Supermarket conversations...

CC (Checkout Chick) : Hello there container boy.
I've a basket of food storage containers. I'm cooking in bulk these days.
Me: *smirk* Hello there you.
CC: Doing a bit of organising?
Me: Kind-of.
CC: Ugh, it's only Wednesday.
Me: But it's hump day.
CC: I haven't been humping on a Wednesday for ages. I work weekends.
Me: Oh, sorry about that.
CC: (Picking up the only non-container purchase - a Honey Nougat Log). Oooo I love these.
Me: Yeah it's my walk home treat.
CC: We'll see about that. (Places bar beside container to measure it). That will fit. (puts the bar in the container. Mixes them up and packs the shopping bag). Now, that will make your walk home fun. Let's say it's a treasure hunt. (She contorts her arms) That's going to be difficult to find carrying the bag and doing it one handed.
Me: Oh, you'd be surprised how good I am at doing things one handed. (She gives me a cheeky look).


The Mutant said...

Oh you dirty, dirty tease! Good on you for bringing a little light to her day though, and good on her for having a sense of humour about it all!

Darth Gateau said...

aah... shops with humour. Aah... shops with nice chocolate... :(