Human League

Let's get the non-music bit out of the way. This was the first gig I've been to this year where I wasn't the oldest dude there. In fact, if you were under the age of 30 I think you would have been feeling very out of place. If you were 30 you were a baby. Let's face it, I was a teen when some of these songs were released. Are you counting the years with me? Yep, close to 25-30 years ago. It was a good crowd of Gen X.
The band: Phil Oakey looked rather alien like. Susane also looked alien like but with the added affliction of anorexia. And then there was Joanne. She looked like a tuck-shop mum. I imagined her back stage making sure all items of clothing had the correct name tags sewn into the collar.

But we were there for the music. We were all there to enjoy the euro techno pop styling of the sound of the 80's. Now, I would never consider myself a "fan". In fact, I only have 3 songs in my iTunes library, so I wasn't overly excited or prepared to be swept up in the event. I had even confused them with Depeche Mode and Yazoo at some point during the lead up. But I was surprised at how many songs I knew. In fact I think I knew the tunes to them all. It was fun, it was energetic and I even found myself singing along out loud (not quite as loud as Dave) to a few classics. Highlight for me: "Mirror Man" and the finale "Electric Dreams". I'm glad I went. I have a feeling that concerts like this are rare and I actually feel lucky to have had the chance to go. I enjoy doing these things on a school night.


Stu said...

I still have a record single floating around here somewhere of "Electric Dreams"...

Monty said...

OK, firstly, you are soooo showing your age Muz! LOL

Anyway, Phil Oakey has colaborated with my favourite guys, Pet Shop Boys, on one song off their new album and it's pretty cool!

Peter said...

Don't mind Monty, he was still in diapers at that time *wink*
Maybe it shows our age, but then music was still music and not that shit we hear nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Human League, oh come on, that's not music.

Now, the B52s - THAT'S music !!