Damn beer...

Judo and I caught up for dinner tonight.
at The Old Manly Boatshed for dinner...
This place is Manly's most dodgy venue. Forgive the mobile pics.

I had the $5 special steak. Judo had the $7 schnitz. Really classy like. I enjoyed the company. I enjoyed my beer. Mmmmm the beer... There were 6 of us in the joint, including staff, so after dinner Judo and I went and played pool. I DON'T PLAY POOL. E.V.E.R. Judo has his arm in plaster so I thought I actually stood a chance. And guess what?! .. I won...
Ok, so he sunk the black, but - I still WON!

I had a few more beers and had well and truly broken the seal... So anyway, I came back from one of my many trips to the loo and Judo had kindly lined up a game of pool for me against this Kiwi dude, covered in home made tattoos. I'm guessing Judo thought this was rather funny. (Huh?! Didn't you!)

So with a fresh beer I came back and started strong. Well, at least I thought I did. The Kiwi, "Fred" as we call him, was on form and naturally I lost. So I had to do a nudie run around the bar which I did.... Nah, only kidding. There was no nudie runs - it's winter damn it!

So, after I lost a very handsome man walked in and "Fred", the kiwi pool shark and his scrubber woman, took this good look and his chick on in another game of pool. I was very happy to sit by on the sideline and just watch this match. A couple more beers and it was time to call it a night. A fun Thursday night in Manly.


The Mutant said...

I just love the name of the place... Anything called 'Old Manly' would make me giggle though!

You know that for breaking pool rules and not completing a nudie run, you have to spend the next week in nothing but your undies. I don't care how cold it is - them's the rules.

Glad you had a fun Thursday... some of us were just trapped working!

judo said...

I didn't think you noticed ... but I did get a giggle out of you having to play a round with Fred.

Geez, the word verification is 'Bunning'. Very DIY, isn't it.