Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Costume :: disguise

  2. Beg :: for mercy

  3. Hottie :: do they really need to be told they are?

  4. Celebrity :: Over rated

  5. Saturday :: My day.

  6. Buckle :: and folds in the earth's crust create amazing mountians

  7. Doorbell :: Ding dong

  8. Rude :: Who me?

  9. Absence :: Does not always make the heart grow fonder

  10. Hyper :: fun

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Such a nice day for a ride...

so I rode down through the Royal. So many bikers out there enjoying a cool sunny morning. Probably the last chance for them this year to wear their leathers in comfort.
I opted for the summer jacket thinking it would be a hot one... but alas I froze as soon as the speedo hit 70km/h. I stopped off at Bundeena for a coffee to warm up in the sun. Happy Sunday.



Cheap eats.
My saturday night isn't going to be the most entertaining... I did go back to the Lord Raglan tonight to sample the $4 pie and mash. Well, it was good. And, I didn't even have to pay extra for the peas tonight.


Forgive my quick crude drawing...

this is illustrates the climbing grip in the post below... The tennis ball stops your hand from gripping the hold with your whole hand.


Apologies to the vego's but...

this was a very nice steak. And after tonight's climbs I felt like I really needed one.

Tonight at climbing I learnt some new foot techniques. The "Match". There was some hopping between feet on the one tiny foot hold. There was some mighty tuff tip toe climbing on holds that were no wider than 1-2cms. And, most fun, was the tips of the fingers climb. That was where we were given a tennis ball to hold in each hand and then climb up holding them so that we only used the tips of our fingers. My forearms are still recovering. It was very difficult towards the top of that climb. I'm loving this.

T and C cooked me dinner after climbing and for that I am so grateful. It was my fave. What a great night. Thanks for cooking that steak C. :)

Four bucks...

for sausages and mash. Is this Sydney's best value dine out dinner? Well, frankly, yes.

I returned to the Lord Raglan last night after a few months absence caused by a change in management. As the sign out the front of the pub says, "They're gone, and we're back!" The pub was as quiet as it always was... infact, apart from the couple of old dudes in the pokie room, there was just two of us in the pub at one point. The beautiful marine fish tank is still there and still fascinates me each trip I make to the loo.

I opted for the $6 Schnitz and mash then lashed out and spent the extra 50c for some peas. It was served on a plate that looked like it came from Mum's kitchen and tasted just like that too. I shall return for the $4 pie meal.

Oh, and came tied first at their trivia... with no help from the quiz mistress on any of the questions. (I really liked this trivia, but the quiz mistress tried way too hard and came across more annoying than a drag queen).


Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Stuff :: The name of the folder where I file EVERYTHING

  2. Block :: head

  3. Ingredient :: essentials

  4. Flagrant :: cheeky

  5. Dandruff :: itchy

  6. Betty :: 's soup kitchen

  7. Tide :: Something I watch with interest on weekends

  8. Judges :: Everybody is one

  9. Take it easy :: Catching your breath

  10. Chef :: Jj's partner

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I'm loving this right now...

"Crosses" - Zero 7


was a great day... sure it was wet and cold, but hey, I had some fun today.
Judo and I did breaky in Manly and I braved the shops to get a present for Jj's son. It was his 1st b'day.
We did a quick dash to find a Geocache - found! Judo dropped me off at Jj's and a small part of me was very nervous because I thought it would be all mothers and kids and I'd be very out of place. But I settled in and met some very nice people. And to top it off the food was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Lot's of sweets and tasty sausages on rolls. I even had a chocolate crackle... My first one in probably about 26 years. When Killer showed up we went and played a bit of soccer out the back with the kids and let the grown-ups talk babies and home improvements inside.

Judo came back later and we had a bit more cake and chatted for a bit. The odd game of hide and seek was a pleasure too... Although, sitting on Jj's kitchen floor was probably not the greatest hiding place. Judo and I then went to investigate an excellent spot for a geocache... Look out cachers for that one... you'll get your feet wet! Cooked Judo a nice risotto for dinner, chatted some more and came home feeling like I had had the best Saturday in ages... well, at least since last Saturday :)


Welcome my mate...


Adrenaline through my veins...

I found it so hard to sleep last night. Adrenaline has some weird effects on the body. Now, I'm not for one minute claiming to be one of those who are adrenaline junkies. But, I can understand why they would be. And last night I loved pushing myself to that adrenaline point. I was physicaly tired but wide awake and .. very happy.

I caught up with an old friend of mine today. I knew when she started to get into climbing it was something that excited her. She now goes out to the real mountains every weekend and is hooked. I'm really looking forward to going out to dinner with her and talking rope and knots and LIVING. She is my inspiration.


That was SOOOOOO much fun...

I went indoor climbing tonight after work. My buddy T (that's him there in the pic) joined me on this little adventure and I'm very happy he did. It just made it all the more enjoyable.

Even after one lesson, I'm more confident now that I can work towards my climbing goal of climbing an ice sheet or glacier.


I'm going to be having a late night tonight...

Who makes ebay auctions end at around midnight!?


5 days of feet...

Bedroom floor

On the train

Bike boots at Sushi Train

On the deck at the pub

Escalator at train station


Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Weeks :: are getting quicker

  2. Cough :: while I hold these please...

  3. Jail :: I've never really wanted to see inside one of these.. true.

  4. Produced :: EVERYTHING IS

  5. ? :: What is it with the symbols ("?") ?

  6. Stapler :: So long as you've got decent staples, then the stapler is one of the best inventions.

  7. Next :: word is...

  8. Perky :: Oh dear... ummmm. Boobs

  9. Oxygen :: The most important thing to me.

  10. Musical :: Campy theatre.

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Weekend in summary...

Dinner Friday night and movie with Judo
- Early start on the beach for boxing (Judo, I really could have just slept longer, but still loved this.)
- Ride: Through the Nth Shore burbs along Wakehurst Parkway to Homebush then to
- Pyrmont to check out the vibe on a weekend. Do I want to live here? Maybe...
- Home, rest, Judo came over and watched an episode of "Absolute Power"
- Shop for steak, salad and potatoes for dinner.
- Ride to Judo's
- Quick hunt for Geocache in a Manly cemetery (Didn't find, was beaten by the fading light
- Cook dinner (Steak, salad and potatoes.. surprise!)
- Watch some teev
- sleep...
- Quick dash to find Geocache that I didn't find yesterday, plus 2 others.. (Beware cranky national park rangers who didn't like us going off the designated path) Fantastic view of the harbour.
- Breaky in Manly
- Ride home
- Sushi Train lunch
- Blog
- and here we are....


And so, I'm bored....

you know, I ate these after I took this photo.

Mum, if your reading this blog, look away now...

because tonight for dinner I had...
Solids: check, liquids: check, nutrition: Bzzzzzt
For safety reasons, for a lad like me, it's not healthy to be single for too long. Cooking for someone, yes, I can do that and love it. But cooking for myself? Uh hello, Eskimo Snow Balls!

Look into my eyes....

and check out the size of the pupils... and NO, I didn't take any illegal substances to make them that big.

I had some eye tests this arvo and these big babies are thanks to the pupil dilation drops. Kinda cool, kinda creepy. The amount of light streaming into my brain at the moment is really kinda weird...

So to celebrate, I've bought myself my first ever pair of "I'm too frickin' cool" Ray Bans. Take that celebrities of the world!


I want to do this...

How cool would it be to reach the summit of an ice encrusted mountain and peer over the edge into the valley below.

I've enrolled and paid, so, a week from today, I'm going to embark on a 5 week training course to learn to climb... I guess, for me, the big part of the 5 weeks will be to test myself and see if I really have the strength and skills to complete something like this.


Is it offensive...

Brigitte Duclos
to tell a woman you think she's a MILF?

Now the only reason I ask is that, Brigitte Duclos speaks about being refered to as one herself openly. But, if I was to say to a complete stranger (not "complete" she may know a little about me but we've never spoken) that I think she is a MILF would that be way too forward?

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Opinion :: Always have one

  2. Tardy :: Never!

  3. Peer pressure :: Sucker

  4. Grownup :: Boring

  5. ! :: !

  6. Beer :: trouble

  7. Sit :: down

  8. Shower :: springtime

  9. Consumate :: damned for all eternity

  10. Wasting :: being selfish



I had a great night. Thank you so much.

It's art?..

I guess so.
Spring in Sydney is the start of the art and party season. "Art and About 06" launched last Friday night. For more info on what it's all about check here.


A king of vector...

Jason Brooks

"So you thought you knew me meme." (updated)

Target or Kmart? If I ever set a foot in one of these stores it'll be Kmart... From memory, Target like to create a maze in their stores so there's no escape....
Beef burger or chicken burger? Cluck cluck
Faux or Fur? Since I'm a hairy guy... Fur.
Out of a can or out of a bottle? Bottle
Hotel or tent? Easy - Tent - somewhere remote.

Coles or BiLo? Coles... but mostly it's the local IGA for me.
Pasta or Pizza? Pizza - if I cook it.
Thongs or sandals? Thongs... WHEN were sandals ever hip for men? BC?
Backyard pool or beach? Backyard pool anyday! I had sooo much more fun growing up in our backyard.
Souvenirs or photos? Photos

BBQ or foodcourt? BBQ hands down
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla... Milkshake. My hangover fave.
Hair product or no hair product? Nothing can control helmet hair. But I'll try any product that would help.
Cats or dogs? Woof.
Organised tour or do it yourself? I like doing stuff myself.

Home cooked or home delivered? This is the hardest one... Both have their advantages.
Coffee or tea? Tea. Peppermint around about 10am.
The strength of an ox or the strength of a mule? Oh I'm a mule, baby!
Love or lust? Right now all I have is lust.
Thought or action? Thought, because I'd hate to act without thinking. Actually, is there any difference between the last two questions?


Based on a recent comment...

I have created a meme in honor of Jj.
It is called:

"So you thought you knew me meme."

Target or Kmart?
Beef burger or chicken burger?
Faux or Fur?
Out of a can or out of a bottle?
Hotel or tent?

Coles or BiLo?
Pasta or Pizza?
Thongs or sandals?
Backyard pool or beach?
Souvenirs or photos?

BBQ or foodcourt?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Hair product or no hair product?
Cats or dogs?
Organised tour or do it yourself?

Home cooked or home delivered?
Coffee or tea?
The strength of an ox or the strength of a mule?
Love or lust?
Thought or action?

I love you so I tag Jj :)

I love how a haircut...

is an immediate mood lift.
I'm traveling home in the train and thinking to myself that I'll be spending the night cooped up in bed trying to deal with the fluey fevers and cold, when I decided to stop off and get my hair cut.
I've fallen into the habit of fortnightly haircuts now that I'm not paying T&G the outrageous price of $80 per cut... For the same result I get from my local barber, who is probably about 128 years old and can't speak english to save himself. Sure, it's difficult when he attempts to talk to me but I just smile and nod. Sometimes I can make out a word or two and attempt a conversation, but it never goes to far after that because he then chats away and I get so lost.
But I have a nice neat cut and that's a good thing. Now to relax back in bed and hope the next hot fever is the last.

A quick post is a good post...

I woke up this morning in a mighty damn fine mood. Spooky huh?!


an hour or two later...

we have the "rough idea layout illustration". (or the R.I.L.I. for short)
I've based it on soviet illustratons from the 30's and 40's. But, I have the flu and am bordering on tired cranky.. so I'm going to call it a night.

Epiphany Number 2...

despite my previous self beliefs, I'm actually not too bad at coming up with graphic ideas... What I need to practice is being actually able to reproduce those ideas from the right side of my brain, to paper. I have an idea. It's up here in my head. Let's see if I can get it out onto paper... not often have I really tried.
or taking it one step further - Let's see if I can get a drawing off the paper and made into a polished digital rendering. If I take it even further, I may need the help of some 3D modelers.


Dive #1

This is some edited footage from my first real drift dive. I'm the one with the camera taking happy snaps. I also have blue fins on and a lighter blue wettie if you're trying to spot me.

Not very politically correct, but...

how good of a look is a man in fur?!

This is Floyd Landis from the US version of Outside Magazine.


I'm loving this right now...


These beauties are awesome. I'm going to climb an icy mountain to look down its valley and see just how these things look from above. Training starts today.