Sydney gets its gay on...

with two different options on the one night: Scissor Sisters or Stephen Fry.

I opted for Scissor Sisters and am glad I did. The show was energy packed, however, it was not without it's flaws. The main problem I had with the night was the sound. And I guess that stems from the venue. Big Top at Luna Park is an ok venue for big parties or huge dinners, but as a concert venue it leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest desire is that of good sound. There were a number of occasions when a member of the Scissor Sisters was talking in between songs and it was virtually incomprehensible thanks to the acoustics of the venue. This I hate with a passion. When I go to see a live act I go to hear their music at a volume and quality I could never reproduce at home. I'm not a "performance" person. I really couldn't give a flying fig what the artists do on stage, it's the big sound and live renditions of their music I want to experience. So there is where my disappointment lies. I can only imagine it must be frustrating for the performers as well.

However, during two numbers I stood still and closed my eyes and just listened. The great thing was that I could hear every sound around me. I could hear the crowd singing along. I could hear the reverb from the back wall. I could feel the limited bass. I could feel the people moving around me. Their live renditions of their studio recordings were just fantastic and seem to take some of the tunes to a new level of intelligence.

So, the highlight for me was "Kiss You Off" and "Invisible Light". Both these songs showcased what fun, clever and innovative artists the Scissor Sisters really are.

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The Mutant said...

I'm a huge fan of Kiss You Off - I really like Skin This Cat too though - I think Ana's ability to ooze sex-appeal is often under utilised. Invisible Light was amazing (as I suspected it would be) and I always loose my shit whenever I hear Comfortably Numb.

Of course the 'moment' for me was Any Which Way, that would be my pick of tracks from the album, and it certainly didn't hurt that in Melbourne Kylie joined the Sisters on stage for what was possibly the world's most incredible experience!

Sorry to hear the venue wasn't ideal, but I'm still pleased to hear that you loved it!