10 Questions that require answers...

or maybe they don't/can't:

1. Do you think many people move past the "parent/child" relationship and become good friends instead of "parent/child"?
2. Should one ever feel bad for having lusty thoughts about someone who is so untouchable?
3. Even after being cut out of someones life is it ok to want to still say "hi" to them even though you know you won't get a response?
4. Is it bad to want to show-off just a little or say "Hey, look at me!" to someone?
5. Would it be wrong to sometimes just want out of it all?
6. Why do I still dig my fingernails into the armrest each time I takeoff in a plane, yet I love it so?
7. Why should I crave the company of people who are strong, decisive, passionate and who fire me up to join them on their roller coaster of life?
8. Why do I think grey and orange is a great colour combination?
9. How can I make my majorly large public art sculpture idea a reality?
10. Why is it hard for me to follow my own advice?


kim at allconsuming said...

Do you really want answers to these?

kookyknut said...

1. Not many, but some, yes.
2. No
3. Yes
4. No
5. No
6. Cos you're a wuss ;)
7. Why should you, or why do you? I don't think you should have to. Variety is the spice of life, so why should you want to surround yourself with people who are very similar? (it also kind of sounds like you answer your own question in the question)
8. I think it stems back to a fond childhood memory.
9. Start with a not-so-majorly-large public art sculpture
10. Don't give advice to people and you won't have to worry about it. (talk about hypocrisy!)

yani said...

1. Many, no... but those of us who do are kinda the lucky ones I think... especially amongst the gay community.
2. Oh hell no.
3. It's okay to want it, but you should resist the temptation because it will just end in disappointment and possibly chocolate icecream.
4. Oh hell no.
5. Join the club!
6. No idea.
7. I think you answered your own question with the second part of this... if they "fire me up to join them on their roller coaster of life", then you should totally know them.
8. I have no idea, but I have a similar liking for pale grey and pink or purple.
9. What are the entry rules on the Sculpture By The Sea contest?
10. Because you're human, and none of us do that very well.

Darth Gateau said...

1. Yes. It's highly recommended
2. What? Absolutely not
3. It's ok to want to do it, but actually doing it is another thing entirely
4. Be brazen
5. Not wrong but what to do instead?
6. You're in the wrong cabin if all you have to dig your nails into is 'armrest'.
7. The positive descriptors you've used in the question are the answer
8. Hmm... back to 'gay' school for you - orange and grey? Are you nuts?
9. Speak to people with cash to burn and persuade them they would be contributing to a worthy cause
10. Welcome to my world

equivocalvagabond said...

You got my vote on orange and gray, too! Hey, Garth, maybe Muz and I should offer our own classes at "gay" school. :-)

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Pink and grey yes, orange and black yes but orange and grey umm not really.

I wonder who is chromatically challenged ... us or them >?

Dave said...

1. No. You are very lucky in that I think – it would never have happened to me.
2. Not at all. Isn’t that what fantasy is all about?
3. Yes, but don’t obsess about it. I think the urge passes over time.
4. No. As long as you don’t become too full of yourself.
5. It depends on what ‘it’ is exactly…
6. I think a lot of people get a little nervous, so you are not alone.
7. Because it’s better than hanging around people who are weak, indecisive, passionless and not in the least inspiring. Inspiration can come from many fronts.
8. Because you are a child of the 80s.
9. I’ll go with Tim on this one.
10. Coz you’re human (aren’t you??).

judo said...

I'm watching you, Muzbot!

Romach said...

Now those are some questions. I could use pages up to answer all of them lol.