I love it.
The trip began with Judo and I meeting up for dinner before our flight. We had a late flight out of Sydney so there was no hurry. Once we boarded the flight I sat in my seat watching the other passengers board. One by one they passed by me when to my complete surprise I saw a very familiar face. It was my good buddy Dave... and behind him was Judo's buddy Scott. My thoughts went something like this:
What the fuck? Is Dave going overseas somewhere too? Hang on, he's on this flight he's coming to Japan! Nobody told me. Shit. Is this all part of my surprise? It must be!This is just the BEST surprise. It's a boys road trip to Japan! Yey!!! this is going to be the trip of a life time... and it was.

So there's too much to fit into a single post so here are some thoughts on Japan:
Despite its size, the city is reasonably quiet. Car and bike traffic noise must be heavily regulated.
Mobile phone use in public is restricted to txting. If you want to talk on one you have to move to an area where it's allowed. If you're on a train you have to switch you phone off.
Tokyo is an expensive city, but you can find good cheap food if you want it.Not being able to read signs on the outside of restaurants can lead to some very interesting dinner experiences.
Beer is good and often the same price or cheaper than other drinks on the menu including softdrinks.
The city is super clean. How this is possible is beyond me because finding a bin is not always easy on the street.When it rains, it rains well.
Everyone has an umbrella. Everyone.
Unlike here in Australia where office workers and patrons pile out on to the street to smoke, I noticed that in Japan you are not allowed to smoke on the street unless there is a designated smoking area.
Smoking in restaurants and while dining is very common.The people are courteous and respectful. Now that is something the rest of the world could learn a big lesson from.
You'll find fantastic and unique shopping opportunities, but be prepared to pay for it.The gardens are beautiful. The streets are well manicured and also very clean and beautiful.


Peter said...

Some surprises come in small packages, this surprise came in an airplane.

It's good to read you had a great time.

Ky said...

You have some fantastic mates. No wonder you are smiling. The food pic looks delicious.

Note to self, must visit Japan.

Darth Gateau said...

Amazing surprise!! I had one similar earlier this year. I love surprises!

Japan, Japan, Japan... I agree with everything. It's also super safe. I feel totally at ease everywhere in Japan.

The Mutant said...

It looks and sounds incredible. I hope you're having the time of your life. What an awesome surprise, you lucky bugger!

kim at allconsuming said...

How awesome. All of it.