In summary:

There were many roads like this. Great for touring bikes, not great for sports bikes. But the country air was fantastic.
But, on a sports bike, signs like this excite.
Signs like this are scary. Did you know that Kangaroos are stupid stupid animals?
The Jumbuck Motor Inn. One of the many typical roadside motels in one of the many typical country towns.
I love visiting country Chinese restaurants. Every country town has one and they always seem to have the word "Wah" or "Sing" in their name. This is the "Sing Wah" in Tenterfield. Classy joint. Vinyl features heavily here. The tables have the menus sandwiched under a clear vinyl tablecloth - on top of a pretty country patterned vinyl tablecloth. It always amazes me how these towns, in the middle of nowhere, have king prawns on the menu.
I found the grave of "Thunderbolt".
Tamworth seemed overrun by overgrown toy cars in mint condition. There were 7 of these Thunderbirds parked around the hotel I stayed in here.
Stopping off at Cunningham's Gap. This is an amazing place. The sounds of the forest just blew me away. It was an early crisp morning and I was in no hurry to leave this magical place.
My old school. My nieces now go to this school. It was weird walking around the school grounds as an adult. Every thing now seems sooooo small.
Another country town, another country Chinese restaurant. I was on the verge of laughing at the fantastic flavour of the combination chop suey. I could not put my finger on what was giving this dish it's taste - I'm guessing it was laced with lashings of MSG. The walls were faux wood panels, the carpet was rich red in colour and the lights were amazingly detailed red fringed lanterns with the odd chunk of grey dust.

I enjoyed my time out on the road. There was, of course, much more to the trip than I can post about without boring the socks of you. But I loved hanging out with my family. I love catching up with old friends. I loved making new friends. I loved stopping on the side of country roads and just sleeping next to my bike on grassy patches. I love the time I spent by myself, doing my own thing, going where I wanted, when I wanted and staying anywhere I pleased. It was fun.


Canberrabiker said...

Great blog entry Muz.

Yes kangas are very very stupid, especially when they start to hop down the road in front of you.

Chinese restaurants - mmmm, probably lots of cornstarch and chicken stock in there with the MSG too.

Thunderbolt's grave - heck, he was only 36 when he carked it - how old are you ?

Darth Gateau said...

you slept outside? Next to your bike? On grassy patches?

Crap! That's an invitation to hypothermia, robbery and murder here.

I love it that you're so outdoorsy! I hope you stopped to shower occasionally. A boy must have some standards.

Victor said...

I'm not a biker nor attracted to sleeping outdoors (alone, anyway) but you made it all sound so sexy.

Campbell said...

Sounds like an idyllic time Muzbot. Are you back to reality now?

Monty said...

Sounds like the perfect bit of R&R mate! Glad you've had a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, so true about the token Chinese restaurant in country towns....Kel and I always made a point in commenting on it when ever we see one.

I find 'Golden' is also a commonly used word in
their names.