I dub thee "low rent Monday"...

I'm just not feeling the love today. God only knows why because it's an absolutely stunning day outside. From my new office I can actually see the sky. But something isn't right.

I've got a bit of a head cold. Well, to me it's more like my head is being sent to the bottom of the deepest ocean and the pressure of the water is going to make my head implode. My sinuses are just killing me. I attempted to blow my nose this morning and almost blacked out. Seriously, the room.actually.went.black and I lost my balance. The pressure from chewing my cornflakes this morning was sending sharp stabbing pains behind the back of my left eye every time I brought my teeth together to chew. I even opted to let them go soggy to ease the pain. SOGGY CORNFLAKES people! Is there nothing worse?! The only thing I can say is "UGH, this is so painful."

Not having my head together has impaired my judgment this morning in so many ways. I just grabbed any old pair of jocks this morning and I happened to get the ones where the elastic has decided to not do what it's supposed to. Walking to the ferry I could feel them slowly moving south. No underwear should ever sit that low. EVER. Then I noticed my big toe had poked its way through my sock. What could possibly top this off? Well, sitting on the ferry I realised I forgot to clean my teeth this morning. I know what you're thinking: Life is just so tough sometimes. I'm sooooooo low rent today. I wish I could just turn around and go back to bed.

But there is one saving grace. I'm listening to Miike Snow. This album is my fave. I can understand that this sort of music would be very inaccessible to many people and not to their taste, but for me, well, I just get lost in it. So let me share the song of theirs I disliked so much but now find incredible. It goes a little mental and trippy towards the end but I love it.


The Mutant said...

South-bound jocks and swiss-cheese socks? You poor bastard! If I were you I'd just go to bed.

If it makes you feel any better my day in the snow just got cancelled and I'm working instead!

Oh, and are you in the country at the end of August? I'm coming up to Sydney so I need someone who can show me all the best spots for a feed and a beverage, know anyone suitable???

Monty said...

Go home! If you're head's all fuzzy and not working, how are you expected to perform your daily function at work??? Tell your boss you're going home and then just sit out in the sunshine with appropriately dark sunglasses on and let all that vitamin D or A or whatever from the sun make you feel better! :-) Oh, and change your undies! LOL

Victor said...

Getting your tackle caught up in slippery jocks can be uncomfortable...or arousing. Whichever, I hope you are back to full fitness soon.