Time time time, see what's become of me...

Oh, ok ok, I've not posted for a while. Well there's a lot going on and I just don't think it's that interesting to anyone else, so why bore you with the juicy details.

So instead here's a post which contains the answers to trivia - Week 5. You remember Week 5 don't you? It was oh so long ago now.

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1. What is the next line in this song? (Laura Branigan "Self Control") 5 words
"Through the wall something breaking" (1 Point)

2. Name the artist and song title
Basement Jaxx "Take Me Back To Your House" (2 Points)

3. Give me the album title this song is from and the artist. (Lou Reed "Satellite of Love")
Transformer - Lou Reed (2 Points)

4. This song is about a city. Which is this city's Sister City in Spain? (Deep Dish "Sacramento")
Valencia. (1 Point)

5. Name the company and product line this song advertised? Name the song and artist. (The Ting Tings "Shut Up and Let Me Go")
Apple - Ipod - The Ting tings "Shut Up And Let Me Go" (4 Points)

6. This single was released twice. Once in 1987 and once as a remix in 1994. Which year did it chart highest in the UK? (New Order "True Faith")
1987 - charted #4 (1994 charted #9) (1 Point)

7. When this artist released this debut album in 2003 he claimed inspiration from which 90's Seattle Grunge band? (Pete Murray "Feeler")
Pearl Jam (1 Point)

8. Who performed this song originally? (Shades "Upside Down")
Dianna Ross (1980) (1 Point)

9. Name the artist and the song and the Male artist who appears in the video with her.
Nelly Furtado "Say It Right" - Timberland. (3 Points)

10. MashUp. Name the two artists and song titles. (MadMixMustang "Call Me Kylie")
Blondie "Call Me" and Kylie "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (4 Points)

(20 Points)


Stu said...

Any idea when you'll get a chance to update the results table?

Kezza said...

Who says its not that exciting? C'mon we're calling for blood here, let us know a little something about what you've been up to!

Muzbot said...

Stu: The results are now up... So close.
Kezza: Ummm, will post about what's going on soon... :)

Victor said...

I'm with Kezza. Let us decide whether your humdrum life (lol) is interesting!

As for your trivia, you should be recruited to 'Spicks and Specks'.