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Good Vibrations (festival 2010).

It's no secret I like a live gig every now and then. Saturday in Sydney I had the opportunity to see a whole heap of it all smashed together into Centennial Park. Mark was along for this ride and this was his first taste of a festival done Sydney style.

First impressions: Wow, they are so many (sniffer) dogs! The police presence here was once again very highly visible. It was almost more entertaining watching the numerous people being pulled aside to be searched just after they had walked through the main entry.
Second impression: Holy crap there are sooooo many meat-heads in Sydney. This is definitely not a complaint. This is an observation and I was actually very impressed at the friendly nature of all these incredibly young, fired up, solid fit looking men. The amount of quality ink on show by these lads was also mighty impressive.

We were in early and first off on the main stage were Cassette Kids. A local band who won the Triple J Unearthed competition in 2008. Didn't know much about this band until today and I'm glad I saw them live. Time for a wander...
There were other stages around the park, but I really enjoyed "The Laundry". It was well set up and looked amazing. It was a DJ stage. The above mobile pic does not do it any justice.

My festival highlight would have to be Art Vs Science. These dudes were part of the reason I was here. I enjoy these guys live, more than their recorded stuff. The crowd went off and it was truly a fun afternoon. Then came...

Yep, Salt N Pepa. These two old ladies seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I kind of got the impression from them that they are more well received here in Oz than they are in their home town. They rapped out all the hits and threw in some covers. Spinderella cut it up with a small minute DJ set of "sing-along" tracks including "We are Family, Ice Ice Baby, I will Survive etc" which hearing many thousands of people sing along full voiced was actually a pretty magical moment. However, overall I was a little disappointed with Salt-n-Pepa. They were late onstage and ended a little early. Highlight, was when they acknowledged all the fans through out their career. Well done ladies.

Then the heavens opened up and down came the rain. A total blessing, releasing the inner hippie in everyone as we all partied in the rain and didn't care to run for cover.

Other highlights in brief:
Standing in line for drinks chatting away to the guy in front of us, conversation going like this:
Guy: Yeah, having a good time, but I needed to get some air. I'm clostrophobic.
Mark: Yeah, we're homophobic too.
Guy: Oh, yeah yeah, I'm that too! But, I work in Myer, so I don't mind so much. You know, the gay's like to shop. Actually I know a gay guy...
- - - -
Guy: What's with the crazy knitting lady on the hill?
Me: It's Lady Gaga
Guy: What?
Mark: Yeah, it's Lady Gaga doing her knitting.
Guy: No way...
Another guy in the line: Yeah, mate, it was Lady Gaga on the hill doing her knitting...
- - - -

I love the friendly vibes at these events. Most people are up for a chat.

Random guy: Hey!!! You're the dudes from the ferry this morning. Way to go Brother!

Another random guy to me as I dance away to some cool tunes on the main stage: Oh man, you're on fire!

Random chick: (throws her arm around me) Oh wow, did you work out before you came here? I did (and she flexes her bicep for me. This I believe was a truly random moment, as I'm not built and there were thousands of sexy, fit muscly dudes all around. Maybe this was her atempt at a pick-up line.)

I have no idea how many photos I will be in as Mark and I photo-bombed at every opportunity we could. Not that Mark needed to photo-bomb, he was asked to be in random photos by random strangers. We met so many people and many of whom I just wanted to bundle up together to come home with us.

Who's that crack?


Peter said...

Looking at that guy's hairstyle it aint you!

kookyknut said...

No mention of Basement Jaxx? I thought they rocked

Ky said...

It was a fun festival, my only complain was that people just leaving the cans on the dance floor and as a result, silly me dancing & jumping away, landed on one and twisted my ankle badly. Upside is the first aid ambulance guy is very cute! :-)

The Mutant said...

Holy crap - Mark's got you hooked on crack. Don't just say 'no' Muz, say 'no thank you'!

Oh, who am I kidding. I can't say I blame you ;o)