When you're smiling...

the whole world smiles with you.

My nurse offered me a challenge today. It started with her remarking that I looked like a wild man who's been living in the bush for far too long. I said  that I had thought about getting a hair cut and a beard tidy up soon. She then basically said I should get out and get it done today because my healing process has gone incredibly well and I should be up for a bit of an outing. I totally agreed. And don't I just scrub up well?!

The other challenge for me today was to get to know my new iPhone a little better. Now, I'm not a total novice, I've had an iPod Touch for many years. However, there is something very cool about this phone. I can use it in broad daylight - unlike my old Blackberry, that did not like sunlight and made the random and weird cursor movement seem normal. This phone is a total winner. This pic was taken with the very popular Hipstermatic app. I'm feeling great and really ready to get back into "normal" life.


Peter said...

Muz, you look good too!

Monty said...

Nicely done! As much as I detest the Apple hype, I'm finally giving in and getting an iPhone too.