Your partner disconnected.

Press "Next" to find a new person!
Have you played "Chatroulette" yet? It's just the biggest time waster on the net ever. And it can actually be a bit of fun. Especially when you get people who are in for a chat and a laugh too. Here's some others from tonight:

Row 1 L to R:
  1. Dude was too cool to talk to me.
  2. This guy was so funny. Good sense of humor.
  3. ZZZZzzzz
Row 2 L to R:
  1. Bunny man. Didn't say much, just ate a carrot.
  2. Ahhhhchooooo
  3. "I'll just shake my head like a loon"
Row 3 L to R:
  1. Hello. Ummmm, say something will you.
  2. The man in the orange mask was funny... in the head I think.
  3. Oh, sorry, did I wake you?
But by far the best chat was with a guy who had just come in from dance rehearsals. He was intelligent, incredibly good looking (in a dancer "hot body" way, and no I didn't capture his picture) and was actually up for a chat... unlike most people on it who see you and click "next". Maybe I shouldn't wear a singlet next time. Most of the guys who chatted to me asked me if I beat up my wife because I wore a wife beater. WTF?

Yeah, there is sleaze if you want it. Even if you don't want it then be prepared for it. The "next" button can be your friend too.

There are so many drinking games you can come up with for Chatroulette.
I'd like to do this with a couple of mates and give it a go. Here's a couple of idea's for challenges:
  1. See who can actually get a conversation started.
  2. Last longer than 1minute.
  3. The person with the longest conversation should win.
  4. If you make your connected partner laugh then take a drink
Who wants to come and have a late night in Manly and play one night?


kookyknut said...

Last night when I read on your status that you were playing chatroulette I thought it was a drinking game that involved chartreuse

Maybe you could combine the two... chartroullete?

The Mutant said...

Sounds like fun - I don't even have a webcam (or an MP3 player, or a heap of other cool toys every other cool kid has) so I haven't discovered this gem yet.

Let me know how that drinking game goes though, it might be enough to encourage me. Surely you should have to drink a shot for every smutty person that appears, right?

From what I hear you'll be legless in no time!

Dyl said...

If you came up on my webcam I'd be left speechless

Random MSN with pictures.... ay caramba.