Island hopping...

Had a great weekend away visiting Mark and my family. Mark and I were up for a bit of adventure so we grabbed the GPS and a few co-ordinates for some Geocaches located out on the bay. This is how it went:
Stop 1: Russel Island.
Not really a stop as we didn't jump off the boat here. I'm guessing the residents of Russel were already in the Christmas party mode because at 10am the locals were on the deck drinking their cans of Southern Comfort and cola. Probably best not to get off here.

Stop 2: Lamb Island.
Step back with us to the year 1939. Where the corner store was attached to the house. The fridge only had 2 kinds of coke and only available in cans. The ice-block fridge was exactly that, a fridge. Lollies were in glass jars and the shop keeper was not really impressed to serve people who weren't locals.

Stop 3: Macleay Island
Hmmmmm. Welcome to The Paradise Pub. I liked it here. We sat out on the varandah and enjoyed a good ol' pub lunch of hamburgers. Cheap as chips as they say. I was enjoying the beers and the $1 a ticket meat raffle. We didn't win either of the two draws.

Last stop: Karragarra Island.
Probably the pick of the islands. This one had a beach... with people playing cricket and cartons of beer and vibrant pink Cruisers.

It really was a great day. Mark is one of those good lads that enjoy life and we bounce off each other so damn well. Lots of laughs and energy through out the day.


Rob said...

Hi Muz, just a question... Is Mark your boyfriend? Merry xmas! Rob

Chris said...

Love the new Banner for the Blog.

Freekin Awesome

Darth Gateau said...

Have a splendid Christmas. Maybe I shall get to have a beer with you somewhere in the world at some point in 2010.

Muzbot said...

Rob: Merry xmas. Yes.
Chris: Thanks! Always love good feedback. Merry xmas.
DG: You too! And I'm sure we'll have that beer sometime and I'm looking forward to it. BTW: saw some recent pics of you on Facebook - trimming down and looking good!