Last night I had a dream...

but for a moment there I wasn't asleep. I even opened my eyes to prove to myself I was awake. I'm sure I did.

You see, I was an eagle in this dream. I was a kind of "protective" eagle.. I looked down and realised I was flying high in the sky, flying above a guy on a bike (can you see where this is going?). We were both cruising along this open road. Trust me, it was a very cool dream. I think I should stop calling it a dream because I'm sure I was awake. I'm sure I was.

I flew above the man on the bike. I knew it was a man. Why? ... because I could tell it was "me" on the bike. I knew it. There were other clues too. I could also tell that because, the rider was in my gear. This included my "bulldog" helmet. I haven't worn that helmet for a few months. I was flying over landscape that was very country like. Open road. Actual stretches of open road but with the occasional stretch of pine or forest. I didn't find it hard keeping up with the biker. I naturally beat my wings hard and strong to keep up. As a bird, my movements were both elegant and powerful.

Anyway as I was flying above the "guy" on the bike... um, let's just say "me"... As I was flying above me, I swooped down, flying along side me on my bike. "Me" on the bike didn't even acknowledge the eagle along side. I positioned myself there for ages, we both sped along the road together. I'm assuming "me" on the bike may have acknowledged "me" in the air at some point, but I couldn't tell because I was wearing my dark visor. I could however see my reflection in that visor. Nice. (*Smirking* and thinking: was that confusing?)

He (i,e: Me) and me both seemed to be concentrating on something. Concentrating hard. After a few moments I decided to return to my "guardian eagle" position in the sky.

This is vivid. That's why I could draw it. The evening colours, the warmth in the air. The wind streaming along my beak, past my nostrils and over the feathers on my face. I could feel the rhythmic beating of my wings. It's an almost involuntary reflex. Almost.

But the real good thing is that I was confident and safe. Confident and safe as either: The eagle or the rider? ..

Some of the people I hang out with make me feel this way. Confident. Elegant and strong.... ok, ok, there's no way I'll ever be considered "elegant." but, I love their company. It's only with them I feel like I'm comfortable being who I am.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
So I woke up and drew the above comic strip. It didn't turn out how I wanted. But I now know three new things:
1. Correctly illustrating something takes time.
2. I expect too much from myself in such a short space of time.
3. 6 hours is not really a "short space of time".

Actually let's make that list 4 things:
4. I'm a better illustrator than writer.

I'm not happy with my illustration of my dream last night. :(


Peter said...

#4. Your writing is good too, you're multi-talented. You could do a whole strip of your dream.

BTW, don't we all have a 'Guardian Angel' inside of us, you know that little voice in the back of our mind summing up the pros and cons...

kookyknut said...

I love your comic strip. I wanted to create an anime image for the next fnc, but it's like drawing in another language.

Another thing that makes it difficult to draw from dreams is that the more you try and remember, the more vague the dream becomes.

Anonymous said...

Cool cartoon, cool story/dream, Muz.

Certainly better then the one I had earlier in the week when I was in a relationship with Barak Obama ! Mind you, getting to traipse around the White House was pretty cool too.

Ky said...

Very cool dream. It's great to have mates that make you feel like that.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Great animation Muz. I only ever get flying dreams when I am in a good headspace. I wonder if that's universal?

judo said...

Interesting "dream", Muzbot. Very interesting. You have had the dream before. Do you remember?