The 2009 Muzbot Music Awards...

So, by stealing a couple of questions from another 2009 review meme, I've come up with this one (Thanks Kookyknut for the inspiration).

1. Who was your favourite female artist?

2. Who was your favourite male artist?
Miike Snow (Yeah, I know they are a band)

3. Favourite band?
Friendly Fires

4. Favourite album?
“Ladyhawke” Ladyhawke

5. Favourite song?
“Shooting Stars” Bag Raiders – And you thought I was going to put “My Delerium” but I Think that was my track for 2008.

6. Favourite dance track?
“Poison Lips” Vitalic

7. Favourite music video?
“Parlez-Vous Francais?” Art Vs Science

8. Greatest musical discovery of 2009 was?
This chord progression: Am, F, Am, C, F – seriously!

9. The gayest track of 2009 that you liked, and will only admit to it here?
“She Wolf” Shakira. Hmmmm, actually I know a gayer one: “Release Me” Zoe Badwi

10. Best live gig?
Art Vs Science

11. Best pub/club night out?
Oxford Art Factory

12. Best remix of which track?
“A Funny Thing” (Monarchy Remix) Penguin Prison

13. Favourite music related website?

14. Favourite music related Twitter/Facebook fan page?
Diplo. He’s funny as. (Twitter)

15. Song lyric that sums up the year?
“I close my eyes on the dancefloor and forget about you.”


kookyknut said...

I love that lyric :)

did you see they are doing a sideshow with the Gossip?

Muzbot said...

I love sideshows! I got lost in one of those mirror mazes once and the person sent in to find me made it out before I did!
I'd love to see the Friendlies live again.

judo said...


It's my word verification, but it could well be the name of your favourite band for 2010.

I'm really enjoying your blog lately ... almost back to the Muzbot of old.