Thoughts on Venice...

I love a window seat when flying over Europe. During the night the clusters of lights below look stunning. The reflection of the full moon off rivers and lakes sparkled below. Sunrise on a plane is very special as it creeps across the land below.
I really enjoyed sitting here in my window watching the passing boat traffic and people on the other side of the canal. I stayed in a house that was a little off the main pathways and seeing other puzzled tourists wonder where they were amused me greatly.

Yeah, Venice is a bit of a postcard city. I didn't like it a hell of a lot. It was everything I expected it to be including disappointing. Ok, I'm being a little harsh... I'm sure couples and newly-weds find it a great place.
Yes, I know I can only smile with half my face. I'm aware of it, but thanks for pointing it out. No, really, I don't mind.

One thing I did like about Venice was the range of fresh produce in the Markets. The variety of vegetables available in Europe always impresses me.
Best time to sightsee: 7am.
Most of the tour boats are just puling in and the passengers are still eating breakfast on board. The streets and squares are quiet and the city actually seems like a special place.

New fave Australian Artist: Shaun Gladwell. He is Australia's official representation for the Venice Biennale 2009. His work MADDESTMAXIMVS can be seen at the Australian Pavilion in the Giardini.
Freakin' cool personalities in the door bells in Venice. Most of them looked a bit stunned. :)

Our host, Melinda from the MCA in The Rocks, met Judo and I at the wharf as we jumped off the taxi. She walked us to the house we were staying in and we passed a bar/cafe where she says served the best spritz in Venice... I concur... for sure, yes, word, right on, hell yeah, absolutely.
The canals of Venice are not as lifeless or as polluted as I was lead to believe. There is a lot of fish life and actually the was no stinky smell. Ok, yeah there was a smell on the first day, but I'm putting that down to some sewage problem somewhere.


The Mutant said...

I wish I'd checked all this out earlier! Your trip does look utterly amazing. Shits all over mine, that's for sure!

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