Do it do it do it do it do it now...

I've got an idea but it does rely on your participation. It can be as fun as you want it to be. All you need is a web-cam and a sense of fun.

My aim is to edit a video together of my online friends miming, dancing or just goofing off in front of a web-cam to a song. Are you willing to join in my experiment. If you would like to see my inspiration watch this:

Our song: "Ready For The Floor" by Hot Chip.
Are you with me? C'mon, join in the fun.

All I need is you to send me a 30 sec - 1 minute clip of you having fun and miming to a section of "Ready For The Floor". Sure you can do longer if you want, hey do the whole thing, but I hope to get a good cross section of mates doing different sections of the song. Maybe choose a verse or a chorus. I'll edit this together into a complete clip. I would like to get at least 10 willing participants. Get your friends together, have a few drinks then see what you come up with. Shouldn't be too hard.

If you can't record a small clip, then fell free to Skype me and I'll record one with you.

Are you ready for the floor? Go on.


Muzbot said...

I have 3 commitments to this so far and 1 video already. I hope you Join in. If you're camera shy why not wear a mask... or a hat? :)

Monty said...

If I knew the song, I'd be sooooo there for you...but I've never heard it before!!! :-)