For my 4oth I asked my immediate family and my close friends to descend on my birth town for a game of barefoot bowls. This meant interstate travel for some of us, but we all made it and had a great morning. It meant a lot to me for my family to hang out together with my friends. It's something that does not usually ever happen.

It was also an excuse to take over the clubhouse and start drinking at 9am in the morning. We're champions.

For 40 I think I'm in mighty damn fine shape.

After the bowls club put on a lunch for us we all headed back to my big sister's house to continue the festivities, have some cake, lots of laughs and a few more beers. I had "moment" when my sister gave me a little book she had put together with photos of me from when I was a little lad right up to now. One thing I really missed this year, and it really broke my heart, was that my Granny was not there. One of the photos of me and Granny brought out a few emotions. But I re-grouped and continued to enjoy the arvo. My family brought out some old old old old home movies and I hope this didn't scare my mates too much. We are a rather fun/unique family.

Later in the evening, Judo, Dave, Mark and I drove back to Judo's hotel and proceeded to destroy it. Well, not in a rock star way, but in only a way that 3 drunks men and one sober man could. Mark looked mighty fine roaming the halls in the hotel robes and I enjoyed kicking toilet rolls into the vases in the room. We then went somewhere for a few more beers to finish off a mighty good day - birthday or not. I love my family and friends with all my heart.


Dave said...


Darth Gateau said...

you are indeed in mighty fine shape for a 40 year old.

Ain't 40 fabulous?!

Peter said...

You look great for a 40 year YOUNG man! :)