate it.

I've decided this is the summer of no shirt. Hmmmmm, I think I need a graphic for this...

I'm really enjoying heading around to Shelly beach on weekends with my mask and snorkel. Floating around on top of the water is very relaxing. Each time I see the same things, yet each time I see something new. The quality of eye candy on the beach is also improving as the days lengthen and heat up.

I've been enjoying exercising a lot lately. I'm putting in a little bit of an effort now in the lead-up to xmas. It's working wonders for my mental health too. I'm feeling quietly confident within myself and very happy.

I feel I would like to do a meme. Has anyone found any fun ones recently? None that have hundreds of questions though...

So, that is it in a brief nutshell. What's been happening with you?

A sad day indeed...

the Polly Waffle is to be no more.

*sigh* Nestle have axed the uniquely Australian chocolate bar. This is/was my fave of all the choc bars. Why? Why would they do this?

Well, apparently it's because "Everybody says they love the Polly Waffle but the truth is no one buys it today. The time for it has been and gone." Sales don't cover the cost of making them any more. This is totally understandable form a business point of view, it's just sad because if I had my choice of chocolate bars it would be this one over all others.

But what's next? The Chokito?


Yeah, I know...

the Twitter posts are just not hitting the spot, however, I've had a house guest for the past 10 days and have been out and about doing stuff.

However, here's something I'm working on. It's concept artwork for an event that is coming up next year. Totally followed some tutorials to get this look so it's also an experiment in technique as well. What do you think? I've not added text yet on this just yet.
And here's some music to listen to while you view:

From Twitter 11-23-2009

Well that was one great weekend. Today's cooler weather is a welcome start to the week too.
I'm at Circular Quay Ferry Terminal (Sydney Cove, Sydney). http://bit.ly/8rcuCa
I was out 4 days at 12 diff places and unlocked 4 badges in the past month! (via @foursquare)
Would have loved to stay home today to see Mark off at the airport.
@tom125 maybe you should ask for samlples and tell the winery you'll review it online.
Wish this was released here in Oz this week. http://au.movies.yahoo.com/movie/22433/fantastic-mr-fox/
Managed to catch up and complete something today that I've pushed down on my to-do-list for a few months. #phew.
Settling back into the bachelor pad. It seems quiet and empty suddenly. :(
revisiting "Interview With The Vampire" tonight and remembering why it's far superior than the contemporary "Twilight" saga.
@furrylilfucker I know exactly that feeling.
Ugh! I need to read labels more carefully. Just ate a meal containing soy products. Soy=my enemy. *sigh*
@evolkween The movie is on Foxtel tonight, but remembering the books. I really loved Queen of the Damned the most out of the books.

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From Twitter 11-22-2009

Best morning. Wake up, beach run then dive into the ocean. Feels good to be up and at 'em this morning.
@OhCrap http://pic.gd/783d8f mighty fine too!
The smell of the sausage sizzle at the surf club is driving me insane. Soooooo good.
At the deli for a tasty turkey bagel for breaky. Mmmmm. http://pic.gd/dfc0b0
Have had a few/many beers this arvo and decided to roast a chook for dinner. Recipe: for disaster. :)

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From Twitter 11-21-2009

@OhCrap wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.
Havin' breakfast (@ Rion Corso Cafe) http://bit.ly/4xD3WB
Can anyone explain this sign?!? http://pic.gd/d74a12
@portek @babycakesjase So standing here doesn't increase my chances when I'm feeling lonely?
Nice spot for lunch. A chook from Coles and some fresh bread. http://pic.gd/979b
come and join me for a beer (@ The Steyne Hotel) http://bit.ly/4QEKlg
View from the beer garden. http://pic.gd/973184
I'm at South Steyne Beach (South Steyne, Sydney). http://bit.ly/5KGYPP
I'm at Ivanhoe Hotel (The Corso, Sydney). http://bit.ly/5g0JDQ
Damn. Saw a pair of shorts I liked. Shorts. $90. $90! C'mon now. Who pays that for shorts.
I'm up for Hooters for Sunday lunch tomorrow. Any one with me?
Ok, I'm going to say it... I hate Timtams. There. Glad I got that off my chest.
I reckon they should make hypercolour urinals. How cool would that be?!
Meat meat love meat. http://pic.gd/0be51a
@Riotcub no doubt there is somewhere more hip than "The Hoe" here in Manly that has one.
So, arvo beers, a good pub meal, walk home along the beach to settle on the lounge and drift off at some poit watching telly. #aGoodSatToMe
Aurora. Quick, flick it on now! It is the WORST/BEST car crash tv ever!

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From Twitter 11-20-2009

Dolphins escorting me to work across the harbour. Looks like a great day ahead.
@babycakesjase one thing about the Blackberry, it takes poor quality images of moving objects so no pic. :(
Think I might keep an eye out for a second hand surf board for this summer.
@babycakesjase add to that a 60's Disney animation soundtrack and you've got one sickly sweet way to start a day.
Can someone sponsor me for a trip to New York to see the Tim Burton exhibit @ MoMA? http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/313
Just about to listen to today's free talk in Rocks Discovery Museum. Artist Jane Bennett.
Sydney artist Jane Bennett's talk was fascinating. An amazing artist and she paints soooooo quickly! http://pic.gd/20c7bd
Sydney: you're so hot right now.
the markets are hot today (@ The Rocks w/ 3 others) http://bit.ly/3ta6S5
I'm at Manly Wharf Hotel (Manly Wharf East Esplanade, Sydney) w/ 2 others. http://bit.ly/xDNQ0
Can't log in to @foursquare on th Blackberry. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
@tom125 it's a location based social media fun thing. It's slowly taking off, but I'm getting hooked already. May be short lived though.
Out on the harbour. I f'ing LOVE this city! http://myloc.me/1BqAm
Two geocaches found tonight on the way to beers. Sweet.
Still can't log in to Foursquare! Grrrrrr
I'm at The Oxford Hotel (134 Oxford St, Sydney). http://bit.ly/3YEPyd
@OhCrap you're getting old buddy! :P
Oh yeah! I rank 7th in Sydney on Foursquare this week. I'm totes good at this game. #ZZZzzzzAmIBoredYet?
If it takes me longer to get to the toilet than the time I spend in the toilet, I really don't want to be at your venue.

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From Twitter 11-19-2009

Sitting having breaky outdoors at a cafe listening to Miike Snow. What a great way to kick off the day. http://pic.gd/9a790e
@OhCrap http://pic.gd/fd15a3 couldn't resist.
Wish I didn't have mates spread out over 3 states. Makes organising a get-together rather pointless.
Great thing about 'working from home days' is that I can go to the beach @ lunchtime. It's busy today too.
Watching whale calf breaching just off shore. Rather awesome really.
George Michael and Aretha Franklin "I knew you were waiting". Totally hate that song! Totally.
Actually, "summer rain" by Belinda Carlisle is my least fave tune.
@littlegonzales I saw that movie once, and have never been able to watch it again. Totally draining.
I'm a lucky lad to have sisters like I do. They are totes tops.
I think Honda Goldwing riders should just get a hatchback and be done with it.
I think icecream is the food of gods.
@Riotcub totes.

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From Twitter 11-18-2009

I've decided Wednesday is going to be an ok day. It will end well tonight with a place in Trivia. #iCreateMyOwnFuture :)
That last tweet was total new age wank.
Started researching mountaineering holiday for 2010 today. Have decided I want to be on holiday now!
Congrats to the guys and gals who took part in the Bondi Flash mob. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao4DkbGbxl0
Since when did beige suits become acceptable menswear? And matching beige shoes?! WTF?
Watching the lads kite surf. Wishing I was out there with them tonight.

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From Twitter 11-17-2009

@tom125 great capture last night!
I picked the wrong morning to sit outside on the ferry. Big seas, slightly wet. *sigh*
Looks like the Idol bump in is taking place in the Opera House Forecourt. Must be the final this week.
My coffee is super delecious this morning. Super.
My zip-lock bag for my trail mix is faulty. It's not zipping or locking. Oh cruel world!!!
I would LOVE sweet and sour for lunch.
What's going on? I'm in a top mood today and it's only Tuesday!
In ye olde worlde barber, listening to the trots while waiting for a classic hair cut. $10 can't be beat. http://pic.gd/3c7135
Got to love a classic short back and sides. http://pic.gd/dfaabc
Gave my love to a shooting star. But she moves so fast That I can't keep up. I'm chasing. #FaveLyrics
Scrounging around my desk draw like a junkie for coins to get a coffee.
Guy opposite me on the ferry is totally invading my personal space. Time to find a new seat.
Hmmmmm. I wonder if The Wharf Bar in Manly is the only bar doing well in Sydney that doesn't have pokies.

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This statement is just ridiculous...

"Spokesman Dr Jeanette Young said it was an unfortunate mistake that could have happened at any hospital."

- - - - -

"Hundreds of people in Queensland face an anxious wait after a failure in sterilisation procedures at the trouble-prone Bundaberg Hospital earlier this month.

Queensland Health says 235 patients who were treated at the hospital's dental clinic last week may be at risk, because the instruments were previously used on 33 people and not cleaned properly.

Thirty-one of those 33 patients are now being tested for blood-borne viruses including HIV, hepatitis B and C."

- ABC news.

- - - -

"an unfortunate mistake that could have happened at any hospital."

How is failing to clean instruments "an unfortunate mistake" in ANY hospital?!

Full story here.

From Twitter 11-16-2009

I cn barely put any weight on my rt foot. The throbbing pain is, well, painful. No idea wht ive done 2 it.
Lovin' the free Berocca drink give-away at Circular Quay this morning. I think they should do this every monday. :)
@ozdj Now that summer has rolled in I eat it every morn. Some days I love it, others I just can't stand it. But yes, it's very good for you.
Wow, it's warm outside.
@spphotoart Have you been taste testing?!
Gym in a couple pf hours.. time for some caffeine.
@spphotoart Hmmmm, I'm currently on a high protein diet. Maybe I should investigate. ;)
Really enjoyed gym this evening. Starting to get the hang of things and seeing a real change. #lovingit

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From Twitter 11-15-2009

Another beautiful morning in paradise. Except for the sound of bagpipes playing... http://pic.gd/f91b44
Sitting having beers and my boat finally arrived. #Iwish! http://pic.gd/87b70b
Aurora TV is just car crash TV. I love/hate it! I swear me and my mate are the only two people in Oz watching this.

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From Twitter 11-14-2009

What a great day. A top breakfast, a swim, a snorkle and now a pub lunch overlooking the ocean. Sweet.
Lunch view. http://pic.gd/f061bd
Get a beer and market shop in the Steyne today. http://pic.gd/0bcfc5
Sunday arvo beers. Oops. Sat arvo beers. Nice. Come over to mine and join us. http://pic.gd/b3d05c
Dinner being prepared. http://pic.gd/30ba
Dinner is here. http://pic.gd/38e282

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From Twitter 11-13-2009

This mornings iTunes purchases: Jaxx album and new Zoot Woman album. Zoot W's one of the best so far.
The strong tangy smell of tomato sauce on a sausage roll next to me is both vile and wonderful all at once.
Going to see Red Riders tonight. Anyone interested in joining me let me know.
RT @therocks Tonight @ The Rocks - from 1730. Markets by Moonlight with shows by Liz Martin & Sui Zhen. http://tinyurl.com/yjlrwqa
In the Rocks Discovery Museum for a talk by Aboriginal elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison.
My work bench on the right. :) http://pic.gd/7bc413
Listen 2 our aboriginal elders any chance U can. Their understanding of the environment is astonishing.
@disco3K Give your body 24hours... it's on Sat night. See you there then? :)
And with that I say "helloooo weekend". http://pic.gd/5822a8
Ahhhhh, this is the life. http://pic.gd/ed16a1
Manly buzzing tonight again. http://pic.gd/89fa62

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Brian has disappeared. Without a trace. This really confuses me because he is not a small fish. Probably just larger than 3 fingers. The tank is completely covered. He could not have jumped. The filter draws water through a sponge, so he could not have been sucked into the filter. His usual hiding cave is empty, so he's not hiding. This only leads me to one conclusion: Blanket has eaten him. Completely!

I'm stunned by this behavior. Well, not really, I guess I have to face the fact that Blanket is an anemone after all and he is covered in deadly stingers. But.he.ate.Brian!


My only issue is that I didn't witness it. It's all speculation.

From Twitter 11-12-2009

When was the last time you saw a male over the age of 7 fold a paper fan to fan himself?! This guy near me on the ferry is over 30!
I wish I book marked Ajax tutorials more frequently! Saw one two weeks ago that would come in handy now for a new feature on our websites.
Stuff it. I'm going to start a re-design of the websites today. Even my own brain surprises me sometimes with it's creativity.
Lol Overseas Passenger Terminal. Lamest xmas decorations ever! #lamelamelame
Loving this song heaps good this morning. http://bit.ly/2iwfoo
New fave male vocalist: Mat Kearney. http://www.matkearney.com/ Truly wonderful.
Boys in budgie smugglers, babes in bikinis. Top day for it.
@babycakesjase That's exactly how Valencia smelled when I was there! So Nth Syd has gone all Spanish on us hey?
Stupid Facebook.
Just found someone following their own alter-ego on Twitter. How bizzare.
@housenbaby do you do that?
Special visitor arrives this evening. Yay. I think I shall go to the airport to meet and greet. :)
I love this city. http://pic.gd/c2a543
Breaking news for my blog readers: I think Blanket has eaten Brian!
Beautiful post storm sky as I head back to the city across the harbour. http://pic.gd/34b8d3
@spphotoart hey there! Long time no see. Hope u is heaps good!
@tom125 they had issues with it and pulled it earlier today. Not sure if it's back yet.
At airport in "special" waiting area waiting for my super special guest. This is just SUPER.
@housenbaby awwwww.
Plane landed. Excitment building.
Please forgive me for what I'm about to type, it's slightly out of character: "Squee!"
@OhCrap :)
@Riotcub oink oink! ;)
Ferry is late. That is actually really weird.

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Sad news...

Today I received some sad news.
In 2006 I wrote this.
The rose giver, and totally beautiful person, just passed away. 43 years old is way too young.

My heart and thoughts go out to all the family and friends. :(

My inspiration...

This is what I look at each day on my desktop. It is one mighty inspiration. It reminds me why I am training and improving my strength. It will be me.

From Twitter 11-11-2009

Morning all. It's a beautiful rembrance day here in Sydney.
oh how I LOVE talking audio visual editing with real professionals. SCEC just made my day.
@blakepup have some fun with the camera: http://bit.ly/2ZUA9t
I'm deserted and depressed In my regal-eagle mess, Down in the depths On the ninetieth floor #favoriteLyrics
How can we be expected to build a boat with seaguls running everything. #favoriteLyrics
@evolkween I just had some left-overs and they were so tasty! Let me know how yours turned out. :)

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Good after gym food...

  • 1 stick of celery
  • 1 small carrot
  • 2 spring onions
  • 500g chicken mince
  • an egg
  • red chilli
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/2 cup breadcrumbs
  • Salt and pepper (if you want)
1) Find a mixing bowl.
I couldn't find a bowl, as I don't have one, so I opted for my saucepan to do the mixing in.

See, that's me waving in the reflection.
2) Chop everything up into tiny tiny cubes or cylinders.
Add about a teaspoon of chilli. This was the perfect amount for me. Not too spicy but you know there's chilli in there. Add in a crushed clove of garlic.

Mix in mince and egg. Then slowly add the 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs. (or dump it in all in one go, depending on your mood). Mix mix mix.

Form into balls then pat into some breadcrumbs to flatten them a little.

Then, if you're a healthy bod like me, place them on the George and close the lid and cook. Or, you can shallow pan fry them.

Then serve up with a healthy serving of veges and enjoy.

Seriously, these were so tasty.

Save the left overs and take a couple to the gym to eat straight after a workout.

Stay tuned...

Do not adjust your monitor or be concerned if things start going very screwy on my blog. After all this time I'm going to start playing around with the template code a little and make some stylish improvements.


The gig of the year...

was Ladyhawke at The Enmore, and it was great.
I had four tickets: One for me, one for Kookyknut, Dave and a mate of Kookyknut's. Naturally we gathered for beers beforehand and the evening was off to a good start. It was one of those gigs where you know everyone there had been waiting for this night for a long time. The atmosphere was hot. The crowd was hot. The performance was nothing less than hot.

There were many highlights. My fave tune, "Love don't live here" was perhaps my highlight of the evening. Actually the highlight was the way the audience reacted to each tune. It was like being at a school concert when everyone sings along at the top of their lungs. Amazing.

Crowd favorites:
Back of The Van, Dusk 'til Dawn and of course My Delirium.

Too impressed.


Meet Blanket...

she's an anemone. A pink tipped bubble anemone. She's taken up residence in my room. I invited her in as a home for my two clown fish, Sandy and No.2. So far both Sandy and No.2 have not discovered their new home. I think they are dumb. Sorry boys, but as far as clown fish go, you're really stupid. They just swim by her with out even attempting to get used to her. Kind of rude of them really.


Pay it forward...

or not, it's always your choice. I've been tossing up whether or not to write about this over the past few days, but what the heck, it's a good idea.

Last Friday evening, before my flight to Brisneyland, I lined up to grab a quick sub. I decided to pay for the sub of the guy next to me as a random act of kindness. I quickly payed up and wandered off before he knew what was happening. Every now and then I do this when I see an opportunity of getting away cleanly without an awkward conversation.

On Tuesday, when I arrived at work, my boss called me into his office and completely out of the blue and randomly he said had just approved a pay increment for me. Was this good karma coming back to me? Are the two completely unrelated? I'm guessing they are. But somewhere out there in the cosmos I'm kind of hoping that maybe there is a connection.

So, it's time for an experiment. Your turn. Go on, give it a go and I guarantee you that something good will happen... and that may be as simple as making someone's day.


Gratuitous beefcake...

I realised today that I get cranky if I don't go to the gym for three days running. I think there's something in that for all of us.


Another top weekend...

Nothing like a spot of Geocaching on the way to do some kite shopping. There was a random sitting right on top of this one, so we weren't shy and Mark dived in and grabbed it. She didn't flintch. But we did explain that we were on a treasure hunt.
The bay opposite the kite store. I was enquiring about prices for kite boarding lessons. I was told that the lessons took place across the road in the bay so I decided to go and check it out.
Another Geocaching location. Once again Geocaching has taken me to an interesting location and got me out in the sun enjoying a beautiful day.
I love a good pub lunch. This one was at the Steak and Crabhouse at Woody Point. A great beer garden, a beautiful day and perfect company.
Heading back to Brisneyland after a great day hanging with the family.
I'm a huge fan of The Royal George in the Valley on Sundays. It would be my prefered location for beers if I was a local. Sunday arvo there is live music and then following that, from 7-9pm they have Sunday Steak out. This is the best value $5 steak around. It's good steak too. I really like this venue... It's not bad for people watching either.

My Delirium V3.0 by Muzbot

So I completed my version of Ladyhawke's "My Delirium". For me the best part of this was just spending time doing something I really love. Playing music is so freakin' cool in my books. I learned that I'm limited in what I would like to do and the sound I wanted to create by my software. But hey, as I said, I had fun creating this.

My Delirium V3.0 by Muzbot


Meet Brian...

he's my new room mate.

Brian is a 6 Bar Angel. He is one stunning looking fish. Brian is a shy fish. He likes to hide in a little cavern I've built in the tank with some new live rock. He doesn't stay there all the time and is an active member of the tank. He's settled in well and minds his own business not bothering the other fish.

Brian is going to be a little bit of a challenge for me. Angel fish can be fussy eaters. They like to eat sea sponges. So it's been fun to watch him graze and pick at the live rock. He's a great addition to my tank. He's a quick swimmer. As Brian ages his colour will change and the golden tan on his belly will become more pronounced. The blue and white stripes will contract to spots.