Dinner was...

so freakin' tasty! Tonight I discovered "Doma". The bohemian beer cafe right on my doorstep. Apart from the nice half litre of various beers available it serves up traditional Czech and Slovakian cuisine. Tonight's chef special was chicken stroganoff. I really love strogs so it was my choice without even looking at the menu.

What better way to end the meal than with profiteroles, icecream and an absinthe, or two, or three, or... I even gave the lesser known "red" absinthe a go... However, I think I'll stick with the green stuff from now on, mmmmm minty fresh.

Oh, and here is the dinner conversation from the table next to me:
He: So c'mon Hon'. What shall we order for a main? There's so much to choose from.
She: Ummmmm...
He: What?
She: I'm not really hungry.
He: You're joking right?
She: No, I don't feel well.
He: Oh for Christ's sake. Here I am taking you out for dinner and you don't even appreciate it.
She: I'm sorry. But you go ahead and order.
He: Forget it! .. Why would you spoil tonight like this?
She: I'm sorry.
He: (Skulls* beer) Come on. We're leaving.
The first course still sits on the table untouched.

*Australian slang: Skull (a beer) : to drink a beer in a single draught without taking a breath


Victor said...

I'm a bit of a stroganoff man myself. Veal, beef or chicken stroganoff are all OK with me.

Darth Gateau said...


ewww... I'm not good on absinthe it gets me totally out of control!

Stroganoff, on the other hand, gived me deep joy.

Monty said...

OK Muz, we're going to have to go to this place next time we meet up! The food sounds great and I realllllly want to try Absinthe!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Well at least he was sypathetic enough to the woman's plight to take her home ... if he was a real bastard he would have made her sit thru his meal. Tho agreed he could have offerred some words of comfort too ... "it is not always about him"