If I was slighlty competitive...

this is how my Colorado section of my holiday would be panning out:

I've just completed day two of a very grueling cross country leg. Day one (yesterday) was more fun. I was leading for the middle third of the ride. Which was great as I didn't know the trail and was just following the bends and curves of the track. I was struggling a little trying to get used to the altitude. Riding, or any strenuous exercise, at these altitudes is hard work. By the end of that leg I was bleeding from the nose and really struggling with my breath. OK, sure it was not a stream of blood, but it was enough to make things uncomfortable. I couldn't wait to get back and shower and clean myself up a little. Let's say I did ok on this ride and was the second home.

Today was harder. The trails were mighty tough. Plenty of up hill and lots of rocky down hill. I'm a little bruised and slightly battered, but now it's over I can say I really enjoyed it. Some of the trail crossed some very high ridges that had the most spectacular views. Very beautiful.

so, not sure what tomorrow will bring. I'm a little sore and not too keen to jump on my bike. I might just call in my rest day and do a hike across one of the snow capped peaks. Yes, there's still snow on these peaks even in the height of summer.

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T$ said...

sounds intense - post pictures if you can :)