I didn't have a great day today...

at work.

I've been stressing about one of my projects for a month or so now. During my holidays it was in the back of my mind. I just wanted everything to go well. Today was the day it all had to come together. Yesterday, I double checked all my equipment and left work a little less stressed because I had things under control. My test run through went perfect.

Today didn't go perfect. Ok, the technology all worked exactly how it should, but I just made a mistake. A simple mistake, like closing a file with-out saving it. I'm simplifying here because I can't go into details on this project.

I dwell on things. It's in my nature. I let things brew inside and on the way home from work today I felt so cranky with myself and I was bordering on being very upset. I didn't want to be at home by myself so I dumped my stuff here, threw on a pair of boardies, grabbed my snorkel and mask and walked around to Shelly Beach.

Sydney's weather is pretty crap at the moment. Heavy random showers, high humidity and most beaches are closed because of dangerous surf. Shelly, although protected from the ocean swell, was empty. I put on my mask and slipped into the cool water. As I floated along the top of the water a shower rolled in. The rain on my back was amazing. The tinkling sound as it hit the water was amazing. The curious school of Bream that swam with me was amazing. I turned to head back to the beach and let the waves move me forward. Suddenly I was surrounded by a huge school of thousands of small fish. It was amazing. But, schools of fish like this actually scare me because predators could be about. So I left the water and sat on the beach.

The heavy rain continued. As it ran down my face the taste of salty sea water was replaced with the very sweet taste of fresh water. I just closed my eyes and felt the moment and felt the world around me.

What problem at work?


wcs said...

And there you go. You really know how to de-stress. You're a lucky man.

Peter said...

If that all it takes to de-stress then I envy you. I hope the project is saved by now.

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Adaptive Radiation said...

Some people wallow in misery and self pity. And then there are people like you...positive, uplifting, and inspiring. Even in a post about a shit day, you managed to bring a smile to my face.

Muzbot said...

WCS: I do consider myself very lucky often. And am also grateful for that fact.
Peter: That part of the project was a one time deal, so it's gone. I take comfort in learning from it now.
AR: Thank you.