There's a first time for everything...

On my journey home from work each day I usually stand at the stern of the Manly ferry and watch the city skyline shrink away and the expanse of Sydney Harbour grow bigger. If I'm on the ferry before sunset I usually watch for penguins. Maybe once or twice a week I'll see a couple of them.

Yesterday as I scanned the tips of the waves for the little penguin heads I noticed a dark fin pop up above the waterline. Then another and another. A pod of dolphins had entered the harbour. This is the first time I have ever encountered dolphins in the harbour and I had always assumed that it was just a myth that they crossed the heads. It was great to see and I hope to see them again sometime.


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wcs said...

And I'm liking how Marks eyes are slowly looking up toward you in the mugshot photos!

You are doing that deliberately, aren't you... :)