So you want an update?

There's not much to report... except I've finally moved into my flat in Manly. So, three cheers and a round of applause please.
Thank you.

The moving process was relatively painless. Thanks and a big shout-out to Judo who gave me a hand and drove the van. I'm loving my new place sick right now. There's a few minor renovations that need to be completed, but I can see advantages of having the fridge in the bedroom at the foot of my bed. Beer. Ice cold beer right there at my fingertips. :)

Ikea: 'Nuff said.

Actually, no, I can say more about Ikea... Since Judo had hired a van for the move, we took advantage of this and went back to Ikea to pick up the flat-packed wardrobe, doors and other bits and bobs. When we packed the van and were ready to leave, the young couple in the Camry next to us were struggling to fit their flat-packs into their car. It was rather amusing. Judo and I conferred and decided that we would offer to take their stuff in our van for them. This provided Judo and I with even more amusement as we followed them and speculated as to what their conversation might be in their car. "Raj and Aiesha", as I affectionately called them, were very grateful for the helping hand.

Bunnings: A couple of Bunnings featured in the weekend's activities. Both times our visits coincided with lunchtime - the smell of BBQ sausages is heaven. A simple sausage and onion sandwich with tomato sauce is always a winner in my books. Throw in a smattering of decent eye-candy and you have my idea of what shopping is all about. None of this fancy shopping mall crap for me. Although, I have to admit, I was a little over Bunnings on the second trip and was losing my shopping vigor.

Boxes: Piled 4 or 5 high surround the walls and cover the floors of my new digs. I have a bed and a fantasticly organised wardrobe (Thanks Ikea and your storage solutions), but limited places to put the rest of my stuff. More creative storage solutions are required. I've decided I need at least a whole wall for a bookshelf. Damn design books and board games take up so much space. Twister anyone?


Just a couple more thoughts from the weekend:
  • As Judo and I left Ikea he pointed out that no one was actually smiling as they left the store with their goodies. Not one person seemed to be smiling.
  • While riding home from Kookyknut's place yesterday evening I was halfway home when I realised I was heading in the wrong direction. Mental note: New home is the other side of the harbour. Duh!


Monty said...

ooh, I'll take the Twister option! :-) Glad you've successfully moved in, even if there's still some way to go before you've settled in!

And I do agree about Bunnings - the one on Gardiners Rd always has some local SLSC doing the sausage sizzle and there are some mighty fine specimens there to oggle! ;-)

Kezza said...

Moving is the pits. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! You're too damn pleasant Muz, if I were you I'd be bitching about broken things, heavy things and personal injuries! You have the patience of a saint!

Next time I move I'm just going to sell all my shit and start from scratch, much easier!

Dave said...

Muz - I owe you a bookcase. I forgot about it when you went to IKEA but I'll happily buy another of the ones I have of yours for you. Whenever you want :)

Muzbot said...

Monty: Sorry I missed dinner. I finished at my place at 11pm and was ready to crash.
Kezza: Not one broken glass. I am a packing expert. And not sure about the patience of a saint bit. There were a couple of testing moments where Judo and I were about to lock horns.
Dave: Thanks, let's chat about it. I have a couple of options that I was looking at.

wcs said...

Congrats on the move. I'm hopeful that photos are forthcoming. After a bit of tidying up, of course. ;)

Peter said...

I ran out of wall to put my bookcases against... I prefer the 'Billy' variaty especially with the extra set-up pieces so they're floor to ceiling. Alas I got more books than cases...

Campbell said...

That certainly is a lot to report. Hope you settle soon and can enjoy the Christmas/New Year season in your new abode Muz.

Crystal said...

I love your tree! I also love how it actually sits on top of your present there. Actually, that's kinda sad. You only have one present under your tree???

Muzbot said...

wcs: I'm a digital lad, so there will be photos. I'm still trying to catch up on all the blogs I've not had a chance to read for a few days. After that I'll post pics.

Muzbot said...

Peter: I'll check it out... Mike has offered a lift to IKEA if I need it, so it may be my next purchase. :)
Campbell: Thank you. I hope you have a safe and happy time this xmas too.
Crystal: Ummmm, yeah, thanks for that. Is your tree piled high?

Anonymous said...

Nice Random Act of Kindness. I actually think of you as the sort of person who would do that, nice that you did, very nice, I wish there was more of it.