Muzbot's totally random iPod trivia pop quiz: Week 6

This is it. This time I know it's the real thing. We've made it through 6 weeks together. That's a milestone.

So, I may not be the world's greatest quiz master, but I gave it a go. And a huge thank you to those who mentioned to me that they thought I did an ok job of it. I really appreciated the feedback.

Well, to end, I've created the "super" round. 20 questions in 2 parts. I'm sorry that the quality of one of my questions in the second part is crap. I had the levels wrong and only noticed after the fact. Also, apologies for the weird questions this round. I put it together after I'd had some... ummmm, "Christmas cheer". So without any further blah blah blah, here's the final link to the final trivia:
Week 6 Good luck.


Dave said...

Hard. Very hard. :(

Kezza said...

From what I can tell this one will have me pulling my hair out - however I seem to be having trouble downloading the first file in its entirety... bloody macs, I'll give it another shot when I get to a more familiar PC at work.

Stu said...

A couple of those songs are infuriating - I know them, but I just can't think what they are!