Food and wine...

used to be friends of mine.

On the weekend the Manly Food and Wine festival took place. It's pretty much your local community type event where local restaurants showcase a dish or two and a local wine producing region is also highlighted.

The region this year, as with most years was the Hunter region. To be honest, while there are some great wines produced in this region it all became a bit same same. Looking for a red? Well, there was only two choices: your Cab Sav or Merlot. Then there was the blends of the above. This really was a shame as I like to try new things when I visit festivals, because really that's the point, isn't it? I wandered around the festival twice before any wine grabbed my attention*. The wandering was good, because the people of Manly are a good looking bunch, so eyecandy and people smiling and laughing was not in shortage.

Food options, well, there was a lot to choose from all for $12 a plate. Fantastic value, NOT! A spoon full of something for $12 just made me sigh. However, the sun was out and the atmosphere was worth the dosh to sit and watch the passes by and the waves crash onto the beach. What a great location for a festival.

A designers market was tacked on to the festival along the beach promenade.On Saturday I wandered through here, spied a couple of cool t-shirts and some fantastic home made nougat. I bought a nougat sample pack and it didn't last the whole weekend. Was gone in a flash. I now firmly believe cranberries in nougat is a total winner!

So here were the downers:
- price of food
- wandering around by myself
- lack of real variety in wine choices

On the bright side:
- Beautiful location
- Happy people
- Showcase of why I love this suburb the best

So, next year, if you're not doing anything, come along with me.

*Good thing, in these days of limited alcohol intake for me, that sampling a wine or two was the equivalent of maybe one glass. Luckily there were heaps of non-alcoholic options and plenty of water around.

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rohan said...

cranberries in nougat. Agree YESSSSS