Yeah - it really is 3D...

you need red/blue glasses.


Your partner disconnected.

Press "Next" to find a new person!
Have you played "Chatroulette" yet? It's just the biggest time waster on the net ever. And it can actually be a bit of fun. Especially when you get people who are in for a chat and a laugh too. Here's some others from tonight:

Row 1 L to R:
  1. Dude was too cool to talk to me.
  2. This guy was so funny. Good sense of humor.
  3. ZZZZzzzz
Row 2 L to R:
  1. Bunny man. Didn't say much, just ate a carrot.
  2. Ahhhhchooooo
  3. "I'll just shake my head like a loon"
Row 3 L to R:
  1. Hello. Ummmm, say something will you.
  2. The man in the orange mask was funny... in the head I think.
  3. Oh, sorry, did I wake you?
But by far the best chat was with a guy who had just come in from dance rehearsals. He was intelligent, incredibly good looking (in a dancer "hot body" way, and no I didn't capture his picture) and was actually up for a chat... unlike most people on it who see you and click "next". Maybe I shouldn't wear a singlet next time. Most of the guys who chatted to me asked me if I beat up my wife because I wore a wife beater. WTF?

Yeah, there is sleaze if you want it. Even if you don't want it then be prepared for it. The "next" button can be your friend too.

There are so many drinking games you can come up with for Chatroulette.
I'd like to do this with a couple of mates and give it a go. Here's a couple of idea's for challenges:
  1. See who can actually get a conversation started.
  2. Last longer than 1minute.
  3. The person with the longest conversation should win.
  4. If you make your connected partner laugh then take a drink
Who wants to come and have a late night in Manly and play one night?


Two for tuesday...

Currently on high rotation:


Unconscious Mutterings :: Week 369

  1. Teeth :: beer
  2. Sweeten :: beer
  3. Demons :: beer
  4. Pizza :: beer
  5. Protector :: beer
  6. Smooth :: beer
  7. Coat :: beer
  8. Pebbles :: beer
  9. Pregnant :: beer
  10. Sing :: Vodka lime and soda yeeeaaaahhh.
Its complicated, it always is
That’s just the way it goes
Feels like I've waited so long for this
I wonder if it shows?

And under water now i can breath
It never felt so good
Cause i can feel it coming over me
I wouldn’t stop it if i could

Vodka lime and soda yeaaah
You know you can’t deny
Vodka lime and soda yeaaah
‘Cause you know it's good on ice


I'm picking up...

Good Vibrations (festival 2010).

It's no secret I like a live gig every now and then. Saturday in Sydney I had the opportunity to see a whole heap of it all smashed together into Centennial Park. Mark was along for this ride and this was his first taste of a festival done Sydney style.

First impressions: Wow, they are so many (sniffer) dogs! The police presence here was once again very highly visible. It was almost more entertaining watching the numerous people being pulled aside to be searched just after they had walked through the main entry.
Second impression: Holy crap there are sooooo many meat-heads in Sydney. This is definitely not a complaint. This is an observation and I was actually very impressed at the friendly nature of all these incredibly young, fired up, solid fit looking men. The amount of quality ink on show by these lads was also mighty impressive.

We were in early and first off on the main stage were Cassette Kids. A local band who won the Triple J Unearthed competition in 2008. Didn't know much about this band until today and I'm glad I saw them live. Time for a wander...
There were other stages around the park, but I really enjoyed "The Laundry". It was well set up and looked amazing. It was a DJ stage. The above mobile pic does not do it any justice.

My festival highlight would have to be Art Vs Science. These dudes were part of the reason I was here. I enjoy these guys live, more than their recorded stuff. The crowd went off and it was truly a fun afternoon. Then came...

Yep, Salt N Pepa. These two old ladies seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I kind of got the impression from them that they are more well received here in Oz than they are in their home town. They rapped out all the hits and threw in some covers. Spinderella cut it up with a small minute DJ set of "sing-along" tracks including "We are Family, Ice Ice Baby, I will Survive etc" which hearing many thousands of people sing along full voiced was actually a pretty magical moment. However, overall I was a little disappointed with Salt-n-Pepa. They were late onstage and ended a little early. Highlight, was when they acknowledged all the fans through out their career. Well done ladies.

Then the heavens opened up and down came the rain. A total blessing, releasing the inner hippie in everyone as we all partied in the rain and didn't care to run for cover.

Other highlights in brief:
Standing in line for drinks chatting away to the guy in front of us, conversation going like this:
Guy: Yeah, having a good time, but I needed to get some air. I'm clostrophobic.
Mark: Yeah, we're homophobic too.
Guy: Oh, yeah yeah, I'm that too! But, I work in Myer, so I don't mind so much. You know, the gay's like to shop. Actually I know a gay guy...
- - - -
Guy: What's with the crazy knitting lady on the hill?
Me: It's Lady Gaga
Guy: What?
Mark: Yeah, it's Lady Gaga doing her knitting.
Guy: No way...
Another guy in the line: Yeah, mate, it was Lady Gaga on the hill doing her knitting...
- - - -

I love the friendly vibes at these events. Most people are up for a chat.

Random guy: Hey!!! You're the dudes from the ferry this morning. Way to go Brother!

Another random guy to me as I dance away to some cool tunes on the main stage: Oh man, you're on fire!

Random chick: (throws her arm around me) Oh wow, did you work out before you came here? I did (and she flexes her bicep for me. This I believe was a truly random moment, as I'm not built and there were thousands of sexy, fit muscly dudes all around. Maybe this was her atempt at a pick-up line.)

I have no idea how many photos I will be in as Mark and I photo-bombed at every opportunity we could. Not that Mark needed to photo-bomb, he was asked to be in random photos by random strangers. We met so many people and many of whom I just wanted to bundle up together to come home with us.

Who's that crack?


Why sir, you've got a HUGE clock...

I forgot to mention, this was my 40th birthday present from my friends and family. It's that watch I've had my eye on. I love it.

Hell on earth...

that is all.


So these thoughts have been on my mind...

this week.

Fact: The earth's tides act as friction on the earth's rotation and slow it down.
So I've been thinking: During the ice ages day and night must have been quicker. If we still orbited the sun at the same speed then there must have been more days in a year. I wonder how long a year was?

Fact: The moon continues to spin away from the earth at a rate of just over an inch each year.
So I've been thinking: Millions of year's ago, the moon's pull on the tides must have been greater and the tides would have been monster! This would have been heaven for the creatures who lived in the intertidal zone. But does that also mean that the moon's effect on the tides is weakening and eventually the oceans will become big flat lakes? And will there be more days in the year because of the lack of friction on the earth's rotation like during the ice ages?

This is more a theory that I've come up with:
Most scientific models that I've seen on the expansion of the universe show it expanding like the surface of a balloon. It's been proven that this expansion is accelerating. Current theory's have the universe's rapid expansion reaching a point where it violently rips apart like the point where a balloon just bursts... so my theory is that maybe it won't rip apart. Maybe the universe is like a sound. It just keeps on going and never rips, it just gets fainter. Kind of magical.

I don't know anyone who I could even begin to discuss my thoughts with.
What's been on your mind?


Just when I was bored with TV...

comes along Moving Wallpaper.

Surfing mindlessly through dull Friday night TV, while most bachelors are out boozing it up on the town, I came across UKTV and a show called "Moving Wallpaper". I don't venture on to UKTV all that often as my viewing habits usually have my box stuck on Discovery, Nat Geo or Fox 8 and that's as far as I venture on Foxtel (yeah, money well spent).

As for a comedy show I thought it was average. But, I was glued to it. Forgive me a little here if you already know about this show, apparently it's a year or two old: It is a comedy series, similar to the Australian "Frontline" show, about the behind the scenes world of television. It centres on the production of a soap called "Echo Beach". It deals with the office bitchiness, the egos of bosses, the writters coming up with the story lines and to a lesser extent the stars of the soap. As I said, it was pretty average and I don't think I was laughing a hell of a lot, but it was the fact that following each episode of Moving Wallpaper was an episode of its soap "Echo Beach".

Echo Beach was a very typical soap. It's not satire, or at least I couldn't tell if it was or not, it was like watching an episode of "Home and Away". It was pure soap.

The good thing about this concept was the way the soap contained objects from the previous episode of Moving Wallpaper. Comments in moving wallpaper like "How are we going to make her have doubts?.. I know, let her find something in her husband's pocket." Then in Echo Beach the character picks up her husband's jacket and an earring falls out of the pocket. In Wallpaper the producer has a stuffed panda that he hates and kicks around his office, then in Echo Beach the panda, looking a lot worse for wear, ends up as a prop as one of the character's toys.

This, to me, is original television and a great concept. Sure the actual programs individually are not original TV in themselves or really that great, but it's the combination of them that make this interesting. Let's face it, it's the first time I've actually wanted to watch a soap in many many years.


I didn't have a great day today...

at work.

I've been stressing about one of my projects for a month or so now. During my holidays it was in the back of my mind. I just wanted everything to go well. Today was the day it all had to come together. Yesterday, I double checked all my equipment and left work a little less stressed because I had things under control. My test run through went perfect.

Today didn't go perfect. Ok, the technology all worked exactly how it should, but I just made a mistake. A simple mistake, like closing a file with-out saving it. I'm simplifying here because I can't go into details on this project.

I dwell on things. It's in my nature. I let things brew inside and on the way home from work today I felt so cranky with myself and I was bordering on being very upset. I didn't want to be at home by myself so I dumped my stuff here, threw on a pair of boardies, grabbed my snorkel and mask and walked around to Shelly Beach.

Sydney's weather is pretty crap at the moment. Heavy random showers, high humidity and most beaches are closed because of dangerous surf. Shelly, although protected from the ocean swell, was empty. I put on my mask and slipped into the cool water. As I floated along the top of the water a shower rolled in. The rain on my back was amazing. The tinkling sound as it hit the water was amazing. The curious school of Bream that swam with me was amazing. I turned to head back to the beach and let the waves move me forward. Suddenly I was surrounded by a huge school of thousands of small fish. It was amazing. But, schools of fish like this actually scare me because predators could be about. So I left the water and sat on the beach.

The heavy rain continued. As it ran down my face the taste of salty sea water was replaced with the very sweet taste of fresh water. I just closed my eyes and felt the moment and felt the world around me.

What problem at work?


I'm sure so many of my blog readers listened to the tunes I added last year. So I've decided to re-set my Fairtilizer playlist and start a new 2010 one. It's going to be a good way for me to keep track of the tunes I've enjoyed through the year and when it comes to voting in Triple J's hottest 100 this year I'll have all my faves ready to go (assuming that most of the songs I like are on Fairtilizer).

I've started with some tunes that have come to my attention so far this year, even though they are from the end of last year.

*ps: I'm buying the new Groove Armada album tonight.


Unconscious Mutterings :: Week 366

  1. Furniture :: lounge
  2. Beauty :: beast
  3. Sip :: hot
  4. Block :: head
  5. Forehead :: bangs
  6. Championship :: final
  7. Hurl :: ey )(
  8. Whip :: it good
  9. Destruction :: construction
  10. Leather :: love




For my 4oth I asked my immediate family and my close friends to descend on my birth town for a game of barefoot bowls. This meant interstate travel for some of us, but we all made it and had a great morning. It meant a lot to me for my family to hang out together with my friends. It's something that does not usually ever happen.

It was also an excuse to take over the clubhouse and start drinking at 9am in the morning. We're champions.

For 40 I think I'm in mighty damn fine shape.

After the bowls club put on a lunch for us we all headed back to my big sister's house to continue the festivities, have some cake, lots of laughs and a few more beers. I had "moment" when my sister gave me a little book she had put together with photos of me from when I was a little lad right up to now. One thing I really missed this year, and it really broke my heart, was that my Granny was not there. One of the photos of me and Granny brought out a few emotions. But I re-grouped and continued to enjoy the arvo. My family brought out some old old old old home movies and I hope this didn't scare my mates too much. We are a rather fun/unique family.

Later in the evening, Judo, Dave, Mark and I drove back to Judo's hotel and proceeded to destroy it. Well, not in a rock star way, but in only a way that 3 drunks men and one sober man could. Mark looked mighty fine roaming the halls in the hotel robes and I enjoyed kicking toilet rolls into the vases in the room. We then went somewhere for a few more beers to finish off a mighty good day - birthday or not. I love my family and friends with all my heart.