Some numbers...

One: The number of days left of work before my holiday - Oh yeah!
Two: The number of sleeps before winter suddenly turns into summer!
Three: The number of times I've seen Speed Racer
Four: The number of beers I had last night
Five: The number of Kilos I've lost this winter
Six: The number of days I spend in Europe, before heading to the USA
Seven: The cost in dollars for my Spag Bol dinner at the cheap eats cafe.
Eight: The number of hours more sleep I need after getting to bed @ 3am this morning.
Nine: The number of new songs I heard yesterday/last night and said "OMG, I love this song".
Ten: The number of Cyanide and Happiness cartoons I can read before I move on.

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Campbell said...

Have a great trip Muzbot. Looking forward to hearing all about it.