Fun Sunday night...

I guess it's no secret that I enjoy the odd big night out. One of my fave nights is a night called "Loose Ends". It's a very late Sunday night thing and more often than not kicks off around 11:30pm. A small crowd usually gathers. Very small. These crowd is made up of "creative" types and a few who are still partying on from their weekend, oh and the odd cockroach scurrying dancing across the dance floor off his chops. It's a fun night and it's usually over by 2:30 or 3am. The resident DJ is Matt Vaughan and he would have to be one of my fave DJ's here in Sydney.

Picture this: Muzbot on the dance floor with, oh I don't know, about 10 other people, dancing away to the original version of Cindy Lauper's "All Through The Night." It was just one highlight of the weekend. Loose Ends is not specifically an "80's" night, it's the variety of music played that makes this night slightly better than the rest.

Here's a few more classic tracks from his set:
- Madonna "Like a Virgin"
- Prince "Let's Go Crazy"
- The Cure "Close To Me"
- Howard Jones "What Is Love"
- David Bowie "Let's Dance"
- Queen "Radio Ga Ga"
- Roxy Music "Let's Stay Together"
- Belle Stars "Iko Iko"

I bet it's been a long time since anyone has danced to these tracks in a club. So, not your typical night out, but one of the best nights out. Oh, and cheap drinks before midnight. Damn it's a shame that I have to work most Mondays.


Monty said...

That's what I was wondering...how do you cope on Monday??? :-) Otherwise, it sounds like a great night! Where is it held???

Dave said...

Well you know how much it did it for me. I really thought my time for dancing to those tracks was past. And you forgot to mention Heaven 17 :)

Darth Gateau said...

I danced to Madonna "Dress You Up In My Love" on Boxing Day... such dreamy nostalgia. Compared to the day after which felt more like queasy neuralgia. Must have been something I ate...

One of my fave songs is a Prince song - Little Red Corvette - sheer class.
Awww... I'd love to see you grooving your thang...

h&b said...

I remember when Sunday was my biggest party night.

And even despite my vanity ( worse in those days ), I would still turn up bright and bouncy on Monday Morning, albiet with wet hair.

I reckon I could still pull it off, if the kids were being cared by an overnighter .. maybe.. ;)