It's a super venue...

but not quite what I had expected. This is Cloudland, Brisbane's newest superclub. The picture above really does not do the venue's facade any justice. It is stunning. I know many people wouldn't realise this, but when it comes to clubbing, Brisbane out-does any other Australian city. And not by volume, but by class. Walking into this venue you simply can not help but look up. The roof is glass. The heavens are there to be viewed. But more on the interior later. Let's talk food...

I've wanted to have a meal here since well before its opening. I was lucky enough to have good company and to be taken here to dine on my last trip to Brisneyland. The building is totally intriguing so I was expecting the same from the menu. What I wasn't expecting was the price. It was more than reasonable. In fact, I would say it was down right excellent value for money. Menu prices fall easily into the pub/beer garden price range. Ok, so it's not your RSL price range, but it's better value than most bars I've dined at in Manly.

I opted for the Ocean King Qld Prawns for an entrée. Pan fried and served with a leek, crispy prosciutto, and parmesan risoni. It was delicious. Our waiter was attentive. He knew we were in no hurry and actually asked us if we were ready for the main or if we wanted to chat for a little longer. We opted to chat.

My main: Grass Fed Eye Fillet. Marinated in shaoxing and oyster sauce then slow cooked and served on polenta with baby carrots and pickled mushroom ketchup, with a side of fresh green beans with toasted almonds. Are you getting the idea that this is not your standard pub grub?! The beef just melted in my mouth. Once again, delicious. I was totally enjoying this lunch. A nice bottle of Pinot Griz to go with the meals was just perfect. With no desert wines on offer we went for a Frangelico on ice as our desert. Drool.

The venue is not yet complete. There are some obvious finishing touches missing (like no light fittings on many incandescent globes), but the interior is.. well, bizzare. I took the above pic from inside the amazing open DJ booth overlooking the floor downstairs. There are so many nooks and crannies all themed differently from Japanese to Turkish to low rent wire patio furniture of the 70's. The main bar downstairs is a stunning piece of sculptured marble.
The bar up stairs is one of the most unusual bars I have ever seen. Thousands of clear glass spheres wrapped around the bar and run in wire waves and columns over the bar. This venue is large and I think fairly unique. There are so many rooms and different levels that numerous visits would be required to explore this place totally.
There are walls, a few stories high, covered in plants and tear shaped pods dripping from the ceiling containing yet even more plants. Everywhere you turn there is something to catch you eye from tiny paper butterflies fluttering in the breeze from the air con to glass covered portals in the floor that give you a glimpse into what is going on upstairs. Ladies, beware if you wear a skirt here and stand at the upstairs bar. Eventually this club is going to be joined to two other nearby super-venues by a skywalk. totally cool, totally Brisneyland.
I had expected this place to be a little more "glamorous" and not so mixed up, but this place is weird yet beautiful. As we sat finishing off a few late afternoon beers, we would watch people walk in off the street, make it past the front doors and just stand there looking up, then around, then probably wondering "where the hell am I?" - I did exactly the same thing when I walked through those doors too.


The Mutant said...

Okay, first of all. Wow!

How cool does that place sound? I love it already, just from what you've told me. I may be a little uneducated in such matters, but I'm pretty sure nothing in Melbourne even comes close to that!

Oh, and also I haven't been to the site for a while so I was a little surprised by your mugshot-message. I thought you had someone to give you some lovin'. If not consider yourself loved-up in a long distance kinda way!

Ky said...

Cool place. Reading how you describe the food makes me hungry at this hour! Lol.

kookyknut said...

WOW! I think i told you I saw (and remembered) the facade of this club last time I was up there and was really keen to see what the interior is like. Now I know.

I can't wait to get back up there and check it out for myself.