These are a few of my favourite things...

so far today:
  • my tight stovepipe black jeans and my black and white gingham shirt
  • other scruffy lads who wear such jeans
  • that chicken sausage from The Rocks Farmers Markets for breakfast
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Roll"
  • window seats on flights to Brisneyland
  • big smiles on faces
  • George Clooney
  • wanting to tell some people nearby they are "fucktards!" My word of the day.
  • my Blackberry


Mike said...

no whiskers on kittens?

kookyknut said...

"fucktards" comes in very handy.

have fun up there. x

The Mutant said...

Thanks to that Skoda Fabia commercial (the car made of cake) which has toured the internet a million time I have that song stuck in my head, so fitting that you should come up with this.

I'm afraid I have no choice but to hate you right now though. If you look good in stovepipe jeans you're doing better than me. I've got thunderous thighs that make that a no-go zone I'm afraid!

Nice shirt though, where'd you get it from?

wcs said...

Ah, Mike beat me to the snappy retort. Such is life several time zones away.

Enjoy your trip!

Darth Gateau said...

George Clooney? Who knew?!

Ky said...

Smiles on faces. Keep smiling! Enjoy your trip. :-)

Muzbot said...

TM: I picked it up @ Myer last year. It's starting to show its wear these days. :)