If we took a holiday...

It's on...

During the next 5 weeks I'll be:
Eating Japanese food - actually in Japan.
Beering it up in Munich.
Re-visiting my beloved Alps, but this time along the Austrian border.
Visiting the hub of cool nightclubs, Helsinki.
Beering it up in London with Darth and Killer.
Mountain biking on high altitude single track in Colorado.
Visiting the Sand Canyon in Cortez.
Riding the deserts of Utah.
White water rafting in Keystone.
And lots more hight altitude single tracks with wicked descents.

I will blog where possible and keep tabs on what's happening back home.


Peter said...

Muzbot, enjoy your tour around the globe

judo said...

Geez, Hasn't Madonna improved with age! See you Thursday, Muzbot.

Victor said...

Have a terrific trip!

Monty said...

Deeply jealous!!! Have a fab time mate!!!

h&b said...


Don't get out much, do you ? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Muz, hope it all goes well...enjoy.


Sh@ney said...

Have a great vacation!

T$ said...

rock on - hope your trip is going well...looking forward to more updates