Breakfast was...

quietly enjoyable.

Well, quiet apart from the too close for comfort table next to me:
He: Gosh you make me smile. (I mean really? Who uses "Gosh" in real life?!)
She: I know. I see it when we're together.
He: Do you think others around the office see it?
She: They have no idea.
He: That's so cool.
She: I love the way it feels like we're doing something wrong behind a teacher's back.
He: See, you just keep getting more and more attractive. I feel like that too. You're too beautiful.
She: (Slightly gushing) My current boyfriend would never tell me that.
He: Rubbish. How could he not?!

It gets even more Mills & Boon from this point on, so I'll just leave the rest of that conversation right there.


kookyknut said...

Even before I got to "She: (Slightly gushing) My current boyfriend would never tell me that." I could tell that this is going to end in tears.

Victor said...

Do I guess from the last two meal conversations you reported that you dine amongst the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful?

Mike said...

Gosh. Your best blog post yet!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Gee Muz I use Gosh and Golly all the time in an effort to stop saying God.

A bit like I am training the kids to say Firetruck instead of Fuck.

Mike said...

"Frak" as popularised by Battlestar Galactica is a gosh-darned useful alternate.

Monty said...

I'm feeling ill just reading it...