Friday haiku...

Clock hands tick over.
An unexpected tunnel?
I'm on the wrong train.

But I always enjoy unexpected journeys, especially on my lunch break.


Who let the dogs out?

There's a question that may never be answered.

However, I had a good Monday night at the footy with Judo. Doggies V Sharks. The Doggies won, but it was a scrappy game. The crowd was entertaining and vocal.

I must remember to take my camera next time because the mobile just doesn't capture the action.

In 8 weeks time I'll be...


The 24hour party people...

are a bad influence. Or maybe it's my encouragement that's influencing them.

I had an absolutely enjoyable weekend. Saturday saw me out and riding my bike for a few hours. It seems like ages since I've been out by myself. I pulled up outside a cafe and decided to stop there for breakfast. The menu had a few good choices on it, but I really couldn't decide, savoury or sweet, so I checked out the specials board. "Carrot, walnut and orange toast" was scrawled down the bottom of the board and that was an unusual but good enough option for me. After placing my order a waitress returned a few moments later with a big slab of cake and proclaimed “Oooo, cake for breakfast? You are a naughty boy!” I was a little surprised but I re-read the specials board and realised that the word “toast” was actually “tart”. D’oh (it was hardly a “tart”). But, I tucked into my cake as others looked on enviously at my bold breakfast choice.

Saturday night was spent with mates and I have to thank Dave for seeing me home safely early Sunday morning after I managed to party just a little too hard. I’ve met some very nice people recently and I’m starting to really enjoy being a little more social.

And now for a song on high rotation from Muzbot's iPod, an oldie but a good tune:
Bossa Nostra feat. Bruna Loppez - Jackie (1999)



It's going to be one of those Fridays.

This morning I seemed to be on autopilot as I got ready for work. Wakeup, shower, jocks, socks, Hmmmm... what next, iTunes. I need some tunes to dance around to in my jocks for a moment. Next, oh I know, my fave navy pinstripe work pants. "Oh, I like this song." Next ummmm, my Friday Marcs work shirt, no tie, it is Friday after all... (who am I kidding, I never wear a tie, I'm a designer).

Skip forward 15 minutes... I've got off the train and heading up the escalator at the train station, iPod filling my head with Betty Boo, and I'm feeling the cool breeze around my ankles as I step up each step. "That's not right" I think to myself. No, not the fact that I'm listening to Betty Boo, but my ankles. D'oh, I had totally put on the most wrong socks and not even realised it. Short running socks. So I almost burst out laughing at my own "dumbness". Upshot of this is at least I'm ready to run out the door this arvo after work.


The book meme...

I've done this meme once before and am more than happy to do it again. It's lunch time at work and I'm grabbing the book closest to me. Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.*
3. Locate the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences on your blog and in so doing...
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged me.
*note: Page 123 has a full page image, so I'm doing the opposite page - 122.

"I love traveling by train. During my journey through Australia I made the Indian Pacific railroad trip from Perth to Sydney and was awed by the visually stimulating landscape. After traveling for two days in the outback and visiting towns in the middle of nowhere, we got out to stretch our tired legs at Broken Hill, New South Wales."
- Lonely Planet Blue List 2008.

Now the people I'd tag have already been tagged (it's so incestuous!) so I'm leaving it open for you to take up this meme on your own back. Go on, and let me know if you do. I was tagged by my regular blog stop over: Buffalo Void.



Count the number of Yamaha's on the podium at Le Mans. In my world that's called a "whitewash"!

Rossi first, Fiat team mate Jorge second and Edwards from Team Tech 3 third. It was another interesting race with rain threatening to create drama in the final 10 laps. This was also the first race that I can recall where a rider's chain broke mid race. I had always thought a broken chain at high speed would have caused more carnage but it was rather uneventful as the chain snaked its way across the track out of harms way.

Where is our lad Casey Stoner? Bike problems for both him and team mate Marco Melandri must be heart breaking. Last place finishers.


Unconscious Mutterings

It's been so long since I gave UM a go...
  1. Concentration :: very little of
  2. Relocated :: expensive
  3. Clot :: cream
  4. Joints :: Ouch (Yani - I'm thinking of your last post here!)
  5. Satellite :: Sleeping
  6. Money back :: or store credit
  7. Kittens :: ewwww. Vile.
  8. Shady :: The real slim...
  9. Drain :: blocked
  10. Stroke :: of midnight


It's official, I'm...

Well, that's according to my WiiFit. It seems not only is it fun, it's damn accurate!


What's the difference?

Now here's something I'd like discussion and input on. What's the difference between "hot", "sexy", "a fox" and "handsome"? It's no joke.
What would you prefer to be called and is there a hierarchy to these terms?
See, I'm a big fan of calling a good look "a fox".
What do you call a good look?


One of my fave blogs...

has a post I would like to share.
I know some of you "white people" out there who this applies to...


I think there's something in this for all of us...

Saw a Muzbot in the mirror when I woke up today
Muzbot in my mirror but I did not run away
I did not shed a tear or hide beneath my bed
Though the
Muzbot looked at me and this is what he said:

He said "Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo"
Wubba wubba wubba and a doodly do
He sang "Wubba wubba wubba" so I sang it too
Do not wubba me or I will wubba you

Told the
Muzbot in the mirror, "No, I am not scared"
Then I smiled at him and thanked him for the song that we had shared
Well, the
Muzbot thanked me too, he smiled right back and then
Muzbot in the mirror sang his song again

He said "Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo"
Wubba wubba wubba and a doodly do
He went "Wubba wubba wubba" so I sang along
Yes, wubba wubba wubba is a
Muzbot song
Wubba wubba wubba is a
Muzbot song

If your mirror has a
Muzbot in it, do not shout
This kind of situation does not call for freaking out
And do nothing that you would not like to see him do
'Cause that
Muzbot in the mirror he just might be you

- - - - - - - - - -

Ok, I know, I'm delirious. All apologies to Sesame Street's Grover for this bastardisation of his tune.


This morning I felt like a local...

I was feeling the effects of a late night this morning and couldn't really decided what to have for breakfast. All I knew was I didn't want some expensive salty breakfast in a cramped cafe. So I wandered around the fountain in Kings Cross to the weekly Saturday markets.

I decided on a bacon and egg roll from one of the stalls because a line that long couldn't be wrong. I sat down on the wall near the grass and people watched for a while. The morning sun was fantastic. Within minutes I started to see people I recognised. Some stopped to chat while others just waved from the distance. My breakfast roll was such a tasty treat.

I've not really lived in an area where you could just bumped into people, but I'm liking this.


Awesome Duuuuude.

Man, I'm going to have to seriously train hard if I'm going to do this. Somehow I think I'll be the "sissy mary" pushin' it up that rock.


Wednesday haiku...

Sunlight on my face
A warmth rushes over me
No words leave my mouth.


Warts and all...

I have a head cold. Tonight I wanted to put up a pic of me just as I am today. Ready for bed. I know it's only 8:30pm, but I just want to sleep now. Red itchy eyes, runny nose and a big throbbing headache.

Thanks to those who have offered well wishes for my father. And I appreciate all the good vibes being sent my way too. Life's challenges are meant to be dealt with and every now and then a smile makes it all manageable.

BIG hugs to all.


Crazy times...

and scattered brains.

I've been a bit unsettled recently. I guess that's why I haven't been blogging regularly. I'm not in the habit of spilling my guts here on this blog. I mean, let's face it, who needs to read about someone else's "problems". It's tedious. Soooooo very tedious.

So anyway, I had an enjoyable weekend. But it was erratic. Up and down my mood swung. I wanted to do this then wanted to do that. I've even been avoiding riding my bike. I just can't concentrate enough. My family is playing on my mind. I'm very close to them. I got a sweet txt from my little sister which nearly brings tears to my eyes. No wait, it DOES bring tears to my eyes. The smallest things are making me feel over emotional right now. I'm thinking a lot about my Mum and Dad. Dad's not well. This has been a bit of a shock to our whole family. He's a good man and this is not part of our script of life.

I'm heart broken. Totally. This is effecting every decision. It's effecting my head-space. I'm wanting to keep to myself, yet I'm wanting to be amongst friends and crowds. I'm pushing people away from me, yet these are the same ones I want to draw close. So there it is. That's been my past 6 weeks.


What's unusual about this photo?

Maybe if I put it into context it might help. Now, it's no secret that I don't mind dining out. It's also no secret that the establishment doesn't have to be 5 star. BUT, when I go to the loo, I do expect to be able to, at the least, not have to move the wheelie bin, a vacuum cleaner and other bits of debris to stand at the urinal.

Funnily enough, the food was simple, good, cheap and I'll be going back for more... go figure.